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Peyton Manning

Date of Birth: 3/24/1976
Rookie Card Year: 1998
Investment Rating: 7.5


Peyton Manning is one of the most consistent players in NFL history. His strong play and accomplishments over the years have made him an elite option for collectors and one of the most pursued quarterbacks in the league today. As such, Peyton Manning cards and memorabilia command premium sales prices on the secondary market.

Up until the 2011 season, Peyton Manning cards were one of the safest investments a football collector could make. However, the danger that now faces collectors is the uncertainty of the neck injury he sustained. Based on age, it is possible that Manning has already reached his peak. But that doesn't mean he's not still capable of brilliance.

After missing the entire 2011 season due to injury, Manning got a fresh start with the Denver Broncos where expectations were high. The move has given a great deal of renewed life to Peyton Manning cards and memorabilia. And considering he has already earned a guaranteed spot in the NFL Hall of Fame, Peyton Manning cards are a great investment option for the long haul even if he is unable to add another Super Bowl Trophy (or 2) to his amazing list of accomplishments.

Top Peyton Manning Rookie Cards

Population reports current as of 10/13.

1998 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autographs Peyton Manning RC #87 - #'d /200

P Manning Playoff Cont Auto Image

Peyton Manning's Playoff Contenders Ticket autograph is easily his most sought after first-year card thanks to the on-card autograph and low print run. If you are looking for the crown jewel of Peyton Manning cards to add to your collection, look no further. But expect to pay a hefty sum if you are able to find one of these rare gems.

1998 Playoff Contenders Peyton Manning BGS Population Report:
# Submitted: 103
Pristine 10: 0
Gem Mint 9.5: 1
Mint 9: 16

1998 Playoff Contenders Peyton Manning PSA Population Report:
# Submitted: 50
Gem Mint 10: 7
Mint 9: 14

1998 SP Authentic Peyton Manning RC #14 #'d /2000

P Manning SP Auth RC Image

Showcasing his youthful appearance, Manning's SP Authentic rookie card is a perfect reminder of how long he has been in the league. The portrait shot shows Manning patiently waiting for his chance to take the league by storm. The base card is numbered out of 2000 and there is also a die-cut parallel (pictured) numbered out of 500. This probably the most recognizable of all Peyton Manning cards. And it doesn't hurt that its got the SP Authentic brand name behind it, long considered by many collectors to be the football rookie card equivalent to Bowman's baseball card line (at least until Upper Deck's recent loss of the NFL licensing rights).

1998 SP Authentic Peyton Manning BGS Population Report:
# Submitted: 898
Pristine 10: 26
Gem Mint 9.5: 214
Mint 9: 286

1998 SP Authentic Peyton Manning PSA Population Report:
# Submitted: 921
Gem Mint 10: 72
Mint 9: 437

1998 SPx Finite Peyton Manning RC #181 #'d /1998

P Manning SPx Finite RC Image

Another one of the most sought after serial numbered Peyton Manning cards, it was made all the more valuable because of how rare serial numbered cards was back in the 90's.. At the time, it naturally helped distinguish the more elite brands. The SPx Finite card portrays a common profile action shot and the glossy finish makes smudges and chipping more obvious.

1998 SPx Finite Peyton Manning BGS Population Report:
# Submitted: 274
Pristine 10: 0
Gem Mint 9.5: 15
Mint 9: 38

1998 SPx Finite Peyton Manning PSA Population Report:
# Submitted: 40
Gem Mint 10: 11
Mint 9: 41

ebaysmalllogo Image
1912918046374040 1 Image
2013 National Treasures Troy Polamalu Black 4 5 SSP Steelers
3013126068044040 1 Image
2014 Panini National Convention PEYTON MANNING WRAPPER LOT OF 35 BRONCOS #12
3313162574624040 1 Image
2003 Topps All American Silver Foil #55 Peyton Manning, Colts GMA 8 NM-MT
3013145346984040 1 Image
1999 Topps Stars Parallel #23 Peyton Manning 106 299 SHORT PRINT!!! ($40 B.V.)
1912918063514040 1 Image
2013 National Treasures Markus Wheaton NFL gear Jersey AUTO 26 99
2615922564574040 1 Image
2014 Score Franchise Peyton Manning F17 NrMt
2011528380314040 1 Image
2013 National Treasures Antonio Brown Timeline Patch 10 25
3013126116814040 1 Image
(2) 1998 PRESS PASS + Red PEYTON MANNING Rookie Rc Denver Broncos
2215461392904040 1 Image
1214352201424040 1 Image
1613718392604040 1 Image
2014 Bowman Blue Border PEYTON MANNING Denver Broncos SP #30 99
2011528410664040 1 Image
2013 National Treasures Tyler Eifert Jersey Patch RC 28 49
1514075807794040 1 Image
2912419897624040 1 Image
3110569826594040 1 Image
$100!! *DIE CUT # 250 TICKET MASTERS* 1998 Peyton Manning RC Leaf Rookies Stars
2715807372674040 1 Image
*DIE CUT ROOKIE OF THE YEAR* 1998 Peyton Manning RC Playoff Contenders shield
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Rookie Cards

