Silk Madden Cover Posters Among eBay's Hidden Treasures

Silk Madden Cover Posters Among eBay’s Hidden Treasures

While seeking to add to my Joe Webb autographed card stash, I came across something I haven't seen before, something that would fit perfectly on the wall of any hardcore sports fan or collector. That something I am referring to is a series of Madden cover silk posters featuring players who have never graced the cover of Madden.

Below is a gallery I put together from eBay of just a few of the fictional Madden cover silk posters I came across. The variety ranges from respectable coaches like Rex Ryan, to sarcastic silks like JaMarcus Russell, to hobby heavy hitters like like Jahvid Best, to fictional scenario silks where Mark Ingram gets drafted by the 49ers, to tributes to fallen players like Sean Taylor and beyond!

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Brett is a former contributor to The Cardboard Connection.

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