Jason Heyward Superfractor Autographs Hit eBay

Jason Heyward Superfractor Autographs Hit eBay

By now, we all know the story of the legendary 2010 Bowman Chrome Stephen Strasburg Superfractor Auction seen round the world. The final numbers were staggering, over 10,000 Watchers with a final sale price of $16,403! Now, a pair of Jason Heyward Superfractors will take their respective turn on the grand stage that is eBay.

I prefer Jason Heyward over Strasburg, although I'm certainly not complaining about the attention Strasburg has been drawing, as it has created created a small window to get Heyward Auto's for less. Granted, the price difference isn't drastically cheaper, but when you consider that Heyward is having one of the 5 best rookie seasons of all-time at the age of 20 on a competing club and is probably going to make the All-Star team, it's hard to fathom how he couldn't be the center of card universe.

Below are the two Heyward Superfractors that recently appeared on eBay, both of which I would rather have than the Strasburg Superfractor.

2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractors 1/1 Jason Heyward Auto
2010BowmanChrome HeywardSuperfractor Image

2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects Superfractors 1/1 Jason Heyward Auto
08BowmanChrome HeywardSUperfracotr Image

ebaysmalllogo Image

1213763552954040 1 Image
Braves (RARE) XRC Rc Auto Jason Heyward 2006 Topps Aflac Rookie Signed Autograph
3609593733084040 1 Image
Jason Heyward 2008 Bowman Chrome Auto RC #BCP121 Atlanta Braves
2615041298514040 1 Image
2213170487284040 1 Image
2007 Just Minors Justifiable Autograph JASON HEYWARD Braves 25 25 RC Auto
1114008259854040 1 Image
2007 Jason Heyward Elite Extra Edition EEE Auto RC #154 169 ATLANTA BRAVES #106
4007255230754040 1 Image
2008 Just Autographs Black JASON HEYWARD Auto RC 2009 Preview Rare SP # 25
4007255323134040 1 Image
2008 Just Black TOMMY HANSON JASON HEYWARD Julio Teheran Triple Auto SP RC #1 5
1113985782444040 1 Image
Jason Heyward 2013 Leaf Vault Just Minors Autograph RC Black Edition 25 Auto

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