Sports Card Companies Join the Twitter Craze

Sports Card Companies Join the Twitter Craze

These days it seems like anybody who is anybody has a Twitter account. The service that marries text messaging with social networking has experienced a surge of popularity over the last year or two as celebrities and regular folks alike share their thoughts with the rest of the world 140 characters at a time.

It's only natural that the companies that produce sports cards would recognize the potential this tool has for getting the word out about their upcoming products, and a spin through Twitterland proves that they are starting to do just that. Topps (@toppscards) sent out an email to the press this week promoting its Twitter feed, which has been active since July. So far the company has used it primarily for making product and news announcements, but since the start of October, it's also shared sneak peeks of upcoming football cards and filled collectors in on a few changes to the Topps UFC Round 1 redemptions.

Upper Deck actually has three separate feeds, one each for its sports cards arm, its online store (which already has over 2,000 followers) and its retail store located in Huntington Beach, California. The sports card page (@Upper DeckSports) was created in June but has been much more active since the end of the summer. Along with news and previews, Upper Deck uses it to publicize promotions it is running on the company Facebook page and highlight information on the company blog. The online store feed (@Upperdeckstore) is also worth adding to collectors' follow list thanks to special Twitter-only sale items.

Other manufacturers have been slower to jump on the bandwagon. Press Pass has a feed but has yet to send out any Tweets - the Twitter term for messages or posts. Panini America has no Twitter account, though it's a fairly safe bet one will be popping up before too long to promote its first season as the NBA's lone basketball card partner.

Outside of the card companies, other well-known hobby entities have experimented with the service too. Beckett Media (@beckettmedia) has a feed that it uses to post links to its videos on TRISTAR Productions (@TRISTAR1) hypes upcoming shows and products, and even this very site has a feed (@sportscards) to keep readers up to speed on new content.

The amount of sports card and memorabilia-related businesses to see value in signing up for Twitter should only increase as the first decade of the 21st Century comes to a close. For collectors who spend any amount of time online, it's worth checking out to add another way to keep up with the hobby.

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  1. They’ve been on this craze for a while now. Panini announced the inperson Griffin and Hansborough signings at the National via Twitter. And several bloggers were tweeting from the floor of the National Sports Collectors Convention using the hashtag: #NSCCShow. I think the card companies are starting to figure out that twitter isn’t another area to scream your links, but it’s a forum to listen to the hobby. It’s a place to hear what your buyers are saying and what the buzz is on your latest product.

    A lot of the sports card blogs have been picking up steam here too. Send me an email if you’re interested.

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