Getting Started Collecting Replica Super Bowl Rings

Getting Started Collecting Replica Super Bowl Rings

The Super Bowl is a very memorable annual event. After the game, the winning team is whisked away to Disney World and and later the White House, and the losers are reduced to footnotes. The winners are also treated to things like free NFL champion gear, bonuses up to six-figures, and increased exposure, which can lead to endorsement deals and high-dollar contracts. However, the most iconic symbol of their victory is found on their fingers.

The Seattle Seahawks are the most recent Super Bowl winners, taking the 2014 title. View a detailed look at their championship rings here.

Super Bowl championship rings have become one of the most captivating symbols of success in the sporting world. Due to a limited supply and high price tag, the average fan has little chance of ever owning, let alone handling, one of these jewel-encrusted rings. However, replica Super Bowl rings offer an appealing alternative for fans to celebrate a big win without having to tell one of your kids they will no longer be going to college.

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For the sake of comparison, the 2013 Baltimore Ravens will be the example to highlight the differences. The official ring given to the teams is made of white gold with yellow gold highlights and includes 243 round cut diamonds, totaling 3.75 carats. This combines for a whopping total weight of 80 grams. In order to bring the hefty cost down, replica Super Bowl rings are generally gold plated, which also reduces the weight. And instead of diamonds, replica rings are set with cubic zirconia stones.

Official Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Ring
Official Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Ring 260x260 Image

Replica Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Ring
Replica Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Ring 260x260 Image

Some replica rings can be sized to specific settings or come in specific sizes so they can be worn. Additionally, a larger model can be purchased for display purposes. If you intend to wear the ring, pay extra attention to any sizing information. Quality and craftsmanship can differ greatly by rings offered from each seller, so be sure to request detailed images if they are not provided. Prices start around $50 and go up for there. Limited edition replicas or versions in short supply can command higher prices. Also, some versions will include real gems or a solid gold base and the price will be significantly higher.

It is important to know that, in addition to team-issued rings and replicas, there are also salesman sample rings. These sample rings are made by the original manufacturer of the team-issued championship rings, so the quality and similarity to the original rings is very close. Also, some will feature solid gold to properly represent the weight, but include imitation diamonds. The rings carry the title of salesman sample rings because they are generally used by company salesmen to showcase the merchandise in the field. Although this is a common practice, because these sample rings can produce significant sales, it is important to do your homework before purchasing. Many times the rings being sold as samples are simply replicas with a huge markup.

Collectors are not just limited to Super Bowl rings, as a market exists for championship rings from nearly every major sport. View our complete guide to World Series rings here. You can also check out replica rings from teams the won NBA titlesNHL titles, and NCAA titles. And the rings are not just for the winners. The losing teams receive rings as well, although they are not nearly as popular since they celebrate a second-place finish.

Lastly, even fantasy sports champions can get in on the action. View our guide about fantasy football championship rings and trophies.

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ebaysmalllogo Image
2011950677584040 1 Image
Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Championship Lombardi Ring Display Case
2215763423004040 1 Image
1514433304094040 1 Image
2000 Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Replica Ring Size 10 Brand New Never Worn
1214610521214040 1 Image
New York Giants Super Bowl XXI Ring Lawrence Taylor *REPLICA NO BOX USED* Sz 11
2616315735024040 1 Image
Ravens Super Bowl 35 Replica Ring 18K Gold Plated
1114433255174040 1 Image
1971 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Championship Fan Ring Size 11
2912716511644040 1 Image
Chicago Bears Championship Ring 1985 Super Bowl XX Payton White Gold Plated.
2011956662394040 1 Image
New England Patriots Super Bowl Championship Ring Deluxe Display Case
2011956818824040 1 Image
Oakland L.A. Raiders Super Bowl Championship Ring Display Case.
2011956920454040 1 Image
Washington Redskins Super Bowl Championship Ring display Case
2215807697304040 1 Image
2010 Replica NY Giants Super Bowl Championship Ring - Eli Manning
2716409931534040 1 Image
DALLAS COWBOYS 1977 Super Bowl XII Championship Ring Highest Quality Replica
2716409980544040 1 Image
CHICAGO BEARS 85 Super Bowl XX Championship Ring Highest Quality Replica
3909496026714040 1 Image
Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl XXVIII Ring by Balfour Sterling Silver 5000 ++++++
1913820566064040 1 Image
1968 Replica NY Jets Super Bowl Championship Ring
1214656808404040 1 Image
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