Top 10 Conor McGregor Cards

Top 10 Conor McGregor Cards

Conor McGregor is already among the biggest stars in the UFC with plenty of room to push higher. Firmly established as one of the leading names of the growing MMA organization, "The Notorious" made quite the impact and is not shy about letting everyone know about his ability. A brash attitude and his success in the octagon has Conor McGregor cards on the rise.

McGregor claimed the interim UFC Featherweight Championship in 2015 with a win over Chad Mendes and earned the outright title with a 13-second victory over Jose Aldo several months later. He tasted his first defeat in a welterweight bout against Nate Diaz in 2016. The rematch garnered additional drama with McGregor "retiring" in the months leading up to the fight, which was later delayed. McGregor got his revenge when he defeated Diaz in UFC 202. The first UFC fighter to own two class championships at the same time, he also added the lightweight title at UFC 205, defeating Eddie Alvarez by knockout.

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While UFC collectors still don't have a ton of options among Conor McGregor cards, there are multiple cards for all interests and budgets. Based on his growing popularity and mainstream awareness, the overall amount continues to grow.

McGregor received his first MMA cards in 2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines. Not only does the release have a base rookie card, but there are also autographs and other inserts. The high-end theme continued in 2014 Topps UFC Knockout with more signed cards, several of which come with a unique focus. The handful of Topps UFC products each year keeps the amount largely reasonable for collectors, but there are plenty of limited inserts and parallels for McGregor that can make for a difficult chase.

Below is a list of the key Conor McGregor cards. They might not all be the rarest or most valuable, but they are each significant in their own right.

Key Conor McGregor Cards

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2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Conor McGregor #139

The Conor McGregor rookie card in 2013 Bloodlines shows him going after Marcus Brimage in his UFC debut. The bout lasted less than a bathroom break. This plain card is actually fairly tough to find as boxes come with just 20 base cards. Given that there are 150 cards in the set, it's not an easy pull. The card also has a handful of parallels. Particularly interesting is the Flag version (#/188) that showcases his Irish nationality.

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Conor McGregor 2013 Topps UFC Bloodline Base Flag Parallel Conor McGregor

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Fighter Autographs Conor McGregor #FA-CM

Conor McGregor's debut autograph is also part of 2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines. It's noted as such, similar to baseball prospect autographs in Bowman. Although the card is not serial numbered and does use a sticker for the signature, it still draws significant interest. It can also be found with a couple of different signature styles. Some have a shortened last name while others have several distinct characters.

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Conor McGregor Autograph

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Octagon Coins Conor McGregor #OC-CM #/108

So this coin can't be used in a vending machine to buy a can of soda. However, it's limited and it looks cool. As a result, it goes for solid amounts on the secondary market — often more than some of his basic relic cards. In addition to the base version that's numbered to 108, there's a gold parallel that has only 25 copies.

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Octagon Coins Conor McGregor

2014 Topps UFC Knockout Autographs Conor McGregor #KA-CM #/149

The home of several notable Conor McGregor cards, the base autograph in 2014 Topps UFC Knockout might be his best from the set. A relatively simple design allows the hard-signed autograph to be the central focus and the print run of 149 copies makes it quite limited.

2014 Topps UFC Knockout Autographs Conor McGregor

2014 Topps UFC Knockout Autographed Relics Conor McGregor #KAR-CM #/250

The Conor McGregor autographed relic in 2014 Knockout is one of the fighter's more reasonably priced autograph cards. This despite the fact that it also comes with a piece of gear worn by him. It's got a fairly plain design but the price should appeal to those more interested in landing a signed card for their collection than a top card.

2014 Topps UFC Knockout Auto Relic Conor McGregor

2014 Topps UFC Knockout Triple Threads Autographed Relic Conor McGregor #TTAR-CM #/18

The belt plate design of the 2014 Topps UFC Knockout Triple Threads inserts is one of the best the brand has ever seen in any sport. While there are a lot more basic relics, the autographed version is a spectacular piece. The regular version has just 18 copies but when you factor in the parallels that have only slight differences outside of the serial number, there is a reasonable amount given its high-end stature.

2014 Topps UFC Knockout Triple Threads Auto Relic Conor McGregor Gold 9

2014 Topps UFC Knockout @utograph Conor McGregor #@-CM #/25

Like all @utographs in 2014 Topps UFC Knockout, this card comes not only with an on-card signature, but it's also inscribed with McGregor's Twitter handle, @TheNotoriousMMA. With so many of his autograph cards coming in the form of stickers, this one is a standout. The added notation and limited print run also work in its favor.

2014 Topps UFC Knockout Twitter Autograph Conor McGregor

2015 Topps UFC Champions Scarlet Signatures Conor McGregor #SSI-CM #/25

Featuring red ink and a nickname inscription of "Notorious," the Scarlet Signatures card is one of the key options for McGregor outside of his first autograph. The 2015 UFC Champions card also brings his Irish heritage into focus with the visible flag. Given the low print run of 25, these won't surface often and the only negative is the sticker autograph.

2015 Topps UFC Champions Scarlet Signatures Conor McGregor

2015 Topps UFC Knockout Autographs Conor McGregor KOA-CM

Similar to his '14 edition, the primary 2015 Topps UFC Knockout autograph for McGregor is notable given the appeal of the on-card autograph. An unknown print run keeps values from getting out of control and you also get to enjoy his man bun in the action shot.

2015 Topps UFC Knockout Autographs McGregor

2016 Topps UFC Knockout Jumbo Relics Conor McGregor #KR-CM #/188

While many of the jumbo relics for McGregor in 2016 UFC Knockout are single-color swatches, the print run of 188 keeps them fairly rare and there are some more interesting versions out there which command big bucks. Gold (#/88), Ruby (#/8) and Mat (1/1) parallels are also in play. The relic variety and parallel choices allows for a wide range of sales prices.

2016 Topps UFC Knockout Jumbo Relics Conor McGregor

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2016 Too UFC Museum Conor Mcgregor Gold 75 BGS pristine 10 Black Label

2016 Top Of The Class - Conor Mcgregor - Jumbo Gear Relic #92 199

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Octagon Coins #OC-CM Conor McGregor 108 MMA Card 2w6

CONOR McGREGOR 2016 Topps UFC Museum Collection Base Card GOLD Parallel # 29 75

2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Conor McGregor Rookie Insert BGS 9

2016 Topps UFC Museum Collection Four-Fighter Quad Relic CONOR MCGREGOR 04 25

Parallel Lot 2015 UFC Chronicles Gold B W Green #'d "NOTORIOUS" CONOR MCGREGOR

2014 Topps UFC Bloodlines Black "NOTORIOUS" CONOR MCGREGOR 21 25

2015 Topps UFC Knockout Gold Relic Card "NOTORIOUS" CONOR MCGREGOR 31 88

2016 Topps UFC Museum Collection Relic Card CONOR MCGREGOR 07 10

2014 Topps UFC Champions Purple Retail "NOTORIOUS" CONOR MCGREGOR 80 88


2016 Topps Musem Primary Piece Quad Patch 50 Conor McGregor|Cruz|Edgar|Dillashaw

2015 2016 Topps UFC High Impact #50 CONOR MCGREGOR Blue Parallel
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