Panini Confirms Magic Johnson Sticker Autographs Dropped On Jordan Swagerty Cards

Panini Confirms Magic Johnson Sticker Autographs Dropped On Jordan Swagerty Cards

errrrrr ImagePanini recently announced a legendary mix-up in their recently released baseball prospecting product 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition. Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson's autograph was placed on St. Louis Cardinals prospect Jordan Swagerty's card in error!

Panini Officials have confirmed that the wrong autographs were inadvertently applied to cards of pitching prospect Jordan Swagerty.

"It's an extremely unfortunate - but honest - mistake and we can't apologize enough to collectors,"says Panini's Scott Prusha. "What we can do, however, is what we always do: Atone for our mistake and make things right for collectors."

To make up for the mistake, Panini will replace the error version of Jordan Swagerty's rookie card with the correct version. In addition, Panini will be offering collectors who send in the correct card an exclusive Elite Extra Edition card of top-prospect Manny Machado.

To exchange your Jordan Swagerty card, please submit your request through Panini's Customer Support link on the Panini homepage. Select factory damage as the category and follow the directions. Please visit

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User Comments

  1. Hey Brett. I can understand how they can make the “sticker” mistake. But how do they explain the same mistake with the college patch card?
    Keep up the great work.

  2. @Gary Marutiak: Good point, I always assumed that the Manufactured Patch autographs had the team patch sewn on when Player’s signed sheets of them, but it appears as though they have a player sign a sheet of patch materials, then glue or sew the logo on afterwards.

  3. What about the bigger question: If you have the Magic auto on the Swagerty card, would you really send it in to get the real Swagerty auto, even with the Machado kicker? I’m an O’s fan and I think Machado’s going to be great, but giving up a Magic Johnson autograph for that? Not a chance.

  4. @Craig Stone: Probabably not, they would have to offer something a bit more enticing such as a Machado auto, the Swagerty’s are going for well over $50 on eBay right now, there’s no chance a real Swagerty would be topping $20.

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