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Tiger Woods

Date of Birth: 12/30/1975
Rookie Card Year: 2001
Investment Rating: 8.0

Few players have seen the highs and lows that Tiger Woods has experienced as a professional golfer. The same can be said for the popularity of many key Tiger Woods cards and memorabilia options. Tiger Woods autographs are among the most coveted in all of sports, right up there with Michael Jordan. Deals with Nike and Upper Deck have limited the availability of his autographed memorabilia, thereby preserving the value of his items, even amidst his slump.

Almost single-handedly, Woods made golf items worth collecting again. He transcended the sport and fans bought up anything that had his name or autograph. As Woods tore through tournaments, it was a foregone conclusion that he would go on to break virtually every major PGA record. Unfortunately, both injuries and personal issues temporarily derailed his career. That said, it looks like the worst is behind him. Woods has bounced back to become competitive in nearly every tournament. Even though he's still not as dominant as he once was, Tiger Woods cards, autographs and other memorabilia are showing their staying power.

Tiger Woods Rookie Card Guide

Many will debate which cards are Tiger Woods rookie cards. 1996 SI for Kids was the first, but it was part of a perforated sheet found in a magazine. The Grand Slam Ventures card was part of a box set but it had reprints in ensuing years. The Upper Deck and SP Authentic Tiger Woods cards are the first to be inserted in traditional packs. It's important for collectors, especially in instances like these, to use their own preferences. There are valid arguments for all four cards listed below.

1996 Sport Illustrated For Kids Tiger Woods #536

Sport Illustrated has the distinction of producing the first recognized Tiger Woods card. While this might seem like a good thing, SI went as far as to write letters to card grading companies asking that they stop grading any of the cards because they hadn't intended for them to be collected as trading cards. A bizarre reaction to be sure, but likely brought about because they didn't want to risk having to pay Woods sizable licensing fees. Whatever their reasoning, the collecting community sure appreciates their contribution to the Tiger Woods card collecting scene. The 1996 Sports Illustrated for Kids Tiger Woods is his most sought after card that doesn't boast an autograph.

1997-98 Grand Slam Ventures Masters Collection Tiger Woods

The ugly duckling of Tiger Woods rookie cards, this card was distributed as part of the 63-card 1997-98 Grand Slam Ventures Master Collection box set, which featured a card of every Masters winner between 1934 and 1998. Though without the benefit of a strong brand behind it, it has still amassed quite a following in the collecting community as a viable mid-range Tiger Woods card.

2001 SP Authentic Tiger Woods #45 Autograph #/900

2001 SP Authentic Tiger Woods RC Autograph

The 2001 SP Authentic Tiger Woods card is autographed and numbered to 900. The card image evokes the calm and collected player that has dominated the sport for so many years. Although he is not wearing the iconic red polo that both intimated other golfers and excited fans and collectors, this Tiger Woods rookie card shows him entering the prime of his career. The simple yet modern design is further enhanced by the on-card autograph.

2001 Upper Deck Golf Tiger Woods #1

2001 Upper Deck Tiger Woods RC

Even though it is not sought by premium collectors, the 2001 Upper Deck Golf Tiger Woods rookie card does present a reasonably priced option for collectors looking to buy a meaningful Tiger Woods card that won't break the bank. Woods is wearing the aforementioned red shirt typical of "Sunday Tiger" and is in the middle of a celebration after sinking a putt. The card has a dated look, especially when viewed in comparison to the SP Authentic card.

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2001 Masters Golf Annual Book Augusta National Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS E-Card ROOKIE CARD Golf RC Unscratched 2001 Upper Deck THE MASTERS


"SP Authentic" UPPER DECK, TIGER WOODS, Trading Cards, SEALED, 2001

1996 US. Amateur Gold Championship Tiger Woods Sunday Ticket Win

2001 Upper Deck Tiger's Tales TT19 BGS 9.5 Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods 2002 AOJ 1 18 Sketch Art card (signed by artist) rookie Golf ACEO

TIGER WOODS 1997 Turkmenistan Stamps Graded MINT 9

2001 Upper Deck Golf Tiger Woods Tiger Tales Qty 9 Cards Graded NASA NHM 9


2001 Upper Deck Tiger Woods RC #1. 10 Mint or Better.

1997 Legends Tiger Woods ROOKIE At Age 21 PRO 9.5

Tiger Woods Rookie Card Upper Deck GEM MINT!!
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Autograph Guide

