How to Best Package Your Sports Card Singles

How to Best Package Your Sports Card Singles

BILLICK PAINTERS ImageWhenever selling a card on eBay or trading with someone online, it's important to make sure you send the card properly so that it arrives in the same condition it departed in.

One of the most underrated factors of sending a card is making sure the card will not shift around in it's top loader during the journey. Worst case scenario, shifting can cause a card to partially come out of it's top loader, in the process turning a BGS 9.5 (Pro-Mint 10) into a BGS 4.5 (Pro-Mint 9).

Sellers/traders often use tape that requires a surgical approach to extracting a card or destroys a perfectly good case - both of which can easily be prevented with the use of painter's tape. For those not familiar with painter's tape, it's essentially masking tape with an emphasis on ease of removal and the absence of residue.

The nice part about painter's tape is that it's cheap ($2-$5), provides the exact amount of protection needed, doesn't require scissors to remove (scissors & cards have never seen eye to eye) and doesn't ruin a perfectly good card case.

Also, be sure to pinch the top loader together where the tape is applied to keep the card from shifting around during the mailing process. Painter's tape also works perfectly with magnet cases, snap cases, hinged boxes and pretty much every form of card containment.



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1113999127404040 1 Image
Painter'S Mate Green Masking Tape, 1.88" X 60 Yds by Shurtech - 667016HK
1113999130584040 1 Image
Painter'S Mate Green Masking Tape, 0.94" X 60 Yds by Shurtech - 671372HK
2516619848494040 1 Image
18 RLS Painters Scotch Blue (2750) Industrial Masking Tape 12mm x 55m
1910606927714040 1 Image
SKILCRAFT 7510-01-531-4863 Painters Masking Tape - NSN5314863
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SKILCRAFT 7510-01-456-7877 Painters Masking Tape - NSN4567877
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Tape Logic #3000 Painter's Tape - T935300012PK
2910958762504040 1 Image
Tape Logic #3200 Painter's Tape - T9353200
3011159496574040 1 Image
Tape Logic #3200 Painter's Tape - T937320012PK

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  1. So simple, yet rarely seen. Great point. 99% of the cards I buy from E-Bay arrive in a top loader with tape that requires, as you mentioned, surgical removal. Another idea that works is to to put the top loader, tightly into what is known as the “team bag”. The bag already has a sticky seal on it, but you can add tape to it, without damaging the card or top loader.

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