Sports Memorabilia and  Collectibles for Kids Gift Buying Guide

Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles for Kids Gift Buying Guide

Most sports collectibles today are geared at the adult fan. But that doesn't mean there aren't some great gift ideas for young sports fans. From toys and games to cards and decorations, there are plenty of things to get this holiday season.

Here are some of our favorites, all of which are readily available for $50 or less.

Oyo Minifigures

LEGO is one of the all-time classic gifts. They let kids build, play and create. Until recently, there hasn't been a lot of LEGO-related items for sports fans. There was a playable soccer series. An NBA line was short-lived.

Enter Oyo minifigures, an ambitious line of toys that are taking the MLB and NFL by storm, boasting a massive checklist of figures for team and player fans.

Oyo figures are very similar to the immensely popular LEGO figures. The differences are subtle. They're the same size, their feet will fit with LEGO sets, they have that same smile. But the big draw for Oyos is that they made for real players.

All MLB teams have Oyo figures. In fact, you could field an entire starting lineup for most franchises. They come with a very rough, pretty generic cartoon likeness. Facial hair and skin color are the main indicators, at least in the face. But they come with a personalized jersey complete with team logo, number and name. You can also buy generic players that don't have a name or number. Each baseball figure comes with a ball, cap, bat, glove and stand.

Besides current MLB players on their teams, Oyo has expanded with a Cooperstown line that captures all-time greats, All-Stars and minor leaguers.

Football Oyo minifigures follow a similar approach with the generic faces and custom jerseys. Still rolling out, the player selection for football figures isn't quite as big. Still, all teams are represented. Football figures come with a helmet, football, water bottle and stand.

Individual Oyo minifigures can be found for $10 to $15.

Shop for Oyo minifigures on eBay.

2012 Oyo Minifigs Derek Jeter Image 2012 Oyo Minifigs Robert Griffin III Image

Bleacher Creatures Plush Figures and Puppets

Want your kids dreaming of their favorite players and teams? Send them to bed with plush toys from Bleacher Creatures. The company makes a ton of novelty toys for kids, including capes, tiaras and stuffed cheerleaders. But the real standouts are their lines of plush puppets and player stuffies.

The lines cover all four major professional sports as well as select college teams. They are designed to give players a cartoon likeness. They also come in a full uniform, complete with logos. Plush players come in three sizes: 7", 10" and 14", all of which are available for under $25. Most top superstars have a stuffed toy. Hand puppets are much more limited as far as player selection goes. Several mascots have puppets too.

Shop for Bleacher Creatures puppets and plush figures on eBay.

Bleacher Creatures Peyton Manning Plush Image Bleacher Creatures Ryan Howard Hand Puppet1 Image

Fathead Junior Wall Graphics

Posters have always been a favorite way to deck out a the bedroom of a sports fan. They still are. But new technology has made the idea even better. Fathead has a whole line of products for sports fans, most of which are removable wall decals. Fathead Junior items are perhaps the most suitable for kids.

They come in a variety of forms and styles, but the most popular are bound to be the die-cut player cutouts. Standing about 3' tall, they stick directly to the wall. They can also be taken down safely and moved around. There are also team packs that come with logos and banners.

Fathead Juniors come in all four major sports and run well under $50.

Fathead also has full-sized athlete wall decals that reach more than 6' tall. These are about $100.

Shop for Fathead Juniors on eBay.

Rajon Rondo Fathead Jr 260x244 Image

Sticker Collections

Many of today's card collectors got started with sticker albums. For years, Topps and Panini have been producing stickers for baseball, basketball, football and hockey. Stickers offer the same benefits as cards, but they're a lot more straightforward than most sports card sets. And cheaper.

The idea is simple. Buy an album for a dollar or two. Then you buy packs of stickers, usually for a dollar or less, and fill the album. Panini even has a mail-away offer where collectors can order the last few stickers they need for a reasonable price.

Panini currently makes sticker albums for soccer, basketball, hockey and football. Topps is the lone baseball sticker producer.

Shop for sports stickers:

Sports Cards

Of course, there's the classic gift for kids who like sports -- cards. Here are a few sets aimed at younger collectors:

Triple Play Baseball - The set includes puzzles, player stickers, tattoos and even wearable eye black (don't worry -- they're stickers). Players in 2013 Triple Play Baseball are done as drawings, adding to the overall fun feel of the set. Boxes cost less than $30.

Topps Opening Day - Very similar in design to the base 2013 Topps Baseball set, 2013 Opening Day is much cheaper. Inserts include mascots and 3-D cards. Autographs are very tough to come by, but they're in there too.

NBA Hoops - A big checklist covers gives coverage to every NBA team. 2013-14 NBA Hoops hobby boxes also come with two autographs.

Topps Football Complete Sets - The 2013 Topps Complete Set comes with all 440 cards. No ripping packs or missing cards. It's convenient, reasonably priced and loaded with rookies. Hobby sets also have five exclusive orange parallel cards not found anywhere else.

Score Hockey - Like Hoops Basketball and Opening Day Baseball, 2013-14 Score Hockey offers a lot of bang for its buck -- quite literally. For about a dollar a pack, collectors get a ton of cards. The photography is sharp, there are lots of inserts and every card is full on information.

ebaysmalllogo Image
3215204816124040 1 Image
Ed Reed Houston Texans OYO Football mini-figure G1LE Series 1
3215204816134040 1 Image
Earl Thomas III Seattle Seahawks NFC Champs Super Bowl 48 NFL OYO G1LE Series 2
3215204816144040 1 Image
Drew Doughty Los Angeles Kings NHL OYO Hockey G1LE Series 1
3215204816154040 1 Image
Ryan Howard Philadlephia Phillies OYO Baseball figure Series 4 G2LE
3215204816174040 1 Image
Jon Lester Boston Red Sox OYO Baseball 2013 World Series Fall Classic Series 4
3215204816184040 1 Image
Adam Jones 2013 All-Star Game American OYO Baseball figure Series 5 G2LE
3215204816164040 1 Image
Brayden Schenn Philadelphia Flyers NHL OYO Hockey G1LE Series 1
1210304989814040 1 Image
Arian Foster Oyo Minifigure L@go Compatible Houston Texans
1210304990064040 1 Image
Beanie Wells Oyo Minifigure L@go Compatible Arizona Cardinals
1210304990504040 1 Image
Denarius Moore Oyo Minifigure L@go Compatible Raiders
1210304990754040 1 Image
Dwayne Bowe Oyo Minifigure L@go Compatible Kansas City Chiefs
1210304991194040 1 Image
Jahvid Best Oyo Minifigure L@go Compatible Detroit Lions
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