WIN a VIP Pass to the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention

WIN a VIP Pass to the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention

Hey collectors, Cardboard Connection Radio has been named the official MC and hosts of the Sports Collectibles Main Stage at the 35th National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland.

We're gearing up for the biggest National ever, and we want to have one of you join us at the event. We have one VIP Ticket Package to give away and here's how you can make it yours. This means you'll not only gain free entry into the National for the entire weekend, but a gift bag with lots of exclusive cards, autograph opportunities, access to the VIP party and more.

Comment below why you want to attend the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention. We will select one winner from the replies. The deadline for entry is 11:59PM Central on Sunday, July 27th, 2014.

Please enter only if you will be sure to attend so this amazing prize doesn't go to waste. The 2014 National runs July 30 to August 3. Please note, the prize does not include transportation, accommodation or any other expenses connected to the event.

Also, be sure to check out the Cardboard Connection's detailed guide to the 35th National Sports Collectors Convention.

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MIKE EVANS 2014 Panini National Convention 2 CLR Patch Relic Cracked Ice SP Card
1815663227244040 1 Image
3013251720354040 1 Image
PSA Sports Market Report Magazine National Convention Issue Sep 2014 Bob Feller
1913439346694040 1 Image
2014 Panini The National NSCC VIP Exclusive Masahiro Tanaka rookie card Yankees
3313483175344040 1 Image
Derrick Rose 2014 Panini National Convention Promo Tools Of The Trade Jersey 175
3313483182064040 1 Image
Tim Duncan 2014 Panini National Convention Promo Tools Of The Trade Jersey 175
3313483223544040 1 Image
Chris Paul 2014 Panini National Convention Promo 3 Color Jersey Patch 25 CP3
1815583008294040 1 Image
2014 Panini National Convention VIP Green Prizm XFractor #40 Michael Floyd 2 5
3313483335364040 1 Image
Andrew Wiggins 2014 Panini National Convention VIP Promo Rookie Card Cleveland
3313483341144040 1 Image
Blake Bortles 2014 Panini National Convention VIP Promo Rookie Card Jaguars
3313483422284040 1 Image
Dante Exum 2014 Panini National Convention VIP Promo Rookie Card Utah Jazz
3610029951934040 1 Image
JOSE ABREU RC White Sox Panini Promo 2014 National Convention Wrapper Redemption
2011991970964040 1 Image
1913799967684040 1 Image
1815614570434040 1 Image
2014 Donruss National Convention 3 Card Set Rated Rookie Abreu Tanaka Ventura
3313501423134040 1 Image
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Rob Bertrand is an avid collector with over 20 years of active experience in the hobby. He is one of the site's most accomplished writers, as well as the co-host of Cardboard Connection Radio. You can follow him on Twitter @VOTC.

User Comments

  1. I already bought tickets to the national for my brother in laws high school graduation. He is and avid card collector. I would LOVE to surprise him with a VIP ticket package instead. He was a straight A Student in high school so he deserves it.

  2. I want to attend the National with my son because it’s the first year he’s really getting into baseball cards and following MLB. I’d love to see the look on his face when he sees the mecca that is the National and everything it has to offer the new and veteran collector.

  3. I want to attend because I live less than two hours away and will be able to meet many of the breakers that I break with on a regular basis, and have never been to a card show period let alone a National Event.

  4. I last went to the convention was in 1991 in Anaheim. I went with my dad and had the best time. Best memory was leaving the con and bumping into Muhammed Ali. He was so amazingly cool and signed my program.

  5. I am having my first wedding anniversary the weekend of the National and would like to take my wife and show her what sports collecting is all about. Money is tight so this would really help out.

  6. I have been to the Convention in Atlantic City and Baltimore. This is the best show and collection of athletes to get autographs. Receiving a VIP ticket pass would be awesome! Thanks

  7. I’ve never been to a National…its always been something i’d luv to attend just never could afford it + the transportation to & from…If it ever comes back to the Jersey/Philly area i’d definitely try to go! It’s the ultimate collectors dream show!

  8. I would like an opportunity to attend the National because of a few reasons; mostly because I have never been and I just got married recently and spent all my income for the wedding. I’ve known about this show for years and have enjoyed the articles that Cardboard connection has written, in addition what I read and see on the forums and various social media outlets. It’s such an amazing show spreading Americana from one generation to the next. Thank you for the opportunity!

  9. Really pumped about going to the convention! A VIP pass would be icing on the cake! The last (and first) time I attended a “National” was over 20 years ago in Atlanta.
    I’m taking my wife, it’ll be the first sports card convention we’ve attended together!

  10. I want to attend the National to carry on the tradition my grandfather started with me 28 years ago. My grandfather was an avid collector of anything interesting. He started me into sportscards because I liked the 1987 cards he picked up. Wood borders have had me hooked ever since. I want to carry on that tradition with my son wo turned 13 this year. Thks cardboard radio.

  11. Would love to be a part of the action. Attended for first time last year, and absolutely loved it…..9 hour drive….No Problem…especially to chase cardboard!!!!!! Thanks Guys!!

