Law of Cards: How Much Does Topps Make from Chrome?

Law of Cards: How Much Does Topps Make from Chrome?

Sometimes, the most interesting information within a court (or Trademark Office) filing has little to do with the actual issues. Take for example, Topps CHROME's trademark application. As reported last summer, Topps filed for a CHROME trademark application (sans BOWMAN or TOPPS). Well, since then, the Trademark Office rejected this application (for the wrong reason), and Topps responded (with the right reason why the Trademark Office was wrong), but I'm not going to bore you with the details of those filings. Just trust that eventually Topps will get a trademark registration for Chrome.

What's interesting is in Topps' response it provided the following information:

"Between March 2007 and the end of 2011, Applicant sold over 42,000,000 packs of CHROME-branded baseball, football and basketball cards, earning gross sales revenues of more than $63,000,000."

Economic downturn? I think not.

Maybe Topps should give up on CHROME, and rename this product Bowman Gold!

Here is a copy of the Declaration in Support of Topps' Response to Trademark Office.

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  1. I’ve giving up on topps Chrome. 2010 was just a disaster, with all the deformed cards. 2010 Chicle Chrome was the same. Then came 2011 Finest. Heritage Chrome isn’t much better.

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