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Matt Kemp

Date of Birth: 9/23/1984
Rookie Card Year: 2005
Investment Rating: 7.5


Matt Kemp cards and memorabilia have entered superstar territory. When healthy, the Dodgers outfielder is one of the National League's most dangerous sluggers. Collectors are taking note, sending Matt Kemp cards into the upper echelon of the hobby's elite.

Although Kemp has been a standout for Los Angeles for a couple of years, in 2010 he emerged as one of baseball's best. In 2011, he came close to winning the Triple Crown after leading the NL in home runs (39) and runs batted in (126) while finishing third in batting (.324). Kemp was also one stolen base shy of joining the elusive 40-40 Club for hitting 40 home runs and swiping 40 bases in a single season. Many assumed these stats were good enough for NL MVP, but Kemp ended up finishing second to Ryan Braun.

Injuries hampered Kemp's progress on the field and in the hobby. The emergence of Yasiel Puig has also led to trade rumors as the Dodgers have an abundance of outfielders.

Collectors have seven options when it comes to Matt Kemp rookie cards. They run the value spectrum as well, ranging from entry-level sets up to a premium autograph. Rarer parallels give collectors several more options for first-year Matt Kemp cards.

Matt Kemp Rookie Card Guide

2005 Bowman Matt Kemp RC #273

The look on Kemp's face says it all about this card: boring. Still, it remains affordable for all collectors. The black corners make it tougher to find mint copies as the base Bowman card stock isn't the most durable.

2005 Bowman Baseball Matt Kemp 213x300 Image

2005 Bowman's Best Matt Kemp RC #96

The 2005 Bowman's Best Baseball design hasn't aged very well. Kemp's drowsy pose doesn't help matters either. Still, for collectors looking to add a little shine to their Matt Kemp rookie card collection at a reasonable price, this may be the one. Serial numbered Refractors are a good option for collectors looking for investment potential.

2005 Bowmans Best Matt Kemp Rookie Card 212x300 Image

2005 Bowman Chrome Matt Kemp RC #349 Autograph

The 2005 Bowman Chrome Matt Kemp autographed rookie is, by far, his most desirable rookie card. It is the only one that is signed so collectors must be prepared to pay big for one. It also comes from one of the hobby's most popular sets. Always popular with collectors are the numerous numbered Refractor parallels, which are also autographed. The 2005 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor makes for one of the best-looking and most coveted Matt Kemp cards.

2005 Bowman Chrome Matt Kemp Autograph Rookie Card 213x300 Image

2005 Bowman Heritage Matt Kemp RC #260

With a design inspired by 1951 Bowman Baseball, the 2005 Bowman Heritage Matt Kemp rookie card is the one with the most artistic flair. While he doesn't have a beaming smile, this is his one rookie where he doesn't look angry.

2005 Bowman Heritage Matt Kemp Rookie Card 214x300 Image

2005 Topps Update Matt Kemp RC #284

The biggest benefit for this card is its place as the official Matt Kemp Topps rookie card, which should give it a permanent spot in company archive. Unfortunately, the unhappy look is back. Because it's a standard portrait shot without much else going on, it doesn't have a lot of overall appeal.

2005 Topps Update Matt Kemp Rookie Card 214x300 Image

2005 Topps Chrome Update Matt Kemp RC #284

If a 2005 Bowman Chrome Matt Kemp is out of your price range, his 2005 Topps Chrome Update is probably you next best option. A chromium version of his regular Topps card, the Topps Chrome versions are much rarer as they were seeded just a couple per pack. Combine that with the hobby's long-standing love for the Topps Chrome name and you've got one of the best Matt Kemp cards.

2005 Topps Chrome Update Matt Kemp 214x300 Image

2005 Topps Total Matt Kemp RC #744 with Heath Totten

This may be the sleeper of all rookie Matt Kemp cards. Topps Total is notorious for its massive checklist. Although there aren't any short prints, simply pulling any given card is a tough task. Plus, 2005 Topps Total Baseball wasn't all that popular at the time. As a result, relatively few of the Matt Kemp rookie cards pop up. They are by no means rare, just harder to find than several of his other rookie cards. Some of that may be due to the fact that Kemp shares the card with Heath Totten. Never heard of him? That's the problem.

