Mathematical! 2014 Cryptozoic Adventure Time Autographs Gallery, Guide

Mathematical! 2014 Cryptozoic Adventure Time Autographs Gallery, Guide

If you haven't watched Adventure Time yet, you probably don't know that it's one of the strangest shows to hit television is, well, ever. But that's the charm. Through weird characters and imagination, it takes a post-apocalyptic world and makes it fun. The 2014 Cryptozoic Adventure Time Autographs take a similar fun approach, offering signatures from a variety of the show's cast and guest stars.

Inserted one per 2014 Cryptozoic Adventure Time box, the set has 20 cards. Right away, fans of the show will notice that Finn (Jeremy Shada), Jake (John DiMaggio), BMO (Niki Yang) and Ice King (Tom Kenny) are absent. These may be the lead characters in the show, but there are plenty of others to fill the list.

Among them are some bit characters voiced by notable actors known for their work outside Adventure Time. Topping this list is -- wait for it -- Neil Patrick Harris, known most recently for playing the scene-stealing Barney on How I Met Your Mother. There's also Erik Estrada from CHIPS and Michael Dorn from Star Trek: The Next Generation. If you're looking for a unique signature, M. Emmet Walsh, a great character actor from Blade Runner, Fletch, The Jerk and more.

Select 2014 Cryptozoic Adventure Time Autographs can be found with notes and inscriptions added to them. Multiple signers did these on some of their cards, including Justin Roiland (Earl of Lemongrab), Laura Silverman (Ethel Rainicorn) and Brian Posehn (leader of the Business Men).

Check out a full gallery of all the 2014 Cryptozoic Adventure Time Autographs below. If you have a favorite character or are looking for a specific card, click on the link or image to shop for singles on eBay.

2014 Cryptozoic Adventure Time Autographs Visual Guide

Top eBay Listings

Cryptozoic Adventure Time Trading Card autograph Laura Silverman ETHEL A5 great

Cryptozoic Adventure Time auto autograph A6 Miguel Ferrer

Jeff Bennett Choose Goose Auto 2014 Adventure Time Cryptozoic

Erik Estrada Auto King Worm 2014 Adventure Time Cryptozoic

John Kassir Cloud Groom Auto 2014 Adventure Time Cryptozoic

Kerri Kenney-Silver Girl Bear Auto 2014 Adventure Time Cryptozoic

Melinda Hill Doctor Princess Auto 2014 Adventure Time Cryptozoic

Erik Estrada - Cryptozoic Adventure Time A15 AUTOGRAPH Card auto - King Worm

Dee Bradley Baker - Cryptozoic Adventure Time A17 AUTOGRAPH Card - Cinnamon Bun

Hynden Walch - Cryptozoic Adventure Time A2 AUTOGRAPH Card - Princess Bubblegum

Ava Acres - Cryptozoic Adventure Time A16 AUTOGRAPH Card auto - Jamaica

M. Emmet Walsh - Cryptozoic Adventure Time A12 AUTOGRAPH Card auto - Cosmic Owl

Maria Bamford - Cryptozoic Adventure Time A3 AUTOGRAPH Card - Wildberry Princess

Neil Patrick Harris Cryptozoic Adventure Time A20 AUTOGRAPH Card Prince Gumball

Brian Baumgartner - Cryptozoic Adventure Time A14 AUTOGRAPH Card auto - Georgy

Cryptozoic Adventure Time Autograph A1 Justin Roiland as Earl of Lemongrab
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  1. I pulled an NPH auto out of the 6 boxes that I opened which made it all worth it. It’s cool that some of these voice actors have autograph cards available for the first time and the fact that you get an auto and a sketch card per box is a pretty good deal,

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