Law of Cards: Beckett v. Beckett Case is Over

Law of Cards: Beckett v. Beckett Case is Over

Continuing in the trend of 2012, yet another short-lived trading card suit has settled.

The latest casualty: the Highlander-esque battle between Beckett Media v. MJ Holdings (aka Beckett Associates).

Legal translation (in the voice of Sean Connery): In the end there can be only one Beckett!

Well, maybe not. Because according to an August 15 filing, both parties "move[d] for an order dismissing all claims and counterclaims in this action asserted between them WITH PREJUDICE with each party to bear its own costs, expenses and attorneys' fees."

Legal translation: Yeah, this case is over. Thanks for playing!

So, who won?

Who knows?

Like every other case we’ll run into, it was likely settled confidentially.

But, what I do find interesting is that if you go to the defendant’s webpage, as of the time of this article, it still says "Beckett Associates" all over the place. Sure, it says licensed by BM at the bottom, but BA doesn't have to rebrand. So, it's definitely a victory for BA.

Question is, did BA have to pay BM for the rights?

Legal prediction: Uhh, I guess, "In the end there can be only two Becketts."

And, you know what? It's kind of BS that this suit settled. I mean, I no longer get to refer to Beckett Media as BM or Beckett Associates as BA (a la the A-Team), or make jokes about BM and BA being BFFs and heading to BK for a celebration after stopping at BP. Well, unless, I haphazardly jam them all into a single sentence.

So, I guess this is buh-bye Beckett v. Beckett. We’ll be seeing you. No more BRBs.

Wow. Then again, maybe it’s actually a good thing this suit is over. That whole b-thing could have gotten really annoying.

Click here to read a copy of the settlement.

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