1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Cards

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Cards

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Over the years, a lot of baseball card sets have been produced as promotional items meant to spur sales of other products. The M116 cards were a way to help boost circulation of a sports-related newspaper. In 1910, there was some spirited competition between The Sporting News and Sporting Life, and baseball coverage was an especially contentious part of that, leading to the inclusion of 1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball cards.1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Cards Series 1 Envelope

As a way of getting readers to check out their paper, Sporting Life included advertisements throughout the season for a redemption program. Each week, 12 new 1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball cards were available through the paper in an envelope with a printed series checklist. The promotion lasted for 24 weeks, featuring a total of 288 different cards. However, there are several variations, which pushes the total number to around 400 cards.

Most cards feature major league players, but minor leaguers were added in later series as the publication began running out of players to showcase. Cards that were included in the final six weeks' worth of series (the waning weeks of the baseball season) are tougher to find than the rest.

Based on Carl Horner's famed photographic portraits, the 1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball card fronts are similar to many sets of the era, having a photo of a player surrounded by a white border and a last name, team city and league listed in the bottom margin. Though they look similar to T206 cards and sometimes feature the same pictures, they have a more subdued color and a different text font, including lower-case letters. They are also slightly taller than most tobacco issues at approximately 1-1/2" by 2-3/4".

There are several variations to be found within 1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball. A few players in the set, including Amby McConnell, Johnny Bates and George McQuinlan, had new cards issued late in the season to reflect that they'd been traded to new teams. Jimmy Walsh can be found with either a gray or white background.

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Christy Mathewson1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Christy Mathewson blue background

Also, many cards are found with standard pastel-colored backgrounds or more scarce blue backgrounds. Both versions can be seen above for Christy Mathewson. Lastly, the backs carry one of three different advertisements for Sporting Life, adding to the master set totals. The three available backs are shown below.

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Back Type 11910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Back Type 21910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Back Type 3

As for the success of the promotion, The Sporting News continued for decades as a respected publication, but the paper shuttered its doors by the time the U.S. entered World War I.

Top eBay Listings

M116 Jordan Blue Background ---- Brooklyn ---- Sporting LIfe

M116 Thomas Blue Background ---- Philadelphia ---- Sporting LIfe

M116 Richie ---- Chicago Cubs ---- Sporting LIfe

M116 Kling ---- Chicago Cubs ---- Sporting LIfe

1910-1911 Sporting Life M116 - Fred Merkle (#177) New York Giants - Ex+

M116 H. Smith ---- Boston ---- Sporting LIfe

M116 T. Jones ---- Detroit ---- Sporting LIfe

M116 LaPorte ---- New York Yankees ---- Sporting LIfe

M116 Brown ---- Boston ---- Sporting LIfe

1911 M116 Sporting Life Davy Jones G VG Detroit Tigers A10643 - G-VG



1910-1911 Sporting Life M116 Addie Joss HOF

1910-11 Sporting Life M116 Baseball Card - Elberfeld

M116 Bergen --- Brooklyn ---- Sporting LIfe

M116 Livingstone --- Philadelphia ---- Sporting LIfe
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Key Cards

Key 1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Cards

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Walter Johnson

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Walter Johnson
Ty Cobb

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Ty Cobb
Honus Wagner

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Honus Wagner
Christy Mathewson

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Christy Mathewson

Top eBay Listings

1910 M116 Sporting Life Mathewson, Christy (BLUE BACKGROUND) SGC-60 EX

1910-11 Sporting Life M116 Eddie Collins Pastel SGC GRADED A Auth VINTAGE HOF

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life John Hummel SGC 4 VG-EX 50 Brooklyn Nationals

1910-11 Sporting Life M116 Eddie Plank Philadelphia Americans HOF SGC 70

1910 M116 Sporting Life - Eddie Collins - SGC 60 -- Phila. A's HoF (mikedenero)

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life - Hughie Jennings - SGC 50 -- Tigers HoF (mikedenero)

