Plaxico Burress Out of Jail, Planning NFL Return

Plaxico Burress Out of Jail, Planning NFL Return

At the height of his popularity, Plaxico Burress was an elite receiver who helped the New York Giants win the 2007 Super Bowl. He was a fan-favorite and his cards and memorabilia were highly collected. However, once at his peak, Burress would soon fall.

Basking in the glow of his successes, Burress felt his compensation was lacking in comparison to other top wide receivers in the league. Although he didn't technically "hold-out" from team activities, Burress became difficult during the off season and blamed his lack of participation on an injury. He finally got a restructured deal and the money he felt he was due, the 2008 season went poorly for Burress. He was plagued by injuries including one that forced him out of a game versus the Arizona Cardinals. The following week, on November 28th, Burress accidentally shot himself with a glock pistol in a New York night club essentially ending his career with the Giants and, possibly, the NFL.

Burress was charged and convicted for illegally carrying a handgun and sentenced to two years in prison. He was released today after serving 20 months. The final months of the sentence were waived based on his good behavior.

The uncertainty regarding the NFL collective bargaining agreement has prevented Burress from signing with a team immediately but it appears that several are interested in his services. The question remains whether Burress still possesses the skills that set him apart as a wide receiver. He has worked out regularly since his incarceration, but it has been nearly 30 months since his last game. He'll be 34 in August, which means his abilities are likely in decline. Although there is great likelihood that some team will take a chance on Burress, the production simply might not be there anymore. Teams expected to pursue Burress include the Eagles, Redskins, Jets, Rams and, possibly, the Giants but that seems unlikely.

Some fans will point to the story of Michael Vick as a basis for the possibility that Burress can retain his form. Vick's recent success has shown that athletes can return to greatness despite legal trouble and even jail time. Burress will not face the same scrutiny that Vick did upon his return because his illegal act was a random act of stupidity versus an involvement with a dog-fighting ring. For those collector's who feel Burress will regain his place among the NFL greats, now is the time to grab a few of his cards while they are still cheaply priced. Little will likely beĀ  available at first, but over time collectors will dig out all their old Burress cards once he is officially on an NFL roster.

Here are some of Plaxico Burress' top rookie cards:

ebaysmalllogo Image

3312920699974040 1 Image
2000 Pacific #405 Plaxico Burress RC Pittsburgh Steelers Giants Spartans
2215245953864040 1 Image
2000 Press Pass Showbound #SB4 Plaxico Burress
1814973454264040 1 Image
2000 Upper Deck Legends #121 Plaxico Burress RC Rookie Serial # 2000
2515975927004040 1 Image
2005 Topps Chrome #104 Plaxico Burress - NM-MT
3312920963094040 1 Image
2000 Topps Plaxico Burress Pittsburgh Steelers #386 Football Card
1413781092584040 1 Image
2000 Collector's Edge T3 Retail - Plaxico Burress - Rookie Card - MINT 9!!!
1613963444174040 1 Image
2005 Zenith Plaxico Burress Card# 66
2516207410374040 1 Image

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