  12. I have been an off and on collector since the mid-70s when my older brothers would buy me packs. I have been getting back into the hobby over the last several years and would very much like to attend thr NCSS to continue the adventure.

  13. Had attended several over last 25 years , but none in the last 12. Truly know and buy/sell/trade with many online who will be attending this year, would be amazing to interact in person with them all! Was to attend this year but literally was “just this much” short. The ticket would make it possible. Thank You, win or lose, for this opportunity, truly a #CollectWin p.s. Love your radio show and listen as regularly as possible, would be cool to meet Rob, Doug, Ross and David!

  14. My daughters & I are so excited for this National for 2 big reasons. The first is because we haven’t been to one since 2009 and the big one is because it’s back here in Ohio!! We live in Columbus OH so we only have a 3hr drive and that’s better than a 8hr drive to Chicago! The National is the biggest & best card show in the world and I can’t wait to make some more great memories with my daughters at the National one more time! See ya guys there! We are going on Saturday!

  15. I want to attend the National because it is Disneyland, The happiest place on earth!!!

  16. I’d like to go because not only is this the biggest show and where collectors want to be. But better yet for sports fan the vibe in Clevland with LBJ back in town and Jonny Football, Clevland is rocking right now. Would like to see and feel some of that buzz as we approach the start of football season.

  17. Have never attended a National Convention before and always wanted to! This past year has been tough with the health problems I’ve faced and the loss of two good friends. Being able to attend the National would be great! Thanks for giving the opportunity for someone to go! Cardboard Connection has become a favorite site and i think CC radio is awesome!

  18. I would love to attend the national. I have attended all the Chicago ones in the past. It’s the greats spectacle of sports every year and a bunch of fun each and every day.

  19. I attended my first National last year in Chicago and it was a blast! Attending this year would be awesome with it being in Cleveland … I want to see how Johnny Football and Lebron affects the direction of the card market in Cleveland!

  20. I began collecting when I was a young football fan back in 1974 and I collected throughout most of my youth. It wasn’t until 2006 that I ever looked at those cards again. Upon doing this, my interest was sparked once again and now I am an avid football card collector. I wish to go to the nationals because I have never been and because I hear it is a card collecter’s paradise

  21. 71 years old and never have been to Nat. Co. Would like to see and experience it one time before I jump off the Mortal Coil.

  22. I have been counting down the days to this national for several months. This will be my fourth national and my first one I will be attending with my 11 yr. old son. He has always been fascinated by the life of Babe Ruth and we are excited to visit Memory Lane’s booth and to get a picture of him holding their game used Ruth bat. If we win the VIP pass we will use it for extra days at the show and will love getting the autos and free sets for him to add to his collection. Thank you for giving this pass away.

  23. Once upon a time, in the far away land of San Diego… grew a young lad who would turn into an avid sports card collector. As his hobby great, his literature of choice became Becketts. In those Becketts, before the mobile/ social media era, a National Sports Collector Convention was commonly highlighted & advertised, but always in states he couldn’t point out on a map. So many stars and card companies, but never in reach.


    He took his talents to Cleveland, OH for college & moved there for good after graduation. The year was 2009- in the first month exploring his new turf, he randomly drove past the IX center where the fabled NATIONAL was blasted on a billboard, starting the following week! It was fate, and it re-awoke the collector in him. He burst through those doors and had an absolute blast. Giveaways, drawings, free signings, breaking boxes, legends & hall of famers, group breaks with TNA Knockouts (which Doug should have totally joined).. It was a highlight of his collecting career!

    Now after being skipped a time or two, the NSCC returns to Cleveland. He’s a lil older, a lil wiser- with a lot more bills and a lil 11month old future-collector at home whom all his hits get saved for! Through the power of twitter, he’s been connecting with collectors, company reps, even won a spot in Panini’s Grand Case break, and his anticipation is running rampant.

    So why does he want to go? He needs to go, he wants that feeling again when he walks through those doors, he’s never been VIP 4 anything and doesn’t really have the funds for an awesome everyday VIP experience… Plus he wants to kick it with cardboard connection crew- duh!?

  24. I’ve been a huge sports card collector for over 30 years. I’ve been collecting since I was around 5 years old. I’m gonna be 34 this year and have 2 children if my own. I think this is a wonderful experience to help get them into the hobby. Meeting vet players and getting autographs from them directly. On top of that it’s been forever since the. National was here in town. Thank you

  25. I have never been to the National and would love to go. I’m roughly 3.5 hours away in WV and will be attending at least one day…but attending as a VIP would be so much better!

  26. I would love to attend the national because it would be a great chance to spend an unforgettable week with my dad. I haven’t gotten to see him much since I graduated high school, but sports have always been what bring us together. He is already attending the national but because I’m starting grad school in the fall and have extensive student loans I don’t have the necessary funds to be able to go to the national. My grandpa lives in the area so I would 100% be able to attend and would also get to spend time with him every night after the show.

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