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Joe DiMaggio

Date of Birth: 11/25/1914
Rookie Card Year: 1939
Investment Rating: 7.5


Joe DiMaggio is another in the line of legendary players that formerly patrolled the outfield for the New York Yankees. The center fielder played his entire 13-year career with the Yankees and is most known for his 56-game hitting streak that still stands today. His elite play and mainstream relevance ensures that Joe DiMaggio cards and memorabilia will remain popular with collectors.

In addition to the aforementioned hitting streak, Joe DiMaggio was a 13-time All-Star, three-time AL MVP and part of nine World Series titles with the Yankees. Widely known as "Joltin' Joe" and "The Yankee Clipper," DiMaggio was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1955.

While 13 seasons does not sound like a lot for a Hall of Fame player, Joe DiMaggio lost three seasons in his prime (1943-1945), because he was enlisted in the US Air Force for the end of World War II. He never saw combat and was stationed in the U.S. the entire time. Outside of the diamond, DiMaggio was also well-known for his on-and-off relationship with Marilyn Monroe and has been featured in many avenues of pop culture. He died in 1999 from lung cancer at the age of 84.

Although he started his MLB career in 1936, Joe DiMaggio's rookie card was not released until 1939. There were multiple cards released before then, which includes his 1936 R312 Pastel and his 1936 World Wide Gum #51 card. Many collectors treat these as his true rookie cards.

Joe DiMaggio Rookie Card Checklist

1938 Goudey Heads-Up Joe DiMaggio #250, #274

1938 Goudey Heads-Up offers collectors a unique and slightly creepy option for early Joe DiMaggio cards. His official rookie card would not be released for another year. The two cards are basically the same, except card #274 has additional captions around the image of DiMaggio.

1938 Goudey Heads Up Joe DiMaggio 250 243x300 Image1938 Goudey Heads Up Joe DiMaggio 274 242x300 Image

1939 Play Ball Joe DiMaggio RC #26

As his only official rookie card, 1939 Play Ball remains one of the top Joe DiMaggio cards available. Featuring a black-and-white image and nothing else on the front, high grade versions of this basic card can push well into the four figures.

1939 Play Ball Joe DiMaggio RC 26 233x300 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
2814434308484040 1 Image
1940 Play Ball #1 - "Joltin" Joe DiMaggio - PSA 3 -- Yankees HoF (mikedenero)
2814434308694040 1 Image
1938 Goudey #274 - Joe DiMaggio (RC) - PSA 3 -- Yankees HoF Rookie (mikedenero)
3604781577364040 1 Image
1937 Wheaties Cereal Box Panel, Baseball, Joe DiMaggio, New York Yankees, Good
1614237495224040 1 Image
Starting Line Up Baseball Greats 1989 Joe DiMaggio Mickey Mantle.
1905325903014040 1 Image
2011 Leaf Executive Masterpiece 1 1 JOE DIMAGGIO
1311517822204040 1 Image
4007623478944040 1 Image
2310249515494040 1 Image
VERY RARE 1950 Baseball Player Film Charm Joe DiMaggio New York Yankees 35mm
2215312738984040 1 Image
1938 Our National Game Pin (PM8) #7 Joe Di Maggio
3215006507494040 1 Image
1940 Play Ball Baseball #1 Joe Di Maggio
1908935710324040 1 Image
8x10 O'Connell Ink Print Joe DiMaggio (Yankees) Head Shot
2009581495314040 1 Image
8x10 O'Connell Ink Print Joe DiMaggio (Yankees) Swinging Bat
3013163461034040 1 Image
1993 Pinnacle DiMaggio Stick 'N' Bones #18 Joe DiMaggio Yankees PSA 10 GEM MINT
3511543790204040 1 Image
JOE DIMAGGIO Yankees 2003 UD"Magical Performances" GOLD
3511543810194040 1 Image
JOE DIMAGGIO Yankees 2003 UD"Magical Performances"#MP25
3511543810364040 1 Image
JOE DIMAGGIO Yankees 2003 UD"Magical Performances"#MP25
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Autograph Guide

Joe DiMaggio Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find examples of what an authentic Joe DiMaggio autograph looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, Steiner, Tristar and Mounted Memories. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Joe DiMaggio Cut Signature Exemplar

Joe DiMaggio Cut Signature Image

Joe DiMaggio Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Joe DiMaggio signature will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of  the type of item or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

  1. The long signature begins a large cursive "J"
  2. The pen lifts and then adds the "o-e"
  3. Next, a cursive "D" starts the last name
  4. The pen lifts again and the "i" is implied as it transitions into the "m"
  5. The remaining letters - "a-g-g-i-o" - are all legible
  6. Both of the "i" letters are dotted and another dot can usually be seen below the second "i"

Joe DiMaggio Signed Baseball Pricing:

Active Listings for Joe DiMaggio Signed Baseballs

Joe DiMaggio Signed Baseball Image

Joe DiMaggio Signed Jersey Pricing:

Active Listings for Joe DiMaggio Signed Jerseys

Joe DiMaggio Signed Jersey Image

Joe DiMaggio Signed Bat Pricing:

Active Listings for Joe DiMaggio Signed Bats

Joe DiMaggio Signed Bat  Image

Joe DiMaggio Signed Photograph Pricing:

Active Listings for Joe DiMaggio Signed Photographs

Joe DiMaggio Signed Photograph Image

Joe DiMaggio Signed Index Card Pricing:

Active Listings for Joe DiMaggio Signed Index Card 

Joe DiMaggio Signed Index Card Image

Joe DiMaggio Signed Baseball Card / Cut Signature Card Pricing:

Active Listings for Joe DiMaggio Signed Baseball Card 

Joe DiMaggio Signed Baseball Card  Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
1607790181534040 1 Image
2615732163564040 1 Image
Joe DiMaggio Signed Baseball w Rare "Yankee Clipper" Inscp PSA DNA LOA
2615732163634040 1 Image
Joe DiMaggio Dickey Crosetti Rizzuto Henrich Signed Autographed Display PSA DNA
3211542521794040 1 Image
Joe Dimaggio Hand Signed Yankee Clipper Bank Check Framed Display PSA LOA
3211542641364040 1 Image
HOF Joe Dimaggio 18x21 Framed Signed Check Photo Display JSA LOA Yankee Clipper
3211542656674040 1 Image
Joe Dimaggio Signed 11x14 Yankees Framed Photo PSA COA
3608688918894040 1 Image
Joe DiMaggio & Dom DiMaggio Dual Signed 8x10 Photo AUTO GAI COA + PSA DNA LOA
3608689027534040 1 Image
Joe Vince Dom Dimaggio & Nestor Chylak Multi Signed Baseball JSA LOA Yankees HOF
2011725091454040 1 Image
ted williams joe dimaggio Signed 1950 Street And Smith Sports Mag Psa Dna Rare
2011725562414040 1 Image
Ted Williams Joe Dimaggio Signed Life Story Mag Psa Dna Perfect Dark Signatures
2215313494094040 1 Image
Multi Signed Ball JSA LOA Y38671 13 HOF Signatures JOE DiMAGGIO
1509395188304040 1 Image
Joe Dimaggio Signed New York Yankees Authentic 8x10 Photo (PSA DNA) #H42028
2310091294384040 1 Image
JOE DiMAGGIO NY Yankee HOF Signed Cut w Photo Framed JSA LOA
2307148708584040 1 Image
Joe DiMaggio Signed Autographed Baseball JSA LOA AMAZING*
1214190560034040 1 Image
1815296680594040 1 Image
Joe Dimaggio Signed Check- psa dna slabbed MINT 9!!!!!
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