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Rich Franklin

Date of Birth: 10/5/1974
Rookie Card Year: 2008
Investment Rating: 5.0 (Average)


Rich Franklin's rise to UFC stardom has resulted in a tremendous following for his cards and autographed memorabilia. Franklin is a former UFC Middleweight Champion and is equally adept at winning by both submission and knockout.

Franklin's trading card debut came in 2008 Donruss Americana II. He has a total of seven cards in the product, all part of the Ring Kings insert set. In addition to the regular insert, Franklin has  memorabilia, autographs and autographed memorabilia cards in the product. It is an ideal opportunity for collectors looking to own the first Rich Franklin cards of multiple types. In addition, for a former UFC Middleweight Champion and potential contender, Franklin's autographed  trading cards are a bargain.

Franklin's punishment of UFC Champion Ken Shamrock in 2005 put him center stage on the UFC roster. His instantaneous credibility and dominance brought immediate collectibility to his autographed memorabilia. Despite having eventually lost the title, he remains in contention ensuring the values of his signed items.

Key Rich Franklin Cards

All of the cards from the Ring Kings insert set start with the same design and then add or subtract elements accordingly. Interesting to note is that the Signature Material card is easier to find than the material or autograph card on their own. At 500 copies, it has a significantly higher print run than the other two cards.

In addition to the three featured below, a Directors Cut version (#/100) uses a cut signature instead of a sticker. Also, Prime versions of the Material card (#/25) and Signature Material (#/75) card were also produced.

2008 Donruss American II 'Ring Kings' Rich Franklin #RF Autograph #/325

2008 Donruss Americana II Rich Franklin Auto

2008 Donruss Americana II 'Ring Kings' Rich Franklin #RF Material #/390

2008 Donruss Americana II Rich Franklin Material

2008 Donruss Americana II 'Ring Kings' Rich Franklin #RF Signature Material #/500

2008 Donruss Americana II Rich Franklin Material Auto

2009 Topps UFC Round 2 Rich Franklin #FA-RF Autograph

2009 Topps UFC Round 2 Rich Franklin Auto

Franklin's first Topps autograph came in the company's second UFC set. Although the print run has not been released, it does sell for slightly more than his Americana Ring Kings autographs.

Top eBay Listings


RICH FRANKLIN "ACE" 2015 UFC Knockout SCARLET Signatures Red Ink AUTO # 47 50

2011 Topps UFC Moment of Truth Authentic Fight Mat Relic Rich Franklin UFC 126

2009 Topps UFC Gold #37 Rich Franklin

2011 Topps UFC Moment of Truth Fight Mat Relics #MTMRRF Rich Franklin

2009 Topps UFC Fight Mat Relics Gold #FMRF Rich Franklin 199

2015 Topps UFC Knockout Rich "Ace" Franklin Scarlet Signatures Red Ink SP 02 50


2009 Topps UFC Authentic Fight Mat Relic #FM-RF Rich Franklin

Rich Ace Franklin 2008 Ring Kings Autograph Relic 1st Auto #d 500 UFC Champion

Rich Franklin 2010 Topps Knockout Full Contact Auto 99 Ufc

2010 Topps UFC Knockout Premium Pieces Relic #PP-RF Rich Franklin 23 99

rich franklin

Showdown Shots 2011 Moment Of Truth Dual Autograph 25 Ufc Forest Franklin

RICH FRANKLIN 2015 Topps UFC Knockout Scarlet RED AUTO #12 50

2011 Topps UFC Title Shot Authentic Event Fight Mat Rich Franklin UFC 056
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Autograph Guide

Rich Franklin Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find examples of what an authentic Rich Franklin signature autograph looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, Tristar, UFC and Mounted Memories. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Rich Franklin Cut Signature Exemplar

Rich Franklin Signature Example

Rich Franklin Key Signature Attributes: Despite being a participant in several sports over several years, Rich Franklin's signature has remained fairly consistent. Regardless of the item, or time period in which it was signed, look for these signature features:

  1. The entire signature is written in cursive.
  2. The dominant letters are the "R" and "F."
  3. The "R" is unique in that the loop makes a large "D" shape and it is not connected by the back vertical line that runs on a 45-degree angle.
  4. The vertical for the "i", which is dotted, rests below the loop of the "R" is do the "c" which is small with no curve to it, and the "h" which is easily legible.
  5. The "F" looks like a large, over-sized question mark who own top portion intersects the loop of the "R."
  6. The remaining letters of the signature are more implied than anything, although the "l" is discernible and the haphazard dot implies an "i."

Rich Franklin Signed Photographs Pricing

Active Listings for Rich Franklin Signed Photographs

Rich Franklin Signed Photo

Rich Franklin Signed Fight Gloves Pricing

Active Listings for Rich Franklin Signed Fight Gloves

Rich Franklin Signed Glove

Top eBay Listings

Rich Franklin Signed Auto Framed Gloves Topps UFC Event Used Ring Mat PSA DNA

Rich Franklin Autographed Glove JSA Signed UFC PSA Autograph TUF Topps


Rich ACE Franklin Signed RARE Official UFC Glove JSA

Rich Franklin Signed Official UFC Ouano Fight Glove PSA DNA COA Autograph 53 56


Anderson Silva Rich Franklin SIGNED Autographed UFC Photo 8X10 JSA COA 

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