Law of Cards: Pokemon v. Pokellector Case Might End Soon

Law of Cards: Pokemon v. Pokellector Case Might End Soon

A quick update on Pokemon's lawsuit against Marcus Frasier and the Pokellector.

On August 15, both sides filed a Second Stipulation And Proposed Order to Extend Deadlines Relating to Jurisdictional Discovery and Supplemental Briefing. Zzzz.

Jeez, shouldn't it be a crime to allow boring titles like that to go on and on?

The title and what the filing asks for are unimportant. What is important is that it contains the following statement:

"[T]he Parties have recently engaged in settlement discussions...."

Legal translation: Whenever I see this statement in a legal filing, it tells me the case is likely going to wrap up within three months.

Here, this ultra-boring document states both sides need one additional month to complete some really boring actions, which leads me to believe this case will likely be over before October.

Stay tuned to see if I'm actually right on this one!

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