2005 Topps Total Matt Kemp Rookie Card 260x184 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
1811325089414040 1 Image
2007 Topps Co-Signers Dual Autograph Matt Kemp Chris Iannetta Dodgers Rockies
3213063724124040 1 Image
2011 Topps Lineage 1975 Mini Relics MATT KEMP Bat card Dodgers
3213883562764040 1 Image
2013 BOWMAN CHROME Matt KEMP #66 Orange Refractor SP 25 Los Angeles DODGERS OF
3909162425364040 1 Image
2013 Topps Tribute Matt Kemp Cyan printing press plate #D 1 1 *42700
2615716428634040 1 Image
2006 Topps 52 Matt kemp autograph auto #52S-MK *42932
3711649216714040 1 Image
1114693891674040 1 Image
1614537050884040 1 Image
2007 Etopps Matt Kemp Autograph RC 100 BGS 9 Auto 10 *POP1* w COA Dodgers SP 1 1
1614537050894040 1 Image
2006 Topps '52 Style Matt Kemp Autograph RC BGS 9.5 On-Card Auto 10 Dodgers SP
1614537050914040 1 Image
2006 Topps '52 Matt Kemp Autograph RC 52 BGS 9 Red Ink Auto 10 *POP2* Dodgers
2215639808754040 1 Image
2009 UPPER DECK Signature Stars Impressions AUTOGRAPH MATT KEMP MINT!
2912567316584040 1 Image
2005 BOWMAN'S BEST #96 - GREEN REFRACTOR - MATT KEMP (RC) Serial #'d (706 899)
2215763299574040 1 Image
2005 Bowman's Best Matt Kemp PSA 10 Gem Mint #96 Los Angeles Dodgers
3013540511534040 1 Image
2013 Topps Update #FF-2 Yasiel Puig (RC) Matt Kemp Insert Card! PSA GEM 10!
2616271417944040 1 Image
2011 Topps Marquee Matt Kemp Quad Patch 03 25
2616014866154040 1 Image
2013 Topps Baseball NL 2011 Silver Slugger Trophy "Matt Kemp" Los Angeles Dodger
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Autograph Guide

Matt Kemp Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find an example of what Matt Kemp's authentic signature looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, and Mounted Memories.

Matt Kemp Cut Signature Exemplar:

Matt Kemp Autograph Image

Matt Kemp Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Matt Kemp signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of  the type of item or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

  1. The signature exhibits an overall consistency and is defined by the letters "M" and "K."
  2. The letter "M" starts with a straight line on a 45 degree angle before beginning the first down stroke.
  3. The first upstroke of the "M" rises slightly above the meeting of the first two lines.
  4. The second down and up stroke of the "M" are much shorter and narrow.
  5. A line coming of the "M", nearly horizontal displays what can best be described as a small bow tie.
  6. The pen lifts to start the letter "K" which only consists of the top portion of the letter.
  7. The rest of the signature is not legible but displays a down stroke.

Matt Kemp Signed Baseball Pricing:

Active Listings for Matt Kemp Signed Baseballs

Matt Kemp Signed Baseball 260x195 Image

Matt Kemp Signed Bat Pricing:

Active Listings for Matt Kemp Signed Bats

Matt Kemp Signed Bat 260x193 Image

Matt Kemp Signed Jersey Pricing:

Active Listings for Matt Kemp Signed Jerseys

Matt Kemp Signed Jersey 260x195 Image

Matt Kemp Signed Photograph Pricing:

Active Listings for Matt Kemp Signed Photographs

Matt Kemp Signed Photo 238x300 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
2715305994594040 1 Image
1212420268474040 1 Image
2912681386154040 1 Image
Matt Kemp Autographed Signed 8x10 Glossy Photo (JSA MLB Holo)
3510095792164040 1 Image
1512639294774040 1 Image
Matt Kemp LA Dodgers Signed Autographed Rawlings Major League Baseball - JSA COA
1913762383534040 1 Image
Matt Kemp Signed 2006 Bowman Heritage PSA DNA Certified - AUTO
3309487659614040 1 Image
2011562808224040 1 Image
Matt Kemp Signed Autographed Framed Jersey Number Photo UDA Limited Edition 27
3308219155354040 1 Image
Matt Kemp Signed Dodgers 8x10 Photo PSA DNA COA Auto'd Autograph Picture #27 LA
3310958116474040 1 Image
Matt Kemp Signed 2010 Topps Baseball Card #214 PSA DNA COA Dodgers Autograph MVP
2912517482364040 1 Image
Matt Kemp Signed Auto Autographed Dodgers 8x10 Baseball Photo w COA GAI
2610617241444040 1 Image
Matt Kemp Signed Photograph Autographed Photo Dodgers PSA DNA
3706821623134040 1 Image
Matt Kemp SIGNED 8x10 Photo Los Angeles Dodgers ITP PSA DNA AUTOGRAPHED
2716405514734040 1 Image
Matt Kemp Dodgers Signed Jersey PSA
1614567468834040 1 Image
Matt Kemp Los Angeles All Star Signed Auto Autograph Game Used Baseball Bat PSA
1509422026684040 1 Image
Matt Kemp SIGNED 11x14 Photo Los Angeles Dodgers ITP PSA DNA AUTOGRAPHED
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