2014 Funko Pop WWE Vinyl Figures

2014 Funko Pop WWE Vinyl Figures


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2014 Funko Pop WWE is the first time the popular line of vinyl figures has stepped inside the wrestling ring. The signature style that has worked for plenty of films, TV shows, the NBA and more carries over in this new edition.

The 2014 Funko Pop WWE lineup has six figures. They include current top-tier stars, like John Cena and CM Punk, as well as Attitude Era Champions "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock. Each figure has a series number and comes packaged in its own box. The stylized figures each stand about 3.75" tall.

CM Punk has a variant figure that has him in pink trunks. His regular piece has him in blue and black trunks. The variant is exclusive to Hot Topic and was available before the main wave.

2014 Funko Pop WWE

Variants and Exclusives

02 CM Punk - Pink Trunks

2014 Funko Pop WWE CM Punk Hot Topic Exclusive 217x300 Image

Price Point: Low-End Wrestling Collectible
Target Audience: WWE Fans, Vinyl Figure Collectors, Funko Pop Collectors

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Funko Pop! - WWE Series - John Cena - #01
1612859276614040 1 Image
Funko POP WWE: The Rock Action Figure
1612859277854040 1 Image
Funko POP WWE: Sheamus Action Figure
1911497595574040 1 Image
Funko POP WWE: Steve Austin Action Figure
1911497596914040 1 Image
Funko POP WWE: John Cena Action Figure
1612859351514040 1 Image
Funko POP WWE: C.M Punk Action Figure
3608919842164040 1 Image
Funko POP Vinyl Figure WWE - Rey Mysterio 06 New in Box
1713899666214040 1 Image
WWE The Rock Pop Vinyl Figure! New! FUNKO!
2215014124594040 1 Image
FUNKO POP WWE John Cena Sheamus Rey Mysterio C.M Punk 4" Vinyl Loose Figure
3510349014904040 1 Image
Pop! WWE Rey Mysterio Vinyl Figure by Funko
3608925207954040 1 Image
Pop! WWE Sheamus Vinyl Figure by Funko
1113913980824040 1 Image
Funko Pop! - WWE Series - Stone Cold Steve Austin - #05 HtF!
1113913980974040 1 Image
Funko Pop! - WWE Series - The Rock - #03 VhTF!
1814220286854040 1 Image
Funko POP Vinyl Figure WWE - CM Punk 02 New in Box
3608928869744040 1 Image
Pop! WWE CM Punk Vinyl Figure by Funko
3510353127774040 1 Image
Pop! WWE Set of 6 Vinyl Figure by Funko
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