1910-11 Sporting Life M116 Dots Miller Pittsburg SGC 86 NM + 7.5 Low Pop

1910-11 Sporting Life M116 Harry Howell SGC 86 NM + 7.5 HIGHEST GRADED

1910-1911 M116 Sporting Life Buck Herzog EX SGC60

1910-1911 Sporting LIfe M116 Wild Bill Donovan-Blue Variety EX SGC60

1910-1911 Sporting LIfe M116 Tommy Clarke EX SGC60

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life RED DOOIN Blue Philadelphia SGC 5

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life HARRY DAVIS Blue Philadelphia SGC 5

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life CONNIE MACK Philadelphia SGC 2

M116 Sporting Life Bobby Wallace - St. Louis HOF SGC 6

M116 1911 Sporting Life-Fred Merkle, New York Giants Star, SGC 86 7.5 NM+
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Set Checklist

1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

The cards are listed in alphabetical order by last name.
Ed Abbaticchio
Babe Adams
Leon Red Ames
Jimmy Archer
Frank Arrelanes
Tommy Atkins
Jimmy Austin
Les Bachman
Bill Bailey
Frank Baker
Cy Barger
Jack Barry
Johnny Bates
Ginger Beaumont
Fred Beck
Heinie Beckendorf
Fred Beebe
George Bell
Harry Bemis
Chief Bender
Bill Bergen
Heinie Berger
Bob Bescher
Joe Birmingham
Lena Blackburn
Jack Bliss
Bruno Block
Bill Bradley
Kitty Bransfield
Roger Bresnahan
Al Bridwell
Buster Brown
Mordecai Brown
Al Burch
Donie Bush
Bobby Byrne
Howie Camnitz
Vin Campbell
Bill Carrigan
Frank Chance
Chappy Charles
Hal Chase
Eddie Cicotte
Fred Clarke
Nig Clarke
Tommy Clarke
Ty Cobb
Eddie Collins
Ray Collins
Wid Conroy
Jack Coombs
Red Corridon
Harry Coveleskie
Doc Crandall
Sam Crawford
Birdie Cree
Lou Criger
Dode Criss
Cliff Curtis
Bill Dahlen
Paul Davidson
Harry Davis
Jim Delehanty
Ray Demmitt
Rube Dessau
Art Devlin
Josh Devore
Pat Donahue
Bill Donovan
Patsy Donovan
Red Dooin
Mickey Doolan
Patsy Dougherty
Tom Downey
Jim Doyle
Larry Doyle
Hugh Duffy
Jimmy Dygert
Dick Eagan
Kid Elberfeld
Rube Ellis
Clyde Engle
Tex Erwin
Steve Evans
Johnny Evers
Bob Ewing
Cy Falkenberg
Cecil Ferguson
Art Fletcher
Elmer Flick
John Flynn
Russ Ford
Eddie Foster
Bill Foxen
John Frill
Sam Frock
Art Fromme
Earl Gardner
Larry Gardner
Harry Gaspar
Doc Gessler
George Gibson
Bill Bert Graham
Peaches Graham
Eddie Grant
Clark Griffith
Ed Hahn
Charley Hall
Bob Harmon
Topsy Hartsel
Roy Hartzell
Heinie Heitmuller
Buck Herzog
Dick Hoblitzel
Danny Hoffman
Solly Hofman
Harry Hooper
Harry Howell
Miller Huggins
Tom Hughes
Rudy Hulswitt
John Hummel
George Hunter
Ham Hyatt
Fred Jacklitsch
Hughie Jennings
Walter Johnson
Davy Jones
Tom Jones
Tim Jordan
Addie Joss
John Kane
Ed Karger
Red Killifer
Johnny Kling
Otto Knabe
Jack Knight
Ed Konetchy
Harry Krause
Rube Kroh
Art Kruger
Nap Lajoie
Fred Lake
Joe Lake
Frank LaPorte
Jack Lapp
Chick Lathers
Tommy Leach
Sam Leever
Lefty Leifield
Ed Lennox
Fred Linke
Paddy Livingston
Hans Lobert
Bris Lord
Harry Lord
Johnny Lush
Connie Mack
Tom Madden
Nick Maddox
Sherry Magee
Christy Mathewson
Al Mattern
Jimmy McAleer
George McBride
Amby McConnell
Pryor McElveen
John McGraw
Deacon McGuire
Stuffy McInnes
Harry McIntire
Matty McIntyre
Larry McLean
Tommy McMillan
George McQuillan
Paul Meloan
Fred Merkle
Chief Myers
Clyde Milan
Dots Miller
Warren Miller
Mike Mitchell
Fred Mitchell
Earl Moore
Pat Moran
Lew Moren
Cy Morgan
George Moriarty
Mike Mowery
George Mullin
Danny Murphy
Red Murray
Tom Needham
Harry Niles
Rebel Oakes
Jack O'Connor
Paddy O'Connor
Bill O'Hara
Rube Oldring
Charley O'Leary
Orval Overall
Fred Parent
Dode Paskert
Fred Payne
Barney Pelty
Hub Pernoll
George Perring
Jeff Pfeffer
Jack Pfiester
Art Phelan
Ed Phelps
Deacon Philippe
Eddie Plank
Jack Powell
Bill Purtell
Farmer Ray
Bugs Raymond
Doc Reisling
Ed Reulbach
Lew Richie
Jack Rowan
Nap Rucker
Slim Sallee
Doc Scanlon
Germany Schaefer
Lou Schettler
Admiral Schlei
Boss Schmidt
Wildfire Schulte
Al Schweitzer
Jim Scott
Cy Seymour
Tillie Shafer
Bud Sharpe
Dave Shean
Jimmy Sheckard
Mike Simon
Charlie Smith
Frank Smith
Harry Smith
Fred Snodgrass
Bob Spade
Tully Sparks
Tris Speaker
Jake Stahl
George Stallings
Oscar Stanage
Harry Steinfeldt
Jim Stephens
George Stone
George Stovall
Gabby Street
Sailor Stroud
Amos Strunk
George Suggs
Billy Sullivan
Ed Summers
Bill Sweeney
Jeff Sweeney
Lee Tannehill
Fred Tenney
Ira Thomas
John Thoney
Joe Tinker
John Titus
Terry Turner
Bob Unglaub
Rube Waddell
Heinie Wagner
Honus Wagner
Bobby Wallace
Ed Walsh
Jimmy Walsh
Doc White
Kaiser Wilhelm
Ed Willett
Vic Willis
Art Wilson
Chief Owen Wilson
George Wiltse
Harry Wolter
Joe Wood
Ralph Works
Cy Young
Irv Young
Heinie Zimmerman
Dutch Zwilling
1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Christy Mathewson
Top eBay Listings

