Minnesota Shop Owner Pulls Beethovens DNA Hair Relic Card

Minnesota Shop Owner Pulls Beethovens DNA Hair Relic Card

Billy's Sports Treasures, a card store in Savage, MN is known as being the type of place where a 2-minute visit often ends up turning into a 2-hour sports conversation. It's also made a name for itself recently due to several relatively high profile pulls made by the store's customers. The most recent of these discoveries was made earlier this year when one of the store's regulars pulled a 1 of 1 2010 Topps Pro Debut Jason Heyward Future's Game Jersey Patch - one of the most valuable cards produced for the set.

Whenever the shop owner, Bill Terwey, gets in a new product he opens a single pack of it in order to show customers what the cards look like. However when he 2010 Allen & Ginter was released last week, Bill was forced to deviate from his normal routine due to the fact that he had pre-sold his entire inventory of the popular baseball card product.

He received a fresh supply of 2010 Allen & Ginter boxes earlier this week and proceeded to stock his store's shelves with all but one of them, which he placed on the counter to sell by the pack. Realizing that he hadn't opened his customary demo pack yet, he randomly grabbed one from the box, opened it, and stared down in disbelief at what lay before him  - an ultra rare one of a kind baseball card which contained a strand of Ludwig Van Beethoven's hair.

As fate would have it the night before making this once in a lifetime discovery, Bill and his wife had made a decision to have a second child as soon as they could afford to buy an SUV big enough to accommodate the new addition to their family. Little did they know that help was just around the corner in the form of a dead man's hair.

Bill wasted no time in listing his new-found treasure on the eBay auction block. While the money generated from the card may not be enough to cover the full cost of an SUV, it will certainly go a long way towards that end. With just over 8 days  left to go, bidding has already eclipsed the $2,000 mark. The only other option available for those looking to own a card bearing the great composer's DNA is a decidedly less rare 2009 Upper Deck Piece of Time Insert priced firmly at just under $7,000 - which features a total print run of 3 copies versus Terwey's card which is the only copy in existence.

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Mike Smeth is the CEO and Founder of The Cardboard Connection. After collecting baseball cards as a child, he took a 12-year hiatus from the hobby. One muggy summer day in 2006 he unexpectedly came across his childhood card collection while packing up for a move. He began sorting through them so he could sell them on Craigslist. Somewhere between the 3rd and 4th box, he rediscovered his passion for collecting and hasn't looked back since. You can find Mike on Google+ and Twitter @mikesmethcc.

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  1. You couldn’t be more spot on. I’ve been working with Bill for a couple months on selling some of my vintage cards. He’s been a class act throughout the whole process. I stopped into the store last night and he showed me the card…..just awesome!

    Good to see that there’s such a thing as “Cardboard Charma”.

  2. Great story, the day there are more people like Bill and less people like Kevin Burge the hobby will be in a great shape.

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