Looking for more cards? Surf the web

Looking for more cards? Surf the web

Finding baseball cards isn't easy, but finding them for a good price is the hard part. There are the usual locations such as eBay, and card shops, but one of the most surprising ways to find baseball cards is through the Internet.

Gone are the days when you could trade cards with your pal down the street. There just aren't as many card collectors anymore. But with the power of blogs and a few kind words, people across the globe have opened their mailboxes.

The reason for creating ‘A Cardboard Problem' was simple – to have an outlet to write about baseball cards.

I never realized how amazing the community would be. Recently, I was gone for a few days and came home to seven bubble mailers – and not a single one was from eBay.

That's the power of the Internet. I found baseball cards to add to my collection and even better goodies, such as a bobblehead that I adore.

I've discovered a community where people look out for each other. They mail out cards they don't want just because they know it's going to make that collector smile.

For anyone looking to get into the mix, you don't need to create your own card blog. You just have to show up. It's that easy.

If you're able to go to different websites during the day, check out the card blogs that are out there and not just the biggies. You can find great content and great cards on some of the less popular blogs. They just haven't been discovered yet.

Leave comments and keep a dialogue with the bloggers.

And be willing to send first. If you're trading for the first time with some bloggers, they might want you to send first to make sure you're a reliable source. No one wants to get anything lost in the mail.

Collecting may just get easier.

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