Peyton Manning Rookie Card Checklist

Budget Rookie Cards

P Manning Stadium Club RC Image

  • 1998 Absolute Retail #165
  • 1998 CE Supreme Season Review #74
  • 1998 Collector's Edge Advantage #189
  • 1998 Collector's Edge First Place #135
  • 1998 Metal Universe #189
  • 1998 Pacific #181
  • 1998 Pacific Omega #101
  • 1998 Playoff Momentum Retail #146
  • 1998 Playoff Prestige Retail #165
  • 1998 Score #233
  • 1998 SkyBox Thunder #239
  • 1998 Stadium Club #195
  • 1998 Topps #360
  • 1998 UD Choice #193

Mid-Range Rookie Cards

P Manning Ultra RC Image

  • 1998 Absolute Hobby #165
  • 1998 Aurora #71
  • 1998 Black Diamond Rookies #91
  • 1998 Bowman's Best #112
  • 1998 Bowman #1
  • 1998 Collector's Edge Masters #73 #/5000
  • 1998 Collector's Edge Odyssey #60
  • 1998 Crown Royale #54
  • 1998 E-X2001 #54
  • 1998 Flair Showcase Row 3 #3
  • 1998 Fleer Brilliants #120
  • 1998 Fleer Tradition #235
  • 1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars #233
  • 1998 Playoff Momentum Hobby #98
  • 1998 Playoff Prestige Hobby #165
  • 1998 Revolution #58
  • 1998 SkyBox Premium #231
  • 1998 Topps Gold Label Class 1 #20
  • 1998 Topps Season Opener #1
  • 1998 Topps Stars #67 #/8799
  • 1998 UD3 #181
  • 1998 Ultra #201
  • 1998 Upper Deck #1
  • 1998 Upper Deck Encore #1

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3110569826594040 1 Image
$100!! *DIE CUT # 250 TICKET MASTERS* 1998 Peyton Manning RC Leaf Rookies Stars
2715807372674040 1 Image
*DIE CUT ROOKIE OF THE YEAR* 1998 Peyton Manning RC Playoff Contenders shield
3711263341904040 1 Image
Peyton Manning - 1998 Aurora Face Mask Cell Fusion SP RC + Sealed Cube - RARE
2814365492794040 1 Image
1998 Playoff Prestige Draft Picks Bronze #1 PEYTON MANNING RC Rookie PSA 9 MINT
2814365498304040 1 Image
1998 Playoff Prestige Retail #165 PEYTON MANNING RC Rookie PSA 10 Low Pop 1 8
1815231741214040 1 Image
Football Card *****draft Pick Peyton Manning***** Mint Condition In Case
3711263408374040 1 Image
Peyton Manning - 1998 Collector's Edge Advantage Silver SP RC #189 - RARE
3110921972734040 1 Image
1998 Collector's Edge 1st Place Top Rookie #135 Peyton Manning ,moss, marino
3711263437214040 1 Image
Peyton Manning RC Lot - 1998 Collector's Edge 1st Place #135 + 50 Point + Gold
2912404682224040 1 Image
1312924800524040 1 Image
1414029178464040 1 Image
1312734313534040 1 Image
PEYTON MANNING - 1998 Pinnacle Mint Minted Moments #1 RC - Colts
2814402120294040 1 Image
1998 Score Peyton Manning 3 Auto Autograph lot! 31 Mint 9 12 NM-MT 8 PSA DNA
2215461819504040 1 Image
2215461819564040 1 Image
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Autograph Guide

Peyton Manning Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find examples of what an authentic Peyton Manning autograph looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, Steiner, Tristar and Mounted Memories. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Cut Signature Exemplar

Peyton Manning Signature Image

Peyton Manning Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Peyton Manning signature will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of  the type of item or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

  1. Over-sized letter "P", not always closed
  2. Loop of the letter "y" flows into the start of the letter "t" which is always crossed
  3. Complete letter "M", appears to be lower-case
  4. Letter "g" is not itself distinguishable other than the exaggerated and elongated loop

Signed Football Pricing:

Active Listings for Peyton Manning Signed Footballs

Peyton Manning Signed Ball 260x195 Image  Peyton Manning Signed Ball 2 260x258 Image   Peyton Manning Signed Ball 3 260x195 Image

Signed Jersey Pricing:

Active Listings for Peyton Manning Signed Jerseys

Peyton Manning Signe Jersey 1 260x202 Image  Peyton Manning Signe Jersey 2 225x300 Image

Signed 8x10 Photo Pricing:

Active Listings for Peyton Manning Signed Photographs

Peyton Manning Signed Photo 240x300 Image  Peyton Manning Signed Photo 2 237x300 Image

Signed Helmet Pricing (Full-size and Mini):

