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2009-10 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Hockey Review

Mar 24, 2010 |

For years, Collector’s Choice has suffered from the same “stigma” as “First Edition”, “Kick Off”, and many other extremely “cheap” products. To my surprise, this years’ Collector’s Choice Hockey was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had opening a cheap product. I probably got close to $100 worth of cards! I would expect that type of return from a middle of […]

2010 Topps Opening Day Review

Mar 23, 2010 |

Good: Players like Roy Halladay and Curtis Granderson are on their new teams, which wasn’t the case in 2010 Topps Series 1. Kids might enjoy the Topps Attax Inserts. Bad: There is no value, it’s too similar to Topps Series 1, the inserts are pretty bad, the odds of getting an auto border on impossible, […]

Joe Mauer Tags Out the Market Size Myth

Mar 22, 2010 |

In Sports Cards, people make the common assumption that the Market you play in almost completely defines the potential book value of a players’ card. Playing in a large market can certainly improve book value, but it has very little to do with the maximum value a card ends at. Contrary to popular belief, the ceiling isn’t […]

Sports Cards I Wish Existed

Mar 21, 2010 |

The rookie card is the holy grail of sports cards. Autographed bats, balls, helmets, jerseys, pucks, and pictures all take a back seat to these kings of cardboard. A rookie card represents the first chapter in a story. It could be the story of greatness like Peyton Manning, or the story of absolute failure like Ryan Leaf. The […]

1952 Topps Mantle Might Hold the Solution to the Era of Overproduction

Mar 13, 2010 |

The 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle is widely considered the greatest card of the Modern Era. The Wall Street Journal even did a story on how it is one of the safest investments in the world. I like to explain buying a Mickey Mantle card this way; the only foreseeable way you’ll lose money is if Mantle […]

2010 Topps Heritage Baseball Product Review

Mar 10, 2010 |

Good: Strong base set, classic design, compelling checklist. Bad: Lack of innovation. The Bottom Line: 2010 Topps Heritage certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but its still an above average product that is worth checking out. Design I’m personally a huge fan of the 1961 Topps baseball set, so 2010 Topps Heritage scored big designwise for […]

2009 SP Threads Football Product Review

Mar 09, 2010 |

It is absolutely SHOCKING to see how bad Retail Packs can get! Especially after opening a Hobby box of SP Threads a few months back. In all honesty, if you put a 24-Pack Retail box and 2 Hobby Packs in front of me, I would take the 2 Hobby Packs without thinking twice! If you want […]

2009 SP Threads Football

Mar 09, 2010 |

2009 SP Threads Football Highlights Hobby Box Break: (2) Autographs per box! Includes one Rookie Auto Lettermen (3) Memorabilia Cards per box! All Memorabilia Cards are foil numbered! At least 5 rookie cards per box. Retail Box Break: (1) Game used memorabilia card. Hobby Case Break (1) Multi-signed card per case (1) Auto-Mem card per […]

Upper Deck Releases Statement Regarding Settlement with MLB

Mar 04, 2010 |

Today, the Upper Deck Company is pleased to announce that Upper Deck and Major League Baseball have mutually agreed to settle the lawsuit brought by Major League Baseball against Upper Deck. Per the terms of the settlement agreement, Upper Deck has agreed not to use MLB trademarks including team names and/or logos on its trading […]

End of an Era in San Diego as LaDainian Tomlinson Moves On

Mar 03, 2010 |

LaDainian Tomlinson is the reason I got back into collecting sports cards and memorabilia after a lengthy absence. To prove that’s no hyperbole, allow me to back up a step and explain. I grew up in the 1980s collecting cards from all four of the major sports, with the biggest chunk of my collection devoted […]

2009 Topps National Chicle Football Product Review

Mar 01, 2010 |

2009 Topps National Chicle Football is one of the best vintage products I’ve ever opened. The art used for the cards is inspired, imaginative, refreshing, and does justice to the game of Football. What’s even cooler is they used artists from Videogames, Comics, Sports, and various other walks of life. Topps National Chicle is Topps Mayo done […]

2009 Topps Unique Football Product Review

Feb 27, 2010 |

Good: Awesome design, tons of potential hits, plenty of numbered rookie cards. Bad: Hits seem a bit toned down when compared to Topps Unique Baseball, parallels get old fast. The Bottom Line: 2009 Topps Unique Football doesn’t measure up to its baseball counterpart but still makes for an interesting and entertaining experience. Design Topps Unique […]

The 1960 Football Card Sets

Feb 26, 2010 |

1960 was a great year for football cards as it ushered in a decade where collectors could buy two different football card sets. Two football leagues were now vying for fans across America as the fledging American Football League brought their wide open play to the Gridiron that fall. And two different card manufactures, Topps […]

2010 Topps UFC Main Event Product Review

Feb 25, 2010 |

Good: Packed with hits, sleek design, strong checklist. Bad: Price is heavily marked up by dealers, gold parallels are boring and uninspired. The Bottom Line: 2010 Topps UFC Main Event, Topps’ third UFC trading card product to date, delivers in a big way. As good as the first two UFC trading card products were, Main […]

2010 Topps UFC Main Event Uncaged

Feb 24, 2010 |

2010 Topps UFC Main Event continues the wildly popular Topps UFC trading card franchise in a strong way. In addition to featuring a checklist of top notch MMA talent, Topps UFC Main Event (formerly known as Topps UFC Uncaged) boasts a number of compelling new inserts such as Cage Fragment Relics and Autographed Mat Jumbo […]

Collecting Ryan Miller: A New USA Olympic Hero is Born

Feb 23, 2010 |

It wasn’t quite the “Miracle on Ice,” but Sunday’s USA Olympic hockey victory over Canada – the first such win since 1960 – ranks just a notch or two below it in the country’s history in the sport. Though the U.S. team is comprised entirely of NHL players just like Canada’s squad, most observers gave […]

2010 Topps Heritage Baseball

Feb 22, 2010 |

Topps Heritage returns in 2010 with a 500 card set that pays homage to 1961 Topps Baseball. 2010 Topps Heritage commemorates the unforgettable 1961 homerun chase between Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle with a slew of Multi-Relic Inserts and Cut Autographs of these MLB legends. This year’s Topps Heritage set will also bring back Topps Player Stamps, which were first introduced in 1961 Topps.

2009 Topps Platinum Football Product Review

Feb 18, 2010 |

When opening 2009 Topps Platinum Football, it felt like I was opening a product that should cost a lot more than $5.99 a pack! Topps Platinum for the most part is on par with the considerably more expensive Finest and Bowman Sterling products. I liked how the “non-rookie” base cards were made on a considerably […]

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