2009 Topps Heritage High Number Ed. Baseball Hobby

2009 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball

Box Price: $60 - $72

Good: Tons of rookie cards from the strongest rookie class in years, affordable, nice compliment of chrome parallels.

Bad: Lack of hits per box.

The Bottom Line: 2009 Topps Heritage High Number Edition, just as 2009 Topps Heritage was before it, is a vivid example of Topps' ability to create high quality, well thought out baseball card sets that that break down hobby walls by appealing to virtually every type of collector imaginable. This is a baseball card collector's baseball card set that leaves little question in my mind that Topps "gets it"

Staff Rating:
4.0 / 5.0

Design (8.5)
Not much new to report on the design front since this is a continuation of 2009 Topps Heritage Baseball. Both installments of the set feature designs that are faithful to the original Topps set on which they are based.

Checklist (7.8)
There are a lot - and I mean a lot - of rookie cards packed into each box of 2009 Topps Heritage High Number Edition. While I don't have any hard numbers to prove it, this has to be the most rookie cards that have ever appeared in a Topps Heritage release. Thanks to 2009's unforgettable class of top tier MLB rookie talent, this is a huge addition working in the set's favor.

My break of one hobby box yielded rookie cards of Gordon Beckham, Tommy Hanson, Andrew McCutchen, Mat Latos, Jordan Schafer, and Matt Laporta, as well as several other prominent rookies.

Value (7.3)
Its hard to get more collecting fun for your money then 2009 Topps Heritage High Number. Unless you solely buy high end hit-heavy products and have tunnel vision to that end, you will more then get your money's worth from this set.

I will add, however, that those who pull an autograph hit versus a game used memorabilia hit will get a decidedly better overall value. These days coming away from a hobby box break with only a run of the mill jersey card is a bit disappointing.

Enjoyability (8.0)
When all is said and done 2009 Topps Heritage High Number Edition was a lot of fun to break. Even though I came away with just a game used jersey card, the assortment of cool short prints, rookie cards and chrome parallels kept things interesting.

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2009 Topps Heritage Chris Iannetta Auto Autograph COA
1904066348144040 1 Image
2009 Topps Heritage Gavin Floyd Auto Autograph COA
1614888883824040 1 Image
DAVID FREESE Chacin Bastardo Auto Autograph Signed 2009 Topps Heritage Lot x3
1614894714404040 1 Image
Emmanuel Burriss signed 2009 Topps Heritage GIANTS auto
1905235154064040 1 Image
2009 Topps Heritage Jorge Cantu Auto Autograph COA
1904459970984040 1 Image
2009 Topps Heritage Aaron Laffey Auto Autograph COA
1904459971664040 1 Image
2009 Topps Heritage Ryan Feierabend Auto Autograph COA

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2009 Topps Heritage High Number Edition Baseball Card Product Review, reviewed by Mike Smeth on 2009-12-18T14:58:01+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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