Super Olympian Phelps Signs Exclusive Memorabilia Deal

Super Olympian Phelps Signs Exclusive Memorabilia Deal

Early Friday afternoon Olympic Legend Michael Phelps announced that he had signed an exclusive memorabilia deal with Grandstand Sports and Memorabilia.  As part of his agreement with GSM, Phelps will autograph a wide range of different items, including photos, USA swim caps, and magazines - including the Sports Illustrated Issue that featured him on the cover.  Collectors can expect to pay between $399 and $549 for authentic memorabilia signed by Phelps for GSM.  Each signed item will  be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Grandstand Sports Memorabilia and a photo of Phelps signing the items.

Less then a month after announcing that he had donated over $1 million to charity, Phelps indicated that his philanthropic plans were far from over.  Both Phelps and Howie Schartz, president of Grandstand Sports and Memorabilia, confirmed that a significant portion of the proceeds raised from the sale of Phelp's Signed Memorabilia would be donated to various charities.

Phelps issued the following statement regarding the agreement,"I am honored that GSM will support my efforts to give back to the community by supporting a large network of charities across the country."

Scwartz had this to say about the blockbuster deal,"The main reason they went with us, as opposed to any other company, was because of our charity auction services.  He saw that not only was this a good deal, but it would also raise money for organizations that, due to his time constraints, he wouldn't be able to get to.

Fans of Michael Phelps can tune in to watch him this Saturday (9/13) on NBC as the guest host of Saturday Night Live .

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