1911 M116 Sporting Life Nap Lajoie PSA-6 EX MT


1911 M116 Sporting Life Tom Madden PSA 7 Near Mint Only 1 Card Higher!

1911 M116 Sporting Life Earl Moore PSA NM-MT 8

1910-11 M116 - Roger Bresnahan - PSA 4 - Sporting Life (Pastel) - HoF mikedenero

1911 M116 Sporting Life Baseball Ty Cobb PSA 8 TIGERS HOF NM-MT

1910-1911 Sporting Life M116 Ed Summers-Blue Back EX PSA5

1910-1911 Sporting Life M116 Red Ames VG EX PSA4

1911 M116 Sporting Life Chief Bender Blue Background PSA 2 HOF Philadelphia A's

1911 M116 Sporting Life Roger Bresnahan Pastel PSA 3.5 HOF St Louis Cardinals

1911 M116 Sporting Life Frank Chance Pastel Background PSA 3.5 HOF Chicago Cubs

1911 M116 Sporting Life Hugh Jennings Pastel Background PSA 3 HOF Detroit Tigers

1911 M116 Sporting Life Fred Clarke Blue Back PSA 2.5 HOF Pittsburgh Pirates

1911 M116 Sporting Life Bobby Wallace PSA 2.5 HOF St Louis Browns

1911 M116 Sporting Life LARRY DOYLE - PASTEL - PSA 8 - LOW POP 4 RARER THAN T206

1911 M116 Sporting Life JIM SCOTT - Chicago - SCARCE SERIES - PSA 8 - LOW POP 4
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