Super Bowl Tickets Visual History 1967-2012

Super Bowl Tickets Visual History 1967-2012

Usually when we go to a special event, the tickets and stubs get shoved in pockets, tossed on the ground or used as a bookmark. If you're lucky enough to go to a Super Bowl, you'd be highly advised not to do any of those. In fact, bringing an appropriate toploader or something to store it in the moment it's scanned. Super Bowl tickets and stubs have become highly collectible, fetching hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

The popularity of Super Bowl tickets can be tracked back to the huge following of the game itself. It has become a global spectacle that generates some of the highest television ratings every year. Tickets are limited edition pieces connected directly to the game itself. It's perhaps the closest the average person can come to having a piece of the game without something used in the game itself.

When it comes to starting a collection of Super Bowl tickets, there are several options. For high-end collectors with a big budget, full tickets are certainly the way to go. Although still pricey, torn stubs can be somewhat more affordable for the average collector. While they might not be authentic, replica tickets still showcase the beautiful artwork that comes of the tickets every year.

Despite drawing crowds numbering in the tens of thousand each year, authentic Super Bowl tickets and stubs are somewhat difficult to come by. That's because so many were simply tossed aside or thrown out. While sports cards are generally undesirable with a crease going through the middle, when it comes to early Super Bowl tickets, collectors should be willing to take what they can get, whether they're torn, folded or crumpled. Simply put, vintage tickets are extremely rare. Collectors  can also go after ticket variations. Most years have different colored tickets and price levels.

Given the huge amounts these tickets can sell for on the secondary market, collectors may want to consider going after tickets and stubs that have been authenticated and graded by a service like PSA. Just like sports cards, graded Super Bowl tickets command premiums over their ungraded counterparts.

Main Factors that Impact Value of Collectible Super Bowl Tickets:

  • Age.
  • Condition.
  • Game they came from.
  • Grading and authentication.
  • Full ticket or stub?

Below is a gallery highlighting all Super Bowl tickets from 1967 through 2012. There is only one example for each. As mentioned, variations do exist.

Super Bowl Tickets Gallery:

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1998 SUPER BOWL XXXII Blue FULL TICKET Denver v Green Bay PSA 10

2002 SUPER BOWL XXXVI Green FULL TICKET New England v St. Louis PSA 10

2005 SUPER BOWL XXXIX FULL TICKET New England v Philadelphia PSA 10

2002 SUPER BOWL XXXVI Blue FULL TICKET New England v St. Louis PSA 10

2009 SUPER BOWL XLIII Green FULL TICKET Pittsburgh v Arizona PSA 10
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  1. I recently bought a storage bld. In it was 2 superbowl IV tickets. I believe they are called the blue ones. section uf, row 11 seats 27 and 28. They are in excellent condition. It seems prices are all over the board. Do you have any interest or can you give me an idea of the value? thanks. Robert

  2. robert (ID 40021) » That is a great find! The best way to determine value would be to contact an auction house, such as Heritage Auctions or Memory Lane Inc. or local dealer. Checking out completed auctions on eBay may also turn up recent sales. Condition will play a huge role in its value as well. Because of its age, getting it verified and graded by PSA would likely bring higher returns.

  3. robert (ID 40021) » Looking on eBay, sellers are asking close to $1000 for authentic graded tickets. However, replica tickets are plentiful and can be had for a couple dollars. Getting verification would be very important if you go to sell them.

  4. I have a complet collection of Super Bowl tickets beautifully framed. Ay idea of a price range?

  5. Your best bet would be to take it to an auction house or card shop as condition of individual stubs would be the key as well as authentication.

  6. Hi Ryan:

    I just subscribed to your RSS Feed. Am a senior guy selling Green Bay football memorabilia on ebay for the last 15 months. Am in a wheelchair so it keeps me busy and I love it. Don’t make a lot of money doing it cause I do it for a friend that had to leave the area. Have learned a lot though and it has enabled me to get an ebay store going that I hope to expand. Noticed a wheelchair logo on your site so figure you may also require the use of one. Hope I can learn something from you since you seem to be very good in the memorabilia world. Hope to hear from you.

  7. I have every super bowl ticket never used from 1967 to see1986 perfect condition & looking to sell them

  8. From 1967 to 1986 1 for every year

  9. I have a 1978 superbowl ticket with a stub on it trying to figure out if it’s real what should be on the back of the ticket because mine is plain white ?

  10. I have a 1990 super bowl ticket played in 91 i’m wanting to know how much its worth. Wanting to sell it.


  12. I have a beautiful professionally double matted framed set of I am now finding out maybe SAMPLE tickets 1967-1999.. excellent condition…any Idea on its Worth?

  13. Have a pair of Super Bowl VII ticket stubs in excellent condition.

    Can you provide me with an estimate of their value?


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