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Target Field’s Tribute To Topps Baseball Cards

Apr 29, 2010 |

Through the use of Topps Cards, the story of Twins Baseball is told.

2010 NFL Rookie Cardboard Rankings Top 50

Apr 27, 2010 |

A post draft look at the 50 rookies with the most hobby potential.

2010 NFL Draft: Story of the First Round Told Through Cards

Apr 23, 2010 |

The first round of the 2010 NFL Draft told through Football Cards. A draft recap featuring a card for each player drafted.

2009-10 NHL Playoffs: One Card to Rule Them All

Apr 20, 2010 |

He who raises the cup, also raises the book value of his cards.

2009-10 Panini Classics Basketball Product Review

Apr 19, 2010 |

Good: Tons of hits and inserts, reasonable price, robust checklist. Bad: Cheap feel to the cards, lackluster design. The Bottom Line: 2009-10 Panini Classics Basketball is the first basketball card product from Panini that I’ve broken to date. I was pleasantly surprised with the product, which is really saying something as I’m a lackluster basketball […]

2010 Topps T-206 Baseball

Apr 19, 2010 |

2010 Topps T-206 is an above average baseball card product that offers collectors a variety of collecting angles.

LaVern Brock: The Baseball Card-ist

Apr 15, 2010 |

Recently, David Moye of AOL News introduced the world to a man who doesn’t use paint to create a masterpiece. LaVern Brock, a 43-year old San Diego artist uses cards to create one of a kind works of art. Back in 2000, Brock created his first piece of baseball card art as a tribute to his favorite […]

2010 Topps Opening Day Baseball

Apr 13, 2010 |

Box Configuration: 36 packs / 7 cards per pack. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Fun, Easy-To-Collect, Celebratory Brand Attracts Kids Early In The MLB Season. Five Entertaining Insert Sets – One Per Pack. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BASE CARDS 220 players, including a preview of 74 base card subjects from Topps Baseball Series 2, plus a checklist card OPENING DAY […]

Football Trivia Challenge: 2009 Football Cards

Apr 09, 2010 |

Are you a great football card mind?

Heavenly Heyward Hit Comes Out of Minnesota Hobby Shop!

Apr 09, 2010 |

The best card in 2010 Topps Pro Debut pulled at Minnesota Hobby Store.

Upper Deck Announces Winners of “Social Media” Awards

Apr 08, 2010 |

On behalf of The Cardboard Connection, I would like to thank all of you who voted for us! Once we figure out what we’ve won, we will run some cool contests to give out the prizes!

LeBron James Rookie Card Quiz!

Apr 08, 2010 |

Put your “King James” cardboard knowledge to the test!

Book Value Quiz: Hockey Rookie Cards

Apr 08, 2010 |

How well do you know book value?

Upper Deck Loses NFL License

Apr 08, 2010 |

Upper Deck announced on Wednesday that they will no longer be licensed to produce Football Cards. Over the last year and a half, Upper Deck has seen it’s fortunes change drastically: January 27th, 2009- Panini secures exclusive rights to manufacture license NBA Cards November 30th, 2009- Topps secures exclusive rights to manufacture licensed MLB Cards […]

I-Phone Aps For Sports Card Collectors

Apr 07, 2010 |

“Prospecting”, there’s an ap for that, well sort of.

How to Spend $100,000 on E-Bay in 15 Minutes

Apr 07, 2010 |

My dream Joe Mauer card, a 1/1 Jason Heyward Printing Plate Auto, a Ruth Rookie, and other cards I can only afford in imagination land.

32 NFL Teams, 32 Rookie Cards

Apr 06, 2010 |

A team by team tour of some of the NFL’s top Rookie Cards

30 NHL Teams, 30 Rookie Cards

Apr 06, 2010 |

A team by team tour of some of the NHL’s best Rookie Cards.

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