Minnesota Collector Completes 2009 Playoff Contenders In Under Two Months After Nearly Two Decades Away From Collecting

Minnesota Collector Completes 2009 Playoff Contenders In Under Two Months After Nearly Two Decades Away From Collecting

SP ImageScott Spehn of Minnesota began collecting baseball and football cards way back in 1978, building Topps sets and collecting vintage cards all the way up until 1992. During his 17-year break from sports cards, Scott managed to pick up a few Topps sets here and there, but it wasn't until 2010 that Scott fully jumped back into collecting.

This past January, Scott decided to get back into football cards in hopes of turning his twin sons Peyton and Parker onto the hobby. After catching up on the Topps base sets he had skipped during his time away, he decided to take on decidedly more difficult challenge. He found this challenge sitting in a box of 2009 Playoff Contenders at Billy's Sports Treasures in Savage, Minnesota.

"I was looking for a little tougher and higher end product to put together and with Bill's recommendation and my boys influence we decided to look at Playoff Contenders. I bought a box at Bill's and once we pulled the auto's in that box, I was hooked."

After purchasing a few additional boxes and participating in a case break, Scott turned his attention to eBay and began to track down the Short Prints that can make or break a collectors ability to put together a Contenders set.

CONTEND Image"When I saw the short prints of Aaron Kelly (21) and Tom Brandstater (63) show up on ebay, I had to get them, as I wasn't sure how often I would have the chance. Once I had those two, I had to finish the set off. All said and done, I think I put it together in about 45 days. "

In a matter of a few months, Scott went from not collecting to being one of the first people to complete the holy grail of the football cards. At most 21 people in the world will be able to complete the 2009 Playoff Contenders set due to the microscopic print run of just 21 on the Aaron Kelly.

A few months later Scott came across and purchased the complete 2007 Playoff Contenders Set. After the rush of building the 2009 set and buying the 2007 set, Scott plans on being a yearly "contender" when it comes to one of the hobbies greatest yearly feats.

"I am planning on trying to put this set together every year going forward.. I have no intention of doing it that quickly next time. I would like to spread it out and have more enjoyment of it throughout the year, plus it was a little expensive doing it that quickly."

Below are pictures of Scott's 2007 and 2009 Playoff Contenders Sets, he's still waiting to recieve a few of the 2009 Redemptions.


ebaysmalllogo Image

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Brett is a former contributor to The Cardboard Connection.

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  1. Thanks for the article Brett. Very cool!

  2. In a weird way I feel like a proud papa. Congrats Scott, those are two nasty sets. Hmmmmm……now if only you had 2008 completed.

  3. Well technically its not complete until he received the redemption’s but still its pretty cool. I’m only down to 2 Kelly and Goodson. Congrats

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