Score Football Card Designs Through the Years, 1989-2013

Score Football Card Designs Through the Years, 1989-2013

Since debuting in 1989, Score Football cards have been among the most affordable and widely collected sets in the hobby. Focused largely on giving a comprehensive checklist aimed at set builders, the brand has never been hugely focused on secondary market values. Rather, it's about covering the gridiron happenings with key stars, mid-range players and plenty of rookies. The formula is straightforward. There's something to be said for being able to have fun in the hobby without worrying about investment potential and the big hits. That's why Score Football has been a hobby pillar for a quarter of a century.

2013 Score Football marks the set's 25th year. The made its pigskin debut in 1989 with one of the best sets of the Junk Wax Era. The 1989 Score Football checklist includes, arguably, the most iconic rookie cards of Barry Sanders and Troy Aikman amongst others. Like baseball, the design was bright and unmistakable. In fact, colorful designs were a staple for Score Football for many years. Until recently, it's not a brand that's been know for its subtleties. Rather, rainbow borders, lots of lines, a sometimes dizzying number of energetic subsets and loud looks were all regular features for the brand's first decade.

Since 2002, Score Football has gone with more traditional white borders. While some of the designs have continued to be busy, they're a far cry from the brand's early days. As the years have gone on, the designs have shifted even further to stronger photography and even further away from being loud, at least for veterans photos.

As an early release, Score Football rookie cards have a long history of looking a little more generic. Portraits, college uniforms and generic threads have been used on the vast majority of the brand's rookie cards. Sometimes it works, other times, not so much.

Below is a complete visual guide showcasing all Score Football card designs from its 1989 debut through 2013. What's your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Visual History of Score Football Base Card Designs, 1989-2013

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ebaysmalllogo Image
3609232363164040 1 Image
2007 Score Hot Rookies Glossy 3 Adrian Peterson Rookie
3510626247964040 1 Image
2008 Score Red Zone 374 Ray Rice Rookie 47 100
3510626262524040 1 Image
2009 Score Artist's Proof 315 Brian Cushing Rookie 19 32
3610090889834040 1 Image
Chris Carter-Eagles-1989 Score Trading Rookie Card # 72
3308699282814040 1 Image
FELIX JONES 64 Card Lot 2008 RC Cowboys Rookie Jersey Dual SPX Score Super Bowl+
2613004765074040 1 Image
DARREN MCFADDEN 2008 Score RC Super Bowl Glossy Parallel #184 250 Raiders Rookie
1114238333064040 1 Image
1990 SCORE FOOTBALL Factory Set Case - 16 Sets Seau Rookie
3711292322614040 1 Image
3907611555934040 1 Image
2009 09 Score Inscriptions RED ZONE CLAY MATTHEWS 30 RC Rookie #324
1213989643764040 1 Image
AQIB TALIB - 2008 Score Select Inscriptions Auto RC # 500 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1213989650724040 1 Image
AQIB TALIB - 2008 Score Select Inscriptions Auto RC # 500 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3608504908314040 1 Image
2007 07 Score Select GOLD Zone LAMARR WOODLEY 50 RC Rookie #295
3607572601284040 1 Image
1989 score #270 TROY AIKMAN cowboys rookie BGS BCCG 10 *******
1214178442834040 1 Image
3214998109504040 1 Image
3312766287244040 1 Image
Emmitt Smith 1990 Score Supplemental Rookie
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