Nail Yakupov Rookie Card Guide

Nail Yakupov Rookie Card Guide

As the first overall pick in the 2012 NHL Draft, Nail Yakupov entered the league with high expectations from both fans and collectors. The Russian right winger did not disappoint and gave the Edmonton Oilers and card collectors strong hope for the future based on his rookie season. Because of this, Nail Yakupov rookie cards are seeing strong values and interest from collectors.

Due to the 2012-13 NHL lockout, nearly half the season was lost, and this resulted in a rookie card delay for most 2012-13 rookie players. Although Nail Yakupov has several cards included in previous ITG products and Upper Deck redemption cards from 2012-13 hockey products, his official rookie cards are found in 2013-14 products.

You can find all the current Nail Yakupov rookie cards listed below, including images. More will be added as new products are released.

Nail Yakupov Rookie Card Guide

Please note, this is an ongoing list that will be added to as more 2013-14 hockey card sets are released and Nail Yakupov has more rookie cards.

2013-14 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Nail Yakupov #501

2013-14 O-Pee-Chee Hockey usually features some of the best-looking budget rookie cards, and the Nail Yakupov rookie card is no exception. The OPC Marquee Rookies fall 1:2 packs, so they are not completely common. There are also several tiers of parallels, including Rainbow Foil and Black Rainbow Foil (#/100). Additionally, Retro cards are more a variation card than true parallel, and the colorful design makes it immediately stand out.

2013 14 O Pee Chee Hockey Marquee Rookies Nai Yakupov 214x300 Image2013 14 O Pee Chee Hockey Nail Yakupov retro 214x300 Image

2013-14 Panini Prizm Hockey Nail Yakupov #240 

Prizm is still a newer product across the collecting landscape, but 2013-14 Panini Prizm gives hockey collectors their first full release of the Refractor-like cards. The base Nail Yakupov rookie card includes a textured silver border,large action image and small text box. Nine different parallels, including retail-only options, give player, team and set collectors an added chase.

Collectors can also find an autographed Nail Yakupov card in Prizm. The general design an layout is very similar to the base card, but includes a different image of Yakupov and sticker autograph. Although the base autograph is not numbered, the card is a short print, which means the print run is limited to 200 or less. There is also a Prizm parallel numbered to 15.

2013 14 Panini Prizm Hockey Nail Yakupov 240  213x300 Image2013 14 Panini Prizm Hockey Nail Yakupov Autograph 212x300 Image

 2013-14 Score Hockey Nail Yakupov #650

Another popular budget rookie option, 2013-14 Score Hockey uses a large HOT ROOKIES text box to help distinguish the rookie players and features an action shot of Yakupov. The darkened portion of the card does hurt the design a little, as over a third of the card is obscured by the shading. Several parallels add to the chase, including Alternate Back, Red Border, Gold Border, and Black Border versions.

Although not considered a rookie card, there is also a Hot Rookies autographed version. While it is not serial numbered, the Nail Yakupov autograph card was revealed to be an SSP. This means the print run is 100 or less. The Score base rookie cards and autographed versions both feature the dual rookie class logo.

2013 14 Score Hockey Nail Yakupov 215x300 Image2013 14 Score Hockey Nail Yakupov Hot Rookies Autograph 213x300 Image

2013-14 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey Nail Yakupov #181 #/999

Featuring one of the most refined and ornate designs, 2013-14 Artifacts Hockey brings a level of class to hockey collecting. The base silver Nail Yakupov rookie card is numbered to 999 and is accompanied by Ruby (#/299), Emerald (#/99), Sapphire (#/85), and Spectrum (#/25) parallels. There are also several relic parallels that include various dual swatch combinations.

999 214x300 Image

2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Nail Yakupov #101 Autograph #/699

2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Nail Yakupov #102 Autograph #/399

2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Nail Yakupov #103 Autograph #/49

The first official Nail Yakupov base rookie autograph comes from 2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey. The product features three levels of Rookie Premieres Autographs, with Level 1 numbered to 699, Level 2 numbered to 399, and Level 3 numbered to 49. Each card features a different design and image of Nail Yakupov. While collectors will be disappointed by the sticker autographs and total print run of almost 1,500 cards, the appealing design and availability of Level 1 and 2 will make these cards a popular option.

2013 14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Signature Rookie Premieres Nail Yakupov Autograph Level 1 212x300 Image2013 14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Signature Rookie Premieres Nail Yakupov Autograph Level 2 212x300 Image2013 14 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Signature Rookie Premieres Nail Yakupov 211x300 Image


Other Key Early Nail Yakupov Hockey Cards

2012-13 UD Artifacts Hockey Redemptions Nail Yakupov #RED-209 #/699

2012-13 UD Artifacts Autographed Redemptions Nail Yakupov #I Autograph #/99

2012-13 Upper Deck Hockey Rookie Trade Card Redemptions Nail Yakupov #TC-1

2012 13 UD Artifacts Autographed Redemptions Nail Yakupov Autograph 214x300 Image2012 13 Upper Deck Hockey Rookie Trade Card Redemptions Nail Yakupov Image

Upper Deck inserted redemption cards in 2012-13 Upper Deck Hockey and 2012-13 UD Artifacts Hockey. The redemptions themselves made no mention of specific players, but Upper Deck recently announced the complete checklist and that the live cards would be shipping soon.

In the Game Hockey Nail Yakupov Autographs

ITG put out their first card for Nail Yakupov in 2010-11 hockey products and have released several autographed cards since then. While not viewed the same as official autographed rookie cards for Yakupov, they still maintain decent interest, and represent a great way to get a cheap Yakupov autograph.

2011 12 ITG Heroes and Prospects Update Autograph Nail Yakupov Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
1912903696054040 1 Image
13-14 UD SP AUTHENTIC Sign of the Times Rookie Auto Nail Yakupov SOT-NY SPA
3908916981694040 1 Image
2013-14 Upper Deck Young Guns Rookie RC Oilers Nail Yakupov #241
2011498295564040 1 Image
1513822707964040 1 Image
2013-14 Fleer Showcase Rookie NAIL YAKUPOV Ser# 291 499 Card#36 MINT!!
1912850229184040 1 Image
2013-14 NAIL YAKUPOV UD Young Guns #241 grade TRUE BGS 9.5 x 4 RC Rookie Card
3312896532274040 1 Image
2013-14 Titanium "Rookie Jumbo" Nail Yakupov #J-4
3907537803594040 1 Image
2013 14 Fall Expo NAIL YAKUPOV RC # 399 Edmonton #13 Rookie Panini Toronto
1312694336474040 1 Image
Nail Yakupov UD Upper Deck 2013-14 MVP Rookie OVERSIZED #52
1513825008934040 1 Image
2013-14 Upper Deck #241 Nail Yakupov YG RC
1214103054284040 1 Image
2013 14 Panini Prime NAIL YAKUPOV Jumbo Jersey Rookie Card # 100 Oilers
1513826052214040 1 Image
2013 14 Upper Deck 13 14 UD Edmonton Oilers Collection #87 Nail Yakupov rookie
1212809903044040 1 Image
Nail Yakupov 2013-14 Select Rookie Prizm Autograph #ed 86 99
1812684246804040 1 Image
2013-14 Nail Yakupov Upper Deck MVP Rookie Card Gold 83 100
1114359354604040 1 Image
2013-14 Artifacts Nail Yakupov True SP RC 999
2615625484554040 1 Image
2013-14 Panini Prime Nail Yakupov Rookie Auto Quad Jersey 19 199
2615626773894040 1 Image
2013-14 Score Hot Rookies Nail Yakupov SP RC
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