Card Shop Owner Arrested for Embezzling Money from Tony Little, Leaves eBayers Hanging

Card Shop Owner Arrested for Embezzling Money from Tony Little, Leaves eBayers Hanging

Like scores of other hard working Americans, long time sports card collector Joe Lalley has fallen on hard times financially. In order to raise some much needed cash, Lalley recently made the difficult decision to part with his collection. He found a buyer for his collection in the form of Mark Schreiber, the owner of Sportsmasters, a sports collectibles shop located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The agreed upon price was $1,200, but after receiving just $400 Lalley says that Schreiber's Paypal account was frozen, leaving the final $800 payment owed to him in limbo.

If the name Mark Schreiber rings a bell it may be because of the other recent headlines surrounding him and infomercial fitness icon Tony Little. Schreiber, formerly a controller of Little's company, was arrested on charges that he embezzled nearly $600,000 from the fitness guru. It appears that pending case caused Paypal to freeze Schreiber's account, thus leaving all of the people he was buying and selling cards from through eBay high and dry.

For more information check out WTSP's investigation into the complaints.

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