Outer Space Trading Card Guide

Outer Space Trading Card Guide

From real life heroes of science and space like Albert Einstein and Neil Armstrong to fictional sci-fi heroes like Captain Kirk and Spock, and even cards that feature actual NASA space flown materials, trading cards capture the history and potential of Outer Space in a unique and highly engaging manner. Below is a look at a handful of interesting cards that venture into the hobby's great beyond, where imagination and reality collide on cardboard.

1952 Look N See #20 Albert Einstein SP

1967 Leaf Star Trek Trading Cards

1968-1972 2001: A Space Odyssey 11"x 14" Lobby Cards

1969 Topps/O-Pee-Chee Man on the Moon

1977 Topps Star Wars Trading Cards

2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes of Spaceflight Space Flown Relics and Patches

Top eBay Listings

Americans in Space Vintage 1965 American Heritage Junior Library 1st Edition HC

American Heritage History Magazine July 1994 Alan Shepard NASA Space Trip Photos

Space Shuttle Commemorative Stein 1981 American Heritage Klubert w paperwork


2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes Master Set 1-150+ Sps, Space, MOH, MOF, HOS

Chris Kraft 2009 Topps American Heritage signed autograph auto PSA DNA Slabbed

Eugene Kranz 2009 Topps American Heritage signed autograph auto PSA DNA Slabbed

2009 Topps American Heritage - SPACE SHUTTLE ENDEAVOR - Payload Bay Liner Relic

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  1. Those spaceflown relics as sweet, I tried to put together the set but ended up giving up. This article sort of makes me wish I had finished it. If anyone has a near set let me know, I would be willing to trade a ton of cool stuff for it.

  2. @Steve Hau: I did the exact same thing, I’m pissed I stopped, they are expensive now too.

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