Claude Giroux Cards and Autograph Memorabilia Guide

Claude Giroux

Date of Birth: 1/12/1988
Rookie Card Year: 2008-09
Investment Rating: 7.5


Claude Giroux is one of the most dynamic young players in the NHL. He has quickly established his presence with speed and chippy play. His knack for finding the open man has elevated the players around him. His ability to find the opposing goalie's weakness has made him a scoring threat from anywhere on the ice. His willingness to step up and go toe to toe with the opponents top players has made his a fan favorite in Philly. Claude Giroux cards are also becoming a favorite among many collectors.

Opponents have shown the centre great respect by putting their best defensive players up against him. Once thought to be too small for the rigors of the NHL, Giroux has proven that he is a star working his way towards being one of the game's elite.

As Giroux's star power on the ice grows, so too does his hobby presence. Collectors have caught on to Claude Giroux cards and prices have risen in recent years. Giroux's jersey sales are also among the best in the NHL.

Claude Giroux has more than 20 different rookie cards, most of which are fairly inexpensive. The Flyers have already been to the Stanley Cup finals once under his leadership. Should Philadelphia hoist Lord Stanley in the near future, Claude Giroux cards will soar. Now is a great time to get in on the action.

Claude Giroux Rookie Card Checklist

Budget Rookie Cards

2008 09 Ultra Claude Giroux RC Image

  • 2008-09 Black Diamond #154
  • 2008-09 Collector's Choice #217
  • 2008-09 O-Pee-Chee #514
  • 2008-09 Ultra #204
  • 2008-09 Upper Deck Champ's #141
  • 2008-09 Upper Deck MVP #350
  • 2008-09 Upper Deck Ovation #84
  • 2008-09 Upper Deck Power Play #212
  • 2008-09 Upper Deck Victory #204

Mid-Range Rookie Cards

2008 09 Upper Deck Claude Giroux RC Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
1508296208234040 1 Image
2008-09 Upper Deck Young Guns Claude Giroux RC BGS 9.5 Gem Mint
3711038796194040 1 Image
08-09 The Cup Draft Board Claude Giroux # 25!! RARE!!
1206596384034040 1 Image
10-11 SCORE SUDDEN DEATH Claude Giroux FLYERS #10
1708545268554040 1 Image
08 09 Fleer Ultra Rookie Card - Claude Giroux # 204
1213712989934040 1 Image
Claude Giroux 2008-09 Ultra Rookie Card!
1814213025584040 1 Image
2013-14 ITG In The Game-Used "Teammates" TM-07 Claude Giroux Jakub Voracek 60
1613668146864040 1 Image
1912253837214040 1 Image
2013-14 Upper Deck SPX 1996-97 SPx Retro # 33 CLAUDE GIROUX
2515695671224040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Jake Voracek 2014 ITG Team Mates Dual Jersey Silver - Flyers
1211040259514040 1 Image
3804805055664040 1 Image
12-13 Upper Deck Artifacts Jersey Patch Claude Giroux 17 75
1412682672674040 1 Image
2013-14 Artifacts Hockey Tundra Tandems Eric Lindros Claude Giroux Dual Jersey
1513582096124040 1 Image
2012-13 Fleer Retro Claude Giroux Precious Metal Gems Sp 021 100 no.38
1907486014274040 1 Image
Claude Giroux 2008-09 Upper Deck Ultimate # 66 AUTO RC ROOKIE 399
2813914507524040 1 Image
2008 09 SP Authentic AUTO Claude Giroux RC BGS 10 PRISTINE w 10 AUTO!!!
2911935677634040 1 Image
2008-09 Upper Deck Trilogy - Claude Giroux RC
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Autograph Guide

Claude Giroux Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find an example of what Claude Giroux's authentic signature looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, Tristar, and Mounted Memories. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Claude Giroux Cut Signature Exemplar

Claude Giroux Autograph Image

Claude Giroux Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Claude Giroux signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of  the type of item or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

  1. A very quickly written signature at a right-leaning and slightly downward angle below the horizontal plane.
  2. The letter "C" is legible and exhibits a tail off the top of the letter to the left.
  3. The letter "C" flows into a discernible letter "l."
  4. The rest of the letters are implied in the first name.
  5. Coming off the letter "l", the pen does not lift and goes into a "G" with a closed loop top.
  6. The rest of the letters are not legible but can be inferred to be "r-i-x."

Claude Giroux Signed Puck Pricing:

Active Listings for Claude Giroux Signed Pucks

Claude Giroux Signed Puck 260x260 Image

Claude Giroux Signed Jersey Pricing:

Active Listings for Claude Giroux Signed Jerseys

Claude Giroux Signed Jersey 260x195 Image

Claude Giroux Signed Stick Pricing:

Active Listings for Claude Giroux Signed Sticks

Claude Giroux Signed Stick 260x195 Image

Claude Giroux Signed Photograph Pricing:

Active Listings for Claude Giroux Signed Photographs

Claude Giroux Signed Photo 260x206 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
3609181766124040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Signed & Framed Philadelphia Flyers 16x20 Spotlight Photo JSA
2512850166334040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Philadelphia Flyers Signed 16x20 Photo JSA Proof 1
3106817613404040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Philadelphia Flyers Signed Full Size Stick JSA
2615230236654040 1 Image
2008 Spx Claude Giroux Signed Jersey Auto Rookie Rc 999 BGS PSA 10
2011240197994040 1 Image
3109246623064040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Philadelphia Flyers Autographed Signed Jersey PSA DNA V75102
1814334631784040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Signed Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Puck JSA I04435
3214581726674040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Signed & Framed 11x14 Photo Knocking Crosby Out JSA PSA COA Pass
3214581750214040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Signed & Framed 16x20 Flyers Auto "The Captain" JSA PSA COA Pass
2214907242684040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Signed Puck Flyers Auto "The Captain" JSA PSA COA Pass
3906791444804040 1 Image
3214590546704040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Signed 8x10 Spotlight Photo Philadelphia Flyers (JSA PSA COA Pass)
2214914587294040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Signed 16x20 Spotlight Photo Philadelphia Flyers (JSA PSA COA Pass
2214914608704040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Signed 16x20 Captain Photo Philadelphia Flyers (JSA PSA COA Pass
1812613781094040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Hand Signed Philadelphia Flyers Jersey JSA #I70570 size 52 XL
2214927989824040 1 Image
Claude Giroux Autographed Signed Flyers Jersey COA (JSA PSA Pass)
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