Warning! Sharing This May Result in Cards This Father's Day

Warning! Sharing This May Result in Cards This Father’s Day

Hey, dads - want cards this Father's Day? Simply share this article with your partner or children and hope for the best.

For many dads, Father's Day is about extra hugs, macaroni art masterpieces and a picnic at the park (bonus points if it's the ballpark). This Father's Day, Panini has drummed up a promotion to reward dads with something they really want but are afraid to ask for: cards. If you were forwarded this article by your husband, father or grandfather, they probably don't want a tie this year.

Click here to browse 2012 Panini Father's Day cards on eBay.

Intended to encourage hobby shop visit, the exclusive multi-sport set covers baseball, football, hockey, basketball and soccer. It also has unique autograph and memorabilia content that isn't available anywhere else.

Here's an FAQ-style breakdown on how you can participate in the 2012 Panini Father's Day promotion:

How do I get Panini Father's Day Cards?

There is no set format for shops to give away the cards. The Panini Father's Day cards come in packs. It's likely shops will award a set number of the special packs when specific Panini boxes are purchased. For example, you may get four Father's Day packs for every box of 2011 Panini Prime Signatures Football you buy on Father's Day.

To find out the exact details for your local hobby shop, call them in advance. Because shops will have a limited supply of Panini Father's Day packs, it might be a good idea to check their hours as well so that you don't miss out. Some shops may be open different hours than usual because of the promotion. Also, some will begin on Saturday while others may hold off until Sunday.

What stores are participating?

Hobby shops across the United States and Canada are taking part in the Panini Father's Day promotion. Click here to get a complete list of participating stores.

No shops near me are listed. Is there another way to participate?

Yes. Panini is also offering 2012 Panini Father's Day packs through their online store. Collectors have eight sets to choose from. Each box comes with a specified number of packs.

What kinds of cards are in the 2012 Panini Father's Day set?

The 2012 Panini Father's Day set has an exclusive base set not found anywhere else. It's a multi-sport set that should appeal to any sports fan. Cards include top baseball, football, basketball, hockey and soccer players. The base set also has a Cracked Ice parallel that give the cards a prismatic look and feel. Cracked Ice cards are limited to 25 copies each.

Click here to see a 2012 Panini Father's Day checklist.

2012 Panini Fathers Day Andrew Luck 215x300 Image  2012 Panini Fathers Day Alex Morgan 213x300 Image

2012 Panini Fathers Day Kevin Durant 213x300 Image 2012 Panini Fathers Day Steven Stamkos 214x300 Image

2012 Panini Fathers Day Yu Darvish 214x300 Image 2012 Panini Fathers Day Cracked Ice Yu Darvish 247x300 Image

Packs also have randomly inserted autographs and memorabilia cards with pieces of equipment from games or special events:

2010 NBA Draft

2012 Panini Fathers Day 2010 NBA Draft DeMarcus Cousins 260x190 Image

2011 NBA Finals

2012 Panini Fathers Day 2011 NBA Finals Memorabilia Basketball Dirk Nowitski 237x300 Image 2012 Panini Fathers Day 2011 NBA Finals Memorabilia Net 260x199 Image

Kobe Bryant Game-Used Shoes

2012 Panini Fathers Day Kobe Bryant GU Shoes 260x203 Image

2011 NFL Draft

2012 Panini Fathers Day 2011 NFL Draft Memorabilia AJ Green 260x186 Image

NFL Pro Bowl

2012 Panini Fathers Day Pro Bowl Adrian Peterson 260x182 Image

Rookie of the Year is a separate set of over-sized memorabilia cards highlighting top first-year players Cam Newton, Blake Griffin and Jeff Skinner.

2012 Panini Fathers Day Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin 260x189 Image 2012 Panini Fathers Day Rookie of the Year Cam Newton 260x192 Image

2012 Panini Fathers Day Rookie of the Year Jeff Skinner 260x190 Image

Elements is a ten-card insert set that emphasizes unique in-action shots.

2012 Panini Fathers Day Elements 2 Brian Urlacher 213x300 Image 2012 Panini Fathers Day Elements 10 Blake Griffin 213x300 Image

What is the best way to enjoy these cards?

Open them with your dad or husband. If you don't like sports or cards, tough. Father's Day is about dad. It will mean a lot to him if you share in the experience. Now that might mean a little acting or agreeable nods, but that's okay. Ask about the players. Let him explain his excitement over why a certain card is special. Stick with him as he debates whether Tim Tebow will ever be a starter in New York. Sharing this bit of time will mean a lot to him, guaranteed.

And isn't that what Father's Day is all about?

ebaysmalllogo Image
1614561922164040 1 Image
Sydney Leroux 2012 Panini Father's Day Rookie 394 499 usa Soccer Seattle Reign
2616341821274040 1 Image
2012 Panini Fathers Day Ryan Tannehill Cracked Ice SP 25 Rookie Card
2616341838764040 1 Image
2012 Panini Fathers Day Ryan Tannehill Auto Rookie Card - Never Seen Before 1 1?
3111359416324040 1 Image
2012 Robert Griffin lll Panini Fathers Day Rookies #2 RC GEM MINT 499
2011799135674040 1 Image
2014 Panini Fathers Day Cracked Ice nick castellanos 12 25 Rookie RC SP Tigers
2716409103084040 1 Image
2012 Panini Father's Day Cracked Ice Tim Tebow 25? Rare Exclusive Parallel
1815639290434040 1 Image
2012 Prizm Elite Extra Edition Pulsar Father's Day Edition - #EEE9 Albert Almora
2214519556944040 1 Image
Kobe Bryant 2012-13 Studio Father's Day LA Lakers Progression Print.
2611959996964040 1 Image
2012 Panini EXCLUSIVE Father's Day Yu Darvish Texas Rangers #d 222 499
1715080706414040 1 Image
2814515704804040 1 Image
2012 Panini Father's Day Manufactured Patch Autograph Andy Dalton Bengals Logo
3610869602104040 1 Image
Cam Newton 2012 Panini Father's Day Rookie of the Year Jersey Patch #1 Panthers
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  1. I hope panini didnt give these packs to card shops for free since there are obviously alot of them already on ebay days before the promotion is set to begin

  2. upset collector (ID 42799) » Dealers were allocated packs based on ordering certain products. They were asked to hold them until Saturday, but, obviously, many are getting busted already.

  3. Props to Panini for this promotion! My store gave away several hundred packs over the weekend and still have many more to share. We saw some HUGE hits both from the boxes people bought and from the bonus packs.

    It was awesome seeing so many people come in who were new to collecting or had not been in for a while. Of course our regulars ate it up like crazy.

    I already can’t wait for this years Black Friday event in November!

    Mike Fruitman
    Mike’s Stadium Sportscards

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