NFL Head Coaches Guide to Reaching Randy Moss Without Waiving Him

NFL Head Coaches Guide to Reaching Randy Moss Without Waiving Him

CoachC ImageBack in late 2010, news broke that Vikings coach Brad Childress had told his team that they had decided to cut Randy Moss. Several days later Randy Moss officially a member of the Tennessee Titans. Rather than deal a problem player, Childress took the easy way out, which added another act to the circus that is the 2-5 Minnesota Vikings.

As a Vikings fan, I've never been more conflicted with who to point a finger at for the 2-5 start to the dream season part II. I'm all for discipline and having high expectations for each and every player, yet at the same time Brad Childress' idea of creating a fluid dialog with his players resembles a father having "the talk" with his 12-year old son about birds, bees, and booze. To be an NFL Head Coach, you have to be able to communicate with your players, something Childress doesn't have the capacity to do.

Below is a theoretical look at how every other coach in the NFL would have delt with the Randy Moss issue better than Brad Childress did. What Childress doesn't understand is that every team is going to have a bad seed, cutting them to spite your face simply isn't in the best interests of your team. Great coaches figure out how to discipline and or motivate a troubled player.

  • Rex Ryan: Give him a fist knock for opening up the running game, then have someone light him up in practice.
  • Mike Shanahan: Glare at Randy from a distance and take a subtle shot at him through the media stating a series of dot connected facts.
  • Mike Singletary: Kick him out of a game and successfully reach him with through good old fashioned in your face honesty.
  • Mike Tomlin: Get in his face and have Hines Ward tell him what the expectations are in Pittsburgh.
  • Tony Sparano: Have Bill Parcells rip his effort, then let Chad Henne deliver the punishment.
  • Marvin Lewis: Pretend that he was far too be busy to notice and accept the baggage in exchange for the running lanes.
  • Jeff Fischer: Pretend that he will entertain the thought of suspending Randy as a means of screwing with the opposition's game plan.
  • Wade Phillips: Stay calm, stay the course, don't overreact and maintain his steadfast belief that apathy is the solution to all of life's ills.
  • Jim Schwartz: Bench Randy or limit his playing time until he understands that the 2010 Lions don't make excuses or lose due to a lack of effort.
  • Chan Gailey: Be sort of mad, but not mad enough to do anything about it. He's just happy to be a coach and he's not going let some goof ball receiver ruin that for him.
  • Norv Turner: Bring back Mike Tice's Randy Ratio as a reward for not holding out.
  • Eric Magnini: Use passive aggressive body language to send the type of message words or actions can't.
  • Gary Kubiak: File the papers needed to cut Randy, then tear them up as a means of venting his frustration in the privacy of his home office.
  • Lovie Smith: Look the other way so an old football buddy can feed his addiction for vertical passing (Mike Martz).
  • Andy Reid: Let Philadelphia justice take care of the situation. If need be, have Randy listen to 20 minutes of Philadelphia sports talk radio.
  • Mike Smith: Smooth his hair once, twice then move on.
  • Jack Del Rio: Put Randy in his "dog house" just long enough to create the appearance of justice while keeping his best players on the field so he can retain his job for yet another season.
  • Mike McCarthy: Do nothing as Randy's presence will only further the legacy of his prized pupil and life's work Aaron Rodgers.
  • Raheem Morris: Tell the media that Randy Moss could be the best Wide Receiver in football if he applied himself, then watch Josh Freeman light up opposing defenses by alternating tosses between Randy and Mike Williams.
  • Steve Spagnuolo: Understand that Sam Bradford's development comes first, Randy Moss' attitude and restaurant issues come second. He might even challenge Bradford to get Randy on the same page.
  • Jim Caldwell: Peyton Manning's beard would give Tony Dungy a jingle, several days later the problem would be solved.
  • Sean Payton: Force Randy to mentor Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush on how to avoid contact.
  • Tom Cable: Manipulate Randy into believing that Al Davis has a $100 million contract on the table for him if his attitude improves, then after the season call Randy a liar for claiming he said it.
  • Todd Haley: Tell him he sucks and wait for him to respond by proving he doesn't.
  • Tom Coughlin: Call him out in front of the team without mincing words.
  • John Fox: Limit his playing time until he earns more snaps.
  • Pete Carroll: Do whatever he did to Mike Williams.
  • John Harbaugh:Do whatever he did to Willis McGahee, then have Ray Lewis take care of the rest.
  • Bill Belichik: Trade him for a 3rd Round Pick.

RANDY ImageA good coach would have done one of the following things that Brad Childress didn't do:

  • Blast Randy Moss in private for his actions and give him a chance to straighten up.
  • Have team leaders talk with Randy.
  • Consult the other 53 men on the team before rushing to action.
  • Suspend him.
  • Limit his playing time.
  • Send him to the locker room during practice or a game.
  • Call him out in front of the team.
  • Tell Randy to shape up or ship out.

By no means am I am dismissing Randy's actions nor do I hate Brad Childress, it just feels like there were numerous avenues that went unexplored and balances that went unchecked prior to Randy's release. You can't trade a 3rd round pick for a player mid-season and cut him for what amounts to an attitude problem, you also can't pretend that you didn't know what you were in for when you acquired him in the first place. On top of that, Randy wasn't the only player on this team not giving 100%. The Vikings biggest problem was that they don't take every down seriously.

In closing, I pose a question to my favorite team, can we please drop the circus act and get back to playing football?

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Brett Lewis

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User Comments

  1. You still have faith in Childress?

    In the last two weeks Childress:

    1. Failed to challenge the Quarless TD in the Greenbay game.
    2. Failed to replace Favre at the end of the Packer game when he couldn’t run. (this allowed GB to drop 8 players into coverage with only one starting defensive lineman on the field, T-Jack could have exploited this).
    3. Pretended he could sit Favre out of the New England game when everyone knows Brett decides if he sits or plays.
    4. Failed to kick a field goal in the New England dame before half completely destroying the momentum the Vikings had at the time.
    5. Lied to the media on Monday about Mosses status with the team 30 minutes before he let him go.
    6. Let Moss go. The Vikings offense was better with Moss on the field. Harvin was getting open and Peterson had more open field. If he needed to go, why not wait until Rice was back?
    7. Didn’t discuss dropping Moss with Wilf. Probably a good idea when you’re putting over 3 million dollars worth of his money at risk.

    And you still have faith in this guy?

    No group of fans should have to deal with this. My Sunday afternoon hatred for Viking fans has been replaced with heartfelt empathy. This is wrong on so many levels.

    Get rid of Childress and restore some sanity to both of our lives.

  2. Wow Mr. Lewis, I can’t believe you are still sticking up for Childress. I’ve tried to give him the benefit of the doubt for a long time when others bashed him but I can’t do it any more. He’s got to go. I’m not sure Frazier is the answer the way the D has been playing this year. Bring in Cohwer! Sorry if I misspelled some names.
    To Numba1 Packfan, you really seem like an intelligent Packer fan, which is an oxymoron in itself. Well said my opponent!

  3. @Caleb: I’m not sticking up for Childress, I’m just equally frustrated with the effort of the team as a whole. Super Bowl caliber teams don’t give away games on the field the way he have done so far. Believe me, I wan’t Childress gone if we don’t win the Super Bowl, I think Brian Billick would be the ideal fit as I don’t think Cowher would come here. This year isn’t over yet and that’s why I am not calling for his head, I’ve never liked Childress, but we have half a season left and I’m willing to let it play out seeing as how firing him would only take us further away from focusing on each game and cause yet another media circus.

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