Law of Cards: More Allegations Emerge About Beckett Media in RICO Action

Law of Cards: More Allegations Emerge About Beckett Media in RICO Action

In a September 27 filing in the Trilegiant RICO action, the plaintiffs explain in more detail why they believe their RICO action should proceed against all of the named defendants, including Beckett Media. Basically, the Plaintiffs allege that Trilegiant colluded with other internet merchants in the lawsuit (like Beckett) to assess unauthorized charges on consumers' credit or debit card accounts. This was accomplished, allegedly, by Trilegiant placing consumers into one (or more) membership programs, without valid authorization from the consumers, and then charging those consumers' credit cards, debit cards, or other accounts with unauthorized "membership fees."

Specifically regarding Beckett, the document states:

Beckett Media LLC operates its business of buying and selling various sports memorabilia through its website, Complaint, Paragraph 47. Beckett Media LLC entered into partner agreements with Trilegiant, whereby Trilegiant was given access to customers' credit or debit information, in exchange for revenue generated from the fraudulent charges to consumers' credit or debit cards without their consent. Complaint, Paragraph 72. Furthermore, Beckett Media LLC maintained control over the content of Trilegiant's deceptive offers and actively displayed such offers to consumers.

So far, the publicly available docket really only shows interesting and substantive filings from the plaintiffs. However, I expect Beckett and the other defendants will file more detailed responses in the near future.

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  1. Reguarding the lawsuit…How would this affect Beckett if found guilty. Although I realize a settlement would be more likely. But it seems like this could have lasting affects against them. One thing people hate is being charged fees. Another thing people hate is somebody doing it without their knowledge or permission. When people have it good they want more. And that always leads to trouble. What a shame if this is found to be true

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