Law of Cards: Collectors Universe Appears to Win Lawsuit Against Software Developers

Law of Cards: Collectors Universe Appears to Win Lawsuit Against Software Developers

Collectors Universe's (CU) foray into litigation against MWP and Matthew Perry has wrapped up, and rather quickly. In the suit, filed on October 2, CU alleged that MWP’s software products, called Pro-Coin and Pro-Sports, infringed its trademarks and copyrights for CoinFacts and Sports Market Report.

On December 12, CU wrapped up the suit by filing a notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice.

Legal translation: CU let MWP and Matthew Perry go, but is reserving the right to bring suit against them again.

The cursory document filed by CU does not explain how the case resolved, but given that it appears that MWP's Pro Coin no longer works and its website is down, it's likely MWP closed shop to avoid further lawsuit pains.

CU still has a similar, later filed action, pending against a company called SaintSoft. It'll be interesting to see if the SaintSoft case resolves itself in a similar fashion, or to see if SaintSoft fights harder than MWP.

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