Wear Them or Collect Them? Stance NBA Legends Socks

Wear Them or Collect Them? Stance NBA Legends Socks

People have no shortage of ways to show their fandom. Many might line their TV rooms with small trinkets and posters. Others might eat their cereal out of a themed bowl. Ultimate fans can opt for tattoos or with the names of their children. Stance NBA Legends socks lie somewhere between these extremes.

Some of the loudest socks you're likely to encounter, they come with action photos -- not drawings -- of NBA greats like Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Allen Iverson, Dominique Wilkins, Patrick Ewing and Shawn Kemp. I wonder if somewhere in North Korea a dictator is keeping his toes warm with a pair of Dennis Rodman socks?

For those who like to annoy their better-halves by wearing mismatching socks, there are also four pairs featuring famous tandems. So you can wear Shaquille O'Neal on one foot and Penny Hardaway on the other. Or if you have a long day of meetings and staring at your feet, you can put on your Utah Jazz socks and have John Stockton pass to Karl Malone in the world's strangest game of one-person footsies.

Stance NBA Legends socks run around $15 a pair.

You can check them out below. Click on the links to shop for the pair you want and be the talk of the office.

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Stance Lakers High Socks Nike Elite Compression Basketball Nba
3012838146674040 1 Image
Stance x NBA Legends Shaq Penny Socks (1 Pair) Brand New Authentic Orlando Magic
3012838146754040 1 Image
Stance x NBA Legends - Dominique Wilkins Socks Brand New Authentic Atlanta Hawks
1214144097214040 1 Image
Stance x NBA Legends - James Worthy Socks Brand New Authentic Los Angeles Lakers
1214144104454040 1 Image
Stance Alonzo Mourning Socks (1 Pair) Brand New Authentic Miami Heat NBA Legends
1114658221374040 1 Image
2713045472634040 1 Image
Stance Celtics NBA Mens Socks L XL
3610262456164040 1 Image
Stance Licensed NWT NBA Boston Celtics Basketball Men's Crew Socks - L XL (9-13)
3610262457204040 1 Image
Stance NBA Legends Men's Crew Socks Dominique Wilkins Atlanta Hawks -L XL (9-13)
3214122162544040 1 Image
Stance Retro NBA Basketball Players Crew Socks Kemp Maravich Olajuwon Wilkins
2713046174454040 1 Image
Stance Miami Heat NBA Men's Socks L XL
3211719492784040 1 Image
Stance NBA Legends Patrick Ewing Socks in Orange
2212591784294040 1 Image
Stance NBA Legends J. Worthy Socks in Yellow
3211719558824040 1 Image
Stance NBA Legends Julius Erving Socks in Grey
2212591824224040 1 Image
Stance NBA Legends Hakeem Olajuwon Socks in Yellow
1214360847284040 1 Image
2 Pair Stance NBA Lakers Socks 1 Lakers Team and 1 James Worthy Legends New L XL
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