T200 Fatima Baseball Cards

T200 Fatima Baseball Cards

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There are two different sizes of T200 cards, but both are identified by the same catalog number. However, some hobbyists refer to the larger-sized cards as T200 Premiums. There is a definite difference between the two. Smaller cards measure 2 5/8 inches by 4 inches, and the large ones measure 13 inches by 21 inches. The smaller cards were included inside boxes of Fatima cigarettes, and the larger ones were sent to smokers who sent in 40 coupons.

Each card is a team photo, and every one of the sixteen teams then in the major leagues was included in the set. Unlike most tobacco cards known to hobbyists, T200 Fatima cards are glossy photos on paper stock. Each person on the team, from the players and manager down to the mascot, are identified by their last names either above his head or inside a box below the picture. A Fatima ad splits the team's city and league. Backs of the cards feature details on how to obtain the larger-sized cards.

Issued in 1913, Fatima cards are from fairly late in the Twentieth Century tobacco era. As a result, a few players appear who never managed to appear on another card. The first names of two players - Herman of the Cincinnati team and Inglis of the Cubs - are unknown. Perhaps the most significant player in the set was Pittsburgh star Honus Wagner, who didn't appear in many tobacco sets.

With the smaller version of the set, there are distinct levels of scarcity. Boston N.L. is the toughest, followed by New York and St. Louis from the American League. Detroit and the St. Louis N.L. club are also tough. The most commonly found teams are Philadelphia A.L., Boston A.L., New York N.L., Brooklyn, Cleveland and Cincinnati. All large-size cards are incredibly scarce, but none are tougher than the others.

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1913 T200 Fatima Phil. Nationals Alexander,Magee,Doolan,Miller,Walsh SGC graded
1114102829054040 1 Image
1913 T200 Fatima CHICAGO NATIONALS Evers, Leach, Reulbach, Bresnahan SGC graded
1311503071264040 1 Image
1913 T200 Fatima CLEVELAND AMERICANS Team Nap Lajoie JOE JACKSON HOF Chapman PR
1212616498684040 1 Image
1913 T200 Fatima NEW YORK Nationals Mathewson Marquard Meyers Thorpe SGC 3
1910492739314040 1 Image
1913 T200 Fatima PHILADEPHIA AMERICANS Mack Baker Collins Bender Plank PSA 3.5
3609704211984040 1 Image
1913 T200 Fatima Team Card Cincinnati Nationals PSA Fair 1.5 CS100
3312635086564040 1 Image

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