Tiger Woods Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find an example of what Tiger Woods' authentic signature looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Tiger Woods has exclusive autograph deals through Nike and Upper Deck. However, he is a willing signer on tour and therefore has many autographed items available on the secondary market other than those signed as part of his deals with the aforementioned companies. It is recommended that if purchasing these non Upper Deck or Nike autographs, that collectors look for items that have been authenticated by one of the reputable authentication companies  JSA or PSA. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Tiger Woods Cut Signature Exemplar

Tiger Woods Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Tiger Woods signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics, depending on when in his career the item was signed. Other characteristics that play into his signature style are the particular item and venue. Look for the following signature features:

  1. The entire signature is written on an even horizontal plane with a care of penmanship clearly displayed.
  2. A distinct signature using cursive the letters "T" and "W" are prominent and distinct.
  3. The "T" consists of a curved line flowing up and and into a vertical down stroke.
  4. The letter "i" is implied by a haphazardly paced dot no where near where the actual letter would be.
  5. The second letter visible is a "g" with a bottom loop.
  6. The letter's "e-r" are small but represented.
  7. A swooping up and around line off of the "r" helps to creates the letter "W."
  8. The pen lifts and the letters "o-o" are implied.
  9. The letter "d" exhibits in a manner that it resembles an "l" and has no loop.
  10. The letter "s" looks more like his "e" and finishes with a flair line trailing to the right.

Tiger Woods Signed Golf Ball Pricing

Active Listings for Signed Tiger Woods Golf Balls

Tiger Woods Signed Golf Ball 2  Tiger Woods Signed Golf Ball 3

Tiger Woods Signed Golf Ball

Tiger Woods Signed Golf Flag Pricing

Active Listings for Signed Tiger Woods Golf Flags

Tiger Woods Signed Golf Flag

Tiger Woods Signed Photograph Pricing

Active Listings for Signed Tiger Woods Photographs

Tiger Woods Signed Photo

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Tiger Woods 2002 Master Champion Signed 8 x 10 Photo - Upper Deck Authenticated

Tiger Woods Hand Signed Autographed TW Black Hat Limited Edition to only 50 UDA


Tiger Woods Signed PGA 1999 Ryder Cup Program Cover JSA Spence coa

Tiger Woods Signed 4 21 97 Sports Illustrated Magizine To Charles PGA JSA coa

Tiger Woods Hand Signed Nike Visor JSA #Y77892 PGA Golf Autograph Hat

2003 sp authentic TIGER WOODS auto RARE signed upper deck UD autograph SOTT

Tiger Woods Signed autograph Sports Illustrated w PROOF JSA

TIGER WOODS Hand Signed Nike White Striped Jersey Shirt UDA LE 4 25

TIGER WOODS Hand Signed Authentic TW 14 White Shoe UDA LE 25

TIGER WOODS Signed Display Range Used Ball UDA LE 50

ALI, JORDAN & TIGER WOODS Signed "Legends of Sport" Gold Photo LE 500 UDA

TIGER WOODS Hand Signed "The Bridge" 16 x 20 Photograph UDA LE 100

Tiger Woods Signed w all the best incr 8X10 Framed Double Matted PSA I96214


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Fan Shop

The Tiger Woods brand has become an internationally recognizable trademark. Included in the portfolio of products to which his name is attached are everything from Nike Golf Apparel to Titleist Signature Golf Balls to commemorative figures and other custom collectibles. Presented here is a Tiger Woods shopping guide to help you in choosing an appropriate gift and/or collectible.

Tiger Woods Figure Guide

Upper Deck created four figures of Tiger Woods under the brand name Pro Shots. Constructed of a durable PVC polymer and designed using the latest in 3D modeling technology, the result, are some of the most realistic looking action figures available in the genre. The 6" inch figures were designed to capture the competitive emotion of Woods' play along with commemorating specific events in Tiger Woods' historic career. The figures themselves are packaged in a 3D diorama and include a limited edition trading card. The four figures were release in two different series between 2008 and 2009.

Shop for Tiger Woods Pro Shots Figures

Tiger Woods Pro Shots Series 1 - Figures I and II

Tiger Woods Pro Shots 1-2

Tiger's demonstrative and unbridled passion for the game has created iconic images throughout the years. The first  figures capture two such moments that have become a staple in the body language repertoire of Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods Pro Shots Series 2 - Figures III and IV

Tiger Woods Pro Shots 3-4

Tiger Woods won his first major title at the 1997 Masters. He not only won, but scored a tournament-record 18-under par 270. Tiger also became the youngest Masters champion ever at the age of just 21. Figure III commemorates this grand occasion. The final figure in the series shows Wood's exhibiting a classic follow through swing, in perfect form.

