Halladay No-Hitter Ticket Stubs Going For Bargain Prices On eBay

Halladay No-Hitter Ticket Stubs Going For Bargain Prices On eBay

Soon after the Phillies Roy Halladay tossed his way into baseball history against the Reds in Game 1 of the NLDS, fans tossed over 600 ticket stubs from the hurler's Game 1 No-Hit masterpiece onto eBay. Halladay's masterpiece was one for the history books, as it was just the second post season No-Hitter thrown in the history of America's oldest game. Oddly, the ticket stubs from the October 6th game are going for far less than you would think.  

So, exactly how much would a ticket stub from the 2nd No Hitter in post season history be worth? Recently eBay, the world's largest secondary market, offered us the first part of that answer (The second part will take years to answer). That answer, not as much as they should be going for, especially considering the fact that tickets are now scanned rather than torn in the newer ball parks in baseball. These type of tickets are often referred to as "Souvenir Tickets". Below is a glance at the Top 10 ticket stub sales from Halladay's No-Hitter.  

  1. $370TICKETSTUBS Image
  2. $119.99
  3. $119.99
  4. $100
  5. $89.99
  6. $85
  7. $81
  8. $79.95
  9. $76
  10. $76

If you're a Phillies fan or a sports memorabilia collector, I would recommend grabbing one in good condition from a decent section for under $100. As the years go on, the stub should appreciate in value greatly. Due to the fact that the stubs aren't torn, make sure to keep an eye out for one in great condition, as the fact that they aren't torn will cause collector's to put extra emphasis on condition as a means of creating differing levels of value. Also, the better the section, the better the long term value. This isn't because of the prestige of the seat, it's because more color, gloss, and effort were put into the ticket's design.

To put the stub into perspective, a ticket from Kent Mercker's 1994 Regular Season No-Hitter recently sold for $100 on eBay. Considering Halladay is a possible future Hall of Famer, the historic 2010 Season he is having, and the fact that his No-Hitter was in October makes it a drastically better collectible than the Mercker stub.

ebaysmalllogo Image

2215232730144040 1 Image
ROY HALLADAY Career Win #40 Toronto Blue Jays @ Angels 05 11 03 Full Ticket
1114369180174040 1 Image
Roy Halladay First Career Hit Season Ticket Stub June 6, 2003 Win Blue Jays Reds
3214931856154040 1 Image
ROY HALLADAY Career Save #1 3rd MLB Game Toronto Blue Jays Ticket Stub
1206334258254040 1 Image
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1998 Complete Unused Season Ticket Book Roy Halladay Debut
2215249852354040 1 Image
ROY HALLADAY Career Win #44 Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Sox Full Ticket 2003
1407671333374040 1 Image
Roy Halladay Win Carlos Ruiz HR -- 4 11 12 ticket stub
1209267466524040 1 Image
Roy Halladay Win Carlos Ruiz HR -- 4 11 12 ticket stub
2715791085164040 1 Image
Roy Halladay 2014 Boblehead Collector Edition with Ticket Stub

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  1. Once again, Halladay memorabilia is the focus of discussion, but this time there isn’t any Strasburg business to take away from the moment. The only thing that could make me happier right now (other than continued playoff success, of course!) would be a postseason Dom Brown appearance. Go Phils!!

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