Law of Cards: Collectors Universe Sues MWP Software over Pro-Coin and Pro-Sports Products

Law of Cards: Collectors Universe Sues MWP Software over Pro-Coin and Pro-Sports Products

Today, Law of Cards welcomes its newest member to the ever-growing list of companies that have brought trading card lawsuits: Collectors Universe!

On Sept. 16, Collectors Universe (CU), the owner of Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), sued a company called MWP Software and Matthew Perry for copyright, trademark and unfair competition infringement. The full complaint can be seen here.

Wait, wait, wait…Matthew Perry? Isn't that Chandler Bing from Friends?

Probably not, but wouldn't it be awesome if it was?

Anyway, CU's lawsuit focuses on two of its products: CoinFacts and Sports Market Report. CoinFacts is CU's online publication that provides historical information for coins as well as a population report (quick translation: the number of specimens of each coin it has graded) and price guide. It also provides images of some of those coins. Sports Market Report basically does the same thing for trading cards. Both these products are subscription-based.

CU alleges that MWP’s software products, called Pro-Coin and Pro-Sports, infringe its trademarks and copyrights for CoinFacts and Sports Market Report. Allegedly, Pro-Coin and Pro-Sports allow MWP customers to obtain and store content from behind the pay-wall for CoinFacts and Sports Market Report without a subscription.

In other words, CU alleges that MWP allows you to view and use CU's stuff, without having to pay CU.

So, why is Matthew Perry in this suit? Well, it appears that he subscribed to both CoinFacts and the Sports Market Report, and even though these two services have terms and conditions that prohibit republishing data and images contained therein, he's allegedly the one providing all of CU's information and images to MWP's Pro-coin and Pro-Sports products.

It's very early in this case, so it'll be interesting to see what MWP and Matthew Perry's response is…if it gets that far. Of note, Pro-Sports and Pro-Coin are no longer offered on MWP's site, so it just might be that this case is headed for a quick settlement.

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