I-Phone Aps For Sports Card Collectors

I-Phone Aps For Sports Card Collectors

There isn't a sports card application for the I-Phone yet, atleast not one that I can find. The only one I've been able to find is a Topps Ap in which you throw vintage cards at a wall called "Topps Flip 3D", which begs the question, why on Earth would you throw vintage cards at a wall!?!?

Here's a few interesting aps that aren't made for sports cards, but are extremely useful tools for the avid collector:

Fangraphs Baseball ($2.99)

This application is seriously awesome! Basically, you type in any player in the history of baseball and it gives you all of their career stats! Here's the best part, this includes every Minor League Player. If you enjoy "prospecting", grab a stack of Bowman Prospects and download this ap immediately. The best part is you constantly get additional stat updates for free once you buy the ap!

eBay Application (Free)

With this application, you'll never have to worry about rushing home to catch the finish of an auction. Even better, the phone alerts you when an auction on your "Watch" list is ending. I've gotten some amazing deals because of this ap. It's also fun to do some card searching when your stuck in a boring situation.

Sportacular Pro ($1.99)

Sportacular Pro is the best sports news application I've come accross. The MLB.COM, TSN, and other major sports outlets aps were very dissapointing, so I decided to take a chance on Sportacular. It's an awesome application for box scores and news. Another cool thing is that it allows you to pick winners for games and keeps track of your lifetime record!

Here's a Few Aps that don't exist, but I would love to have:

  • Checklist Ap
  • Trading Ap
  • Games Based on Sports Cards (That don't involve tossing vintage cards at a wall)
  • An ap that allows you to take a picture of your cards and show them off to friends (The "collector" version of wallet pictures)

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