Law of Cards: Collectors Universe Busy with Copyright Lawsuits

Law of Cards: Collectors Universe Busy with Copyright Lawsuits

On October 29, Collectors Universe, the parent company of PSA/DNA, filed a copyright infringement action against John Kountz and SaintSoft LLC. This is the second copyright infringement lawsuit Collectors Universe has filed in just over a month.

In its first suit, Collectors Universe sued MWP Software and Matthew Perry (who likely is not Chandler Bing). In that suit, Collectors Universe basically alleged that MWP sold software that allowed consumers to view and use CU's copyrighted and trademarked materials without having to pay Collectors Universe.

The new suit against Kountz and SaintSoft is likely similar as SaintSoft LLC offers "Coin Collecting Software for Apple iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac OS/X."

Legal translation: The reason I have to qualify the case as "likely similar" to the MWP/Matthew Perry case is because of an archaic court procedure. The Central District of California requires the electronic filing of just about every one of its court documents. Mostly so that opposing counsel and the public have instant access to all materials.

That part is relatively forward-thinking. For some strange reason, however, this court still requires the complaint be filed in person.  (Quick legal translation: a complaint is the opening document of a lawsuit that explains the basis of the case.). Because of this, while the case was filed last week, it's still in paper copy purgatory somewhere between the court's front office, the court's likely-lone scanner, and some law clerk's desk top.

So much for instant access.

Hopefully, in a few days or, in this case, a couple weeks, it’ll show up on the electronic docket.

Until then, all we know is a copyright suit was filed.

Once the complaint is publicly available, I'll provide a more detailed analysis.

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