 Tiger Woods Golf Ball Guide

Tiger's name and facsimile signature have been affixed to dozens of golf balls commemorating specific tournaments and events during his stellar career. Numerous companies have also used Tiger's likeness and signature on promotional balls as well. Additionally, Wood's has a signature line of Titleist and Nike golf balls.

Shop for Tiger Woods Golf Balls

Tiger Woods Commemorative Nike Golf Balls 82nd PGA Championship

82nd PGA Championship Tiger Woods Nike Golf Balls

Tiger Woods Commemorative Nike Golf Balls 129th Open Championship

129th Open Championship Tiger Woods Golf Balls

Tiger Woods Commemorative Nike Golf Balls US Open Championship

US Open Championship Tiger Woods Golf Balls

Tiger Woods Commemorative Titleist Golf Balls Set

Tiger Woods Titleist Commemorative Golf Balls

Tiger Woods Apparel and Equipment Guide

The athletic shoe and apparel company, Nike, wasted little time in partnering with Tiger Woods to develop a full line of athletic apparel and casual wear. The company eventually expanded their Tiger Woods collection with the production of clubs including putters, irons and drivers. The company also carries a full line of accessories bearing Tiger Woods' signature logo.

Shop for Tiger Woods Apparel

Nike TW Ultra Nike TW Golf Zip

Nike TW Golf Shoes

Nike Tiger Woods Accesories

Shop NOW for Tiger Woods Golf Clubs

Nike Method 001 Tiger Woods Putter Nike VR Pro Blades

Top eBay Listings

Tiger Woods 8x10 1996 US Amateur Topps Color Photo Open PGA Masters Ticket Badge

Tiger Woods Masters 2001 8x10 Color Sport Cards Open PGA Masters Ticket Badge

2001 Masters Golf Annual Book Augusta National Tiger Woods


2001 NY Times newspaper TIGER WOODS wins MASTERS TOURNAMENT has Tiger Grand Slam

3 - Tiger Woods Tiger Slam 2000 PGA Champioship & US Open BobbleHead Trading Tin

How I Play Golf by Golf Digest Editors and Tiger Woods (2001, Hardcover) MINT

Whole Grain Wheaties Tiger Woods Opened Box

Tiger Woods 2000 US Open Pebble Beach 8x10 Color Photo Open PGA Masters Nicklaus

Tiger Woods 2000 US Open Pebble Beach 8x10 Color Photo Open PGA Masters Nicklaus

Tiger Woods 2000 US Open Pebble Beach 8x10 Color Photo Open PGA Masters Nicklaus

Tiger Woods 2005 Masters 8x10 Color Photo Open PGA Palmer Nicklaus Ticket Badge

Tiger Woods 2005 Masters 8x10 Color Photo Open PGA Palmer Nicklaus Ticket Badge

Tiger Woods 2005 Masters 8x10 Color Photo Open PGA Palmer Nicklaus Ticket Badge

Tiger Woods 2005 Masters 8x10 Color Photo Open PGA Palmer Nicklaus Mickelson

Tiger Woods 2005 St.Andrews Claret Jug 8x10 Color Photo Open PGA Palmer Nicklaus
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  1. Hi Trey,I was wondering have you ever heard of the Rarest Tiger Woods card known as the TJA (Tiger Jam Autograph)?>I recently had the opportunity to see this card made by Upper Deck LLC. at a card show on the Phila.area and the story behind it is facinating.It was made by Upper Deck for the Tiger Jam 2 charity event as a special card to be autographed at the event by Tiger himself and handed out to only VIPs at the event.Not to be confused with Upper Deck Tiger Jam 1 and Tiger Jam 2 cards that were given out to patrons of the event and are rare in themselves.The dealer who showed me the card said that only 50 of the TJA cards were made and when in the possesion of the President of the Tiger Woods Charity Foundation they got misplaced and when the UD Reps found them 22 of them 50 were missing.They collected 18 of the 22 but 4 were still missing.UD was in a prediciment and cancelled all plans to have this card autographed by Tiger as the missing cards had UD’s Certification of authenticity on them and it would be tough to tell if the autographs were ligit or not on the missing 4 so the whole idea was canned.However there are at least 4 of these TJA cards out in the public.Beckett has it even listed on theie list of cards but TRTP (too rare to price) as the current estimated price.I can send you the photos of it that I have in my cell phone if you want Please call email me at cmnyland@gmail.com or call @484-885-7852 Please if you get a chance write a column on this the rarest of Tiger woods Cards!

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