Mats Sundin Cards, Rookie Cards and Autographed Memorabilia Guide

Mats Sundin

Date of Birth: 2/13/1971
Rookie Card Year: 1990-91
Investment Rating: 7.5


Mats Sundin is arguably one of the most under-rated superstars to have played in the NHL. He is a 500 goal scorer, and is probably best known for his 13 years with the Toronto Maple Leafs. A fan favorite, Mats Sundin cards and autographed memorabilia are well respected in the hobby.

Sundin has six rookie cards from 1990-91 products. The print runs of the cards were excessive and there is ample supply. Professionally graded examples receiving top grades receive only a minor premium.

Mats Sundin's first NHL certified autograph is from 1995-96 Be A Player. A die-cut parallel also exists. The cards are not serial numbered and the exact print runs are unknown.

His first memorabilia cards were produced by Upper Deck in 1996-97. They are part of the Game Jersey insert set.

Mats Sundin's autographed memorabilia has room for growth in terms of value.  His signature is a must on any 500 Goal Club piece. In addition to playing for the Maple Leafs, Sundin spent his early years in the NHL with the now defunct Quebec Nordiques. The rich history of the Quebec fan base translates to a premium for Sundin signed items related to the Nordiques.

Mats Sundin Rookie Card Checklist

1990-91 OPC Premier Mats Sundin RC #114

1990 91 OPC Premiere Mats Sundin RC 212x300 Image

This is one of the most popular Mats Sundinrookie cards. It was intended to be a premium spin on the O-Pee-Chee brand. Believed to be limited at first, it's still very plentiful.

1990-91 Pro Set Mats Sundin RC #636

1990 91 Pro set Mats Sundin RC 214x300 Image

It's a shame Pro Set cards were so mass produced. The card actually features a great photo and an in-depth write-up on the back. Unfortunately, there are just too many of these cards in existence for them to ever really be worth much.

1990-91 Score Mats Sundin RC #398

1990 91 Score Mats Sundin RC 217x300 Image

While other Mats Sundin rookie cards show him in his Nordiques uniform, Score uses a shot with a Swedish jersey. It's a nice contrast but one that doesn't translate into price premiums. The all-English American version of the card has a blue Score logo on the front.

1990-91 Score Canadian Mats Sundin RC #398

1990 91 Score Canada Mats Sundin RC 213x300 Image

For its debut hockey release, Score did a bilingual version. This set has a red Score logo at the top of the card. Both versions have such a massive supply that one isn't really worth more than the other. In fact, both are extremely cheap.

1990-91 Upper Deck Mats Sundin RC #365

1990 91 Upper Deck Mats Sundin RC 216x300 Image

Next to O-Pee-Chee Premier, this is probably considered to be the second most popular Mats Sundin rookie. It may not be worth much, but it's got a nice posed shot. It also benefits from being a part of Upper Deck's first hockey set.

1990-91 Upper Deck French Mats Sundin RC #365

1990 91 Upper Deck French Mats Sundin RC 216x300 Image

When 1990-91 Upper Deck French was released, prices soared based on a very short print run. Even if it was in low supply initially, it didn't finish that way. Pretty much all premiums the set carried have been lost. The only noticeable difference on the front of the French version is the word "Centre."

ebaysmalllogo Image
2312463893334040 1 Image
1996 Kraft Mats Sundin HAND CUT PSA 8 Toronto Maple Leafs
3008300210644040 1 Image
2012-13 ITG Forever Rivals Complete Jersey Silver Mats Sundin 9
3110005185954040 1 Image
2003-04 Upper Deck Ice Frozen Fabrics #FFMS Mats Sundin Jsy
3609760235614040 1 Image
2002-03 Pacific Exclusive Jerseys #24 Mats Sundin Jsy
3609760252954040 1 Image
2002-03 (HKY) Crown Royale Blue #93 Mats Sundin - NM-MT
1613533981674040 1 Image
2002-03 BAP Signature Series Jerseys #SGJ16 Mats Sundin Jsy 90
3609760318834040 1 Image
2002-03 SP Game Used Piece of History #PHMS Mats Sundin 225
3609760330014040 1 Image
2002-03 (HKY) Stadium Club Passport #4 Mats Sundin
3609760469414040 1 Image
2002-03 UD Top Shelf Clutch Performers #CPMS Mats Sundin Jsy
3609760471074040 1 Image
2002-03 UD Premier Collection Jerseys Bronze #MS Mats Sundin Jsy 299
3605319423564040 1 Image
3609760701184040 1 Image
2001-02 Vanguard Memorabilia #44 Mario Lemieux Mats Sundin Jsy
2011340470404040 1 Image
Hockey 3 Rookie Card Lot #4 Jaromir Jagr, Nick Bonino, and Mats Sundin
3008722611214040 1 Image
1990 O pee Chee Premier Mats Sundin rookie card lot RC Maple Leafs Nordiques
3304170156654040 1 Image
Mats Sundin 1990-91 RC 282ct Lot
1113966139194040 1 Image
Doug Gilmoure Mat Sundin Toronto Maple Leafs 2013-14 Artifacts Tundra 2 Tandems
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Autograph Guide

Mats Sundin Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find an example of what Mats Sundin's authentic signature looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication companySome of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, Tristar, and Mounted Memories. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Mats Sundin Cut Signature Exemplar:

Mats Sundin Signature Example 260x145 Image

Mats Sundin Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Mats Sundin signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of the type of item, or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

Mats Sundin Signature Characteristics

  1. The signature is unique, albeit brief.
  2. The letter"M" is the small character on top of the angled line at the bottom left portion of the image above.
  3. The primary component of the autograph is the large "S" shape.
  4. He often inscribes his jersey number "13."

Mats Sundin Signed Puck Pricing:

Active Listings for Mats Sundin Signed Pucks

Mats Sundin Signed Puck Image

Mats Sundin Signed Jersey Pricing:

Active Listings for Mats Sundin Signed Jerseys

Mats Sundin Signed Jersey 260x260 Image

Mats Sundin Signed Stick Pricing:

Active Listings for Mats Sundin Signed Sticks

Mats Sundin Signed Stick 260x117 Image

Mats Sundin Signed Photograph Pricing:

Active Listings for Mats Sundin Signed Photographs

Mats Sundin Signed Photo 241x300 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
3205994985034040 1 Image
Mats Sundin signed 1996 UD CC Hockey Card PSA DNA Slab
2712653456304040 1 Image
1410060010694040 1 Image
1990 MATS SUNDIN signed #398 SCORE ROOKIE CARD - psa authenticated
2311246387514040 1 Image
Mats Sundin Autographed Signed 8x10 Photo Maple Leafs PSA DNA #U94900
2311246388324040 1 Image
Mats Sundin Autographed Signed 8x10 Photo Maple Leafs PSA DNA #U94899
2311246389534040 1 Image
Mats Sundin Autographed Signed 8x10 Photo Maple Leafs PSA DNA #U94898
3509642782204040 1 Image
Mats Sundin Autographed Signed 8x10 Photo Maple Leafs PSA DNA #U94897
3509642782454040 1 Image
Mats Sundin Autographed Signed 8x10 Photo Maple Leafs PSA DNA #U94896
3709732265264040 1 Image
Mats Sundin Autographed Signed 8x10 Photo Maple Leafs PSA DNA #U94895
2311246401324040 1 Image
Mats Sundin Autographed Signed 8x10 Photo Maple Leafs PSA DNA #U94893
2311246405234040 1 Image
Mats Sundin Autographed Signed 8x10 Photo Maple Leafs PSA DNA #U94894

More Info

For general information on Mats Sundin as well as his player statistics, visit:

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