Is This the Strangest Baseball Card of All-Time?

Is This the Strangest Baseball Card of All-Time?

2012 BBM 2nd Version Sadako 214x300 ImageThe hobby has seen its share of strange cards over the years. From Photoshopped presidents to squirrels to vocabulary lessons courtesy of Billy Ripken's bat, baseball cards can be home to the truly bizarre. But are collectors ready for the first Sadako baseball card?

The Ring was a hit at the North American box office in 2002 (although the 2005 sequel was a dud). Based on the 1998 Japanese horror film, Ringu, the franchise has continued to be a draw at the international box office. Now it has spawned one of the strangest baseball cards off all-time.

Sadako 3D, the latest installment in the J-horror series, has been a hit in Japan since its release in May. Sadako, the titular star, threw out the first pitch at the April 25 game between the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and the Chiba Lotte Marines at the Tokyo Dome.  Sadako is a ghostly character with distinctive long hair that covers her entire head. Think of her as an emo version of Cousin Itt from The Addams Family.

Now Sadako is being honored with her own baseball card. It will be included in 2012 BBM 2nd Version, a set of Japanese cards. The set is scheduled to be released in August.

BBM has honored other notable first pitch ceremonies in the past. In fact, according to Japanese Baseball Cards, BBM has been including a celebrity first pitch subset in 2nd Version since 2004. Besides former players, subjects have ranged from actors and actresses to Anime characters to scantily clad models.

As one might expect with a "ghost" throwing out a first pitch, Sadako plays the first pitch with some absurd comedy. You can catch the full ceremony in the video below (skip ahead to the 1m 30s mark to see Sadako hit the field).

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1998 bbm japan #22 ICHIRO SUZUKI rc rookie BGS BCCG 10
3313331893924040 1 Image
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Masahiro Tanaka 2007 BBM RC Jersey Relic 36 68 Eagles Yankees Japanese Card
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Masahiro Tanaka 2013 BBM Jersey Relic 311 400 Eagles Yankees Japanese Card
3313331941984040 1 Image
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Masahiro Tanaka 2012 BBM Jersey Relic 158 200 Eagles Yankees Japanese Card
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Yu Darvish 2005 BBM Japan Touch The Game #147 RC BGS 10 (BuyMVP)
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2000 Ichiro BBM Bluewave #326 PSA 10 GEM Mint
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Masaki Saitoh (20) 1991-2001 BBM Japanese Baseball Cards Yomiuri Giants
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Hiromitsu Ochiai (28) BBM Calbee Japanese Baseball Cards Yomiuri Giants
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