Active Listings for Peyton Manning Signed Helmets

Peyton manning Signed helmet 199x300 Image  Peyton manning Signed helmet 2 260x281 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
1614189255184040 1 Image
Peyton Manning Signed Autographed 11X14 Photo GAI GA Global Denver Broncos MVP
2516424204314040 1 Image
Peyton Manning Signed Autographed Colts Jersey
1913242411904040 1 Image
Peyton Manning Signed Football MAKE OFFER It's Easy and FREE
3809929838054040 1 Image
PEYTON MANNING Signed "Throw Against Ravens" 16 x 20 Photo STEINER
3215234797624040 1 Image
Peyton Manning Signed Nike Denver Broncos Jersey - JSA Letter of Authenticity!
2614859615874040 1 Image
2716033834354040 1 Image
Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts signed 8x10
3013146204724040 1 Image
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Fan Shop

Peyton Manning Fan Shop Apparel and Souvenir Guide

Whether you are a collector or just a fan, Peyton Manning has a wide range of jerseys and other NFL licensed apparel available. In addition, fan shop items ranging from bobble heads to home and office decor make great gifts, with something for every budget. Manning has played with just two NFL teams, the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos. He played his college years at the University of Tennessee. Jerseys and other items can be found for all the teams that he has played for in his career.

Jerseys and Apparel

Manufacturers: Nike, Reebok, Adidas

Nike is currently the licensed provider of NFL jerseys. However, the league has also had licenses with Reebok and Adidas. Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts jersey's were made by Reebok, while his collegiate jersey from Tennesse was made by Adidas.

The current Nike jerseys are available in three styles each with lightweight and moisture-resistant fabric. Nike's Game jersey has numbers that are screen printed and is perfect for everyday wear. The Nike Limited jersey is a higher quality design, with a tailored fit and twill numbers. Nike's Elite jersey is the closest thing you can find to what the pros wear every game. With features that include twill numbers, airflow ventilation, and a durable, stretch-resistant material, you'll look like a pro.

Peyton Manning Denver Jersey 260x260 Image  Peyton Manning New Era Cap 260x260 Image

Bobbleheads and Figures

Through the years, Peyton Manning has had numerous bobbleheads, figures, and toys cast of his likeness with some of the more popular being his bobbleheads by Forever Collectibles and Fanatics along with  his SportsPick action figures from McFarlane.

Manufacturers: Forever Collectibles, Fanatics, McFarlane SportsPicks, Oyo, Starting Lineups, Upper Deck

Peyton Manning Fanatics Bobblehead 184x300 Image  Peyton Manning McFarlane SportsPicks 200x300 Image

Photographs, Framed Pieces and Posters

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying any kind of NFL photographic piece is that it be officially licensed by the league. This can, typically, be determined by whether or not the image comes with an NFL hologram. Some of the more notable rights holders are listed below.

Rights Holders: PhotoFile, ProLook, Highland Mint

Peyton Manning Picture 218x300 Image  Peyton Manning Poster 197x300 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
2313300097914040 1 Image
Peyton Manning #18 Indianapolis Colts
3215190483274040 1 Image
Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts Throwback Vintage Authentic Reebok Game Jersey
3313135424964040 1 Image
Peyton Manning #18 Limited Edition Nike On-Field Jersey Mens Sz XL NWT $135
3313163794654040 1 Image
Peyton Manning XL, Denver Broncos Blue Orange #18 Jersey
3313163837464040 1 Image
Peyton Manning XL, Denver Broncos Orange Blue #18 Jersey
1913340062264040 1 Image
Nike Broncos Peyton Manning 2XL Super Bowl XLVII Men's jersey
1114599839984040 1 Image
Peyton Manning Jersey Denver Broncos Size XXL Nike New
1513083547734040 1 Image
Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII Orange Nike Game Jersey Lrg NWT
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User Comments

  1. I have two cards I am looking to sell.

    1998 Fleer Brilliants Peyton Manning 24k Gold #3 of 24

    and Topps/Bowman 2005 one-of-a-kind Jered Weaver draft pick magneta printing plate BDP167

    Both cards are in mint condition “perfect” 10 no flaws or defects. They are kept in a cool dry safe in double layered shields.

    minimum price for both cards is $3,500

  2. I have question i made mistake of selling my 98 sp authentic rookie card that was as good as it gets. I had to send it back to the comapny when i got it from a pack because of peeling at the top. They sent me another in place of it hand numbered #1 with the letter that came with it. I have not seen another. I do not see anything on them value wise. I did see somthing in tuff stuff years later that said only 11 were made. If thats the case what would the value be so i can kick myself in the ….lol

  3. Oh im sorry Peyton manning sp authentic rookie #1 of the hand signed ones . I think it was gold ink and came with the letter from upper deck. I always think about getting it back. My big mistake I made in collecting. It was my very first pull i got out of one pack. I figured this would be the Honus wagner of football cards in years to come. And the card was perfect when i got it. All except the factory defect which they gave me another for. I would say it was easily a 10 and im sure its value is much more than others i see listed.
    Curiosity is killing me on its value? Thanks Peter

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