ESPN Creates Confusion Over Unconfirmed Brett Favre Retirement

ESPN Creates Confusion Over Unconfirmed Brett Favre Retirement

Whether Brett Favre does retire or not, the fact that ESPN has led the public to believe that Brett Favre 100% retired (when in fact he didn't) is irresponsible journalism. ESPN keeps asking whether or not we should believe Brett Favre, maybe the question is whether or not we should believe ESPN. They keep telling us he's retired, but offer nothing more than "sources", without any confirmation from the Vikings or Favre himself.

ESPN reported in the early morning that it was "concrete" that Brett Favre was indeed retiring. This concrete announcement was based on a report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune that late last night Brett Favre was "texting" players saying he wasn't coming back.

In Minnesota, we were privy to the full story that is seemingly not being reported by ESPN. I was listening to ESPN radio earlier today and the oddest thing kept happening, one of my favorite local radio hosts Patrick Reusse was discussing the situation and the latest developments, then out of nowhere various ESPN reports kept cutting into the coverage with updates that seemed several hours behind. One of them was an odd promo ripping on Minnesota fans for treating Favre the same way Cleveland fans treated LeBron. In reality people were shocked and still trying to figure out what to believe. To say the least, the promo seemed extremely odd seeing as how the story broke no more than 3-hours earlier?

On top of that, they have not been contacting the Twin Cities "greatest football minds". No offense, but Michelle Tafoya isn't that insider, she's an ex-Monday Night Football Sideline Reporter who hosts a "drive time" radio show that I didn't even know existed until her appearance on Sports Center. If you want the inside info, call Paul Allen, Mark Rosen or one of the cities most trusted sports personalities.

Last Summer, Mark Rosen, one of Minnesota's most respected TV and Radio Sports Reporters stated on KFAN (Sports Talk Radio Station) that Brett Favre was going to play and held firm to that report even after the initial announcement that Favre had chosen not to play for the Vikings.

The facts are that during a press conference at 11:30 am this morning, Vikings' Coach Brad Childress said that he has not been informed in the last 24-hours of Favre's retirement. One of his best friends Vikings' Kicker Ryan Longwell said that he talked to Favre today and he said nothing about retirement. Even Brett Favre's brother Scott said the reports were bogus. Not one person in the Favre inner-circle confirmed this report. Most importantly, Brett Favre hasn't told the media he was retiring.

By no means am I saying that Brett Favre won't retire, all I am saying is that you can't toy with the emotions of die hard Vikings' fans like myself without offering more than rumors and heresay.  This would be a whole lot easier if ESPN would give the names of these so-called "sources", this isn't Watergate, it's football! Even if Favre does ultimately retire, that doesn't make ESPN right.

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