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Ty Cobb

Date of Birth: 12/18/1886
Rookie Card Year: N/A
Investment Rating: 8.0

Player Profile

Tyrus "Ty" Cobb, nicknamed "The Georgia Peach," was anything but a Southern gentleman. Known for his rough play and demeanor, both on and off the field, Cobb may not have been well-liked, but he certainly was respected. Cobb's 24-year career began in 1905 with the Detroit Tigers, for which he played all but two seasons of his near quarter-century career. A naturally gifted athlete, Cobb could hit for power, average, and steal bases at will. His fielding prowess made him a natural at almost any position, which he played several, but was primarily used as an outfielder.

Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame's inaugural class of 1936, Cobb's career statistics are nothing short of amazing.

  • Lifetime Batting Average of .367
  • 4,191 Hits
  • 117 Home Runs
  • 1,938 Runs Batted In
  • 892 Steals
  • On-Base plus Slugging Percentage of .945

His legendary play earned him numerous awards, honors and records. To this day, Cobb remains one of the game's most mythical legends. As such, his trading cards, autographs and game-used memorabilia all command top dollar. With Cobb's origin in the dead-ball era and his career finishing in the live-ball era of Babe Ruth, Cobb was one of the few players to see success in both eras. As a result, Cobb's game-used memorabilia, on the rare occasion it finds its way to the secondary market and/or auction block, sends deep-pocketed collectors and investors into a frenzy.

Early Ty Cobb Cards

As is the case for all players from the dead-ball era, the Georgia Peach has several tobacco, candy, gum and caramel cards. Cobb has multiple cards from the  famous T206 set, known in the hobby as "The Monster." However, these weren't his first cards. Ty Cobb's first known card can be found in the 1902 Sporting Life Cabinet product. Designated as W600's in the American Card Catalog, his card is #112. Cobb's notoriety made him an easy appeal to companies peddling everything from candy to soap, and trading cards were all part of the package back in this era.

Ty Cobb 1902 Sporting Life Cabinets W600 #112

1902 Sporting Life Cabinet Ty Cobb Image

Ty Cobb's first card was part of a 561-card set, produced between 1902 and 1911. These cards measure 5x7-1/2 inches, making them much larger than other cards of the era. These cards were designed to be displayed standing on a dresser or cabinet, hence their name.

ebaysmalllogo Image
1613953803844040 1 Image
1919-1921 W514 #43 Ty Cobb Strip Card - Detroit Tigers -
1114365839944040 1 Image
1907 A.C. DIETSCHE POSTCARDS PC765 Reprints - DETROIT TIGERS Team Set w Ty Cobb
2011506763594040 1 Image
Ty Cobb & Christy Mathewson Photo Memorabilia Display On Cardboard
3711072707154040 1 Image
2001 Topps Chrome Before There Was Topps #BT5 Ty Cobb - NM-MT
3711235688084040 1 Image
2009109090734040 1 Image
1976 Topps : Ty Cobb #346 " Nm Mt - Set Break " *321812
3809753446464040 1 Image
1950 Bowman Reprint set Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson,Yogi Berra Bonus Ty Cobb
2515393895524040 1 Image
1961 Fleer #14 Ty Cobb BVG 5
1813915272224040 1 Image
1976 Topps 346 Ty Cobb ATG NM #D33901
1312704601204040 1 Image
Ty Cobb Baseball Tobacco Cigarette Cards Tigers Poster Print repro
1305733379524040 1 Image
1613956609314040 1 Image
TY COBB Large Photo No. 8 "The GEORGIA PEACH-TY COBB" Collection FRAMED
3808916624984040 1 Image
1410475511204040 1 Image
1980-87 SSPC HOF #2 Ty Cobb Tigers B63002
1814966529214040 1 Image
B18 Baseball Tobacco Felt - HOF Ty Cobb - Detroit Tigers A.L. - White Infield
1609130924034040 1 Image
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Key Cards

Top Ty Cobb Cards

Ty Cobb 1909 American Caramel E90-1 #25

1909 American Caramel Ty Cobb 260x240 Image

Listed  in the American Card Catalog as E90-1, these cards from the American Caramel Company were amongst the first cards to be printed in full color. Measuring a small 1-1/2 by 2-3/4 inches,the entire set consists of 120 total cards.

 Ty Cobb 1909 T206 #'s 95, 96, 98, 99

Ty Cobb T206 Green Background 165x300 Image  Ty Cobb T206 Red Background 165x300 Image

Ty Cobb T206 Bat Off Shoulder 165x300 Image  Ty Cobb T206 Bat On Shoulder 165x300 Image

Ty Cobb has four cards within the iconic 1909 White Border set, otherwise known as the T206 set. The set is nicknamed "The Monster" due to its scope and size (524 cards), and the number of documented Cobb cards within the set is a major reason why. There are no less than 45 photo and advertising back variations. A master T206 set is not complete without all of them. Each of the cards can be found with different tobacco advertising on the back, including American Beauty, Broad Leaf, Cycle, Carolina Brights, Black Lenox, Brown Lenox, Brown Hindu, Drum, Old Mill, El Principe de Gales, Sweet Caporal, Piedmont, Factory 42, Red Hindu, Polar Bear, UZIT, Sovereign and Tolstoi.

Ty Cobb 1911 T205 #37

Ty Cobb 1911 T205 165x300 Image

The sequel to the monstrous T206 set was the smaller and more manageable T205. The official name of the set is 1911 Gold Borders and includes 208 total cards, measuring 1-7/16 by 2-5/8 inches. Unlike the nearly four dozen Cobb cards in the 1909 White Border (T206) set, there are only four documented backs: Common, Broadleaf, Drum and Hindu.

Ty Cobb 1914 Cracker Jack E145-1 #30

Ty Cobb 1914 Cracker Jack 220x300 Image

The American Card Catalog designated them as E145-1. A truly boring moniker for one of the most colorful and beloved trading card sets of the pre-war era. Thankfully, most collectors simply refer to them as the candy confectionery from which they originated, Cracker Jacks. Measuring a unique 2-1/4 by 3 inches, the vibrant red background produced lasting memories for even non-card collectors. With 144 total cards in the set, Cobb's is one of the most desirable.

Ty Cobb 2001 SP Legendary Cuts Game Worn Uniform

2001 SP Legendary Cuts Ty Cobb GU Image

Ty Cobb 2004 SP legendary Cuts Cut Signature

2004 SP Legendary Cuts Ty Cobb Cut Signature Image

At the turn of the 21st Century, new innovations in the trading card market gave rise to game-used memorabilia cards and cut signature cards. The SP Legendary Cuts brand by Upper Deck became synonymous for showcasing these new creations with retired legends like Ty Cobb. These are some of his first cards using this exciting new technology.

Card Gallery

Ty Cobb Card Gallery

Autograph Guide

Ty Cobb Autograph Guide

When looking to purchase authentic autographed memorabilia from legendary and long deceased players like Ty Cobb, great caution is urged. The Cardboard Connection only recommends buying authenticated Ty Cobb signature autographs from one of the reputable authenticators in the industry, PSA or JSA. The most common items found to be authentically signed by Ty Cobb include checks and personal documents. Cut signature trading cards from manufactures like Topps, Leaf, Tristar and Upper Deck should also be considered legitimate.

Ty Cobb Signature Autograph Pricing

Active Listings for Ty Cobb Autographs

Ty Cobb Autographed Check 1024x490 Image

Ty Cobb Cut Signature Pricing

Active Listings for Ty Cobb Cut Signatures

Ty Cobb Cut Signature 260x189 Image

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