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Cardboard Connection to Cover the 2012 Industry Summit

Mar 07, 2012 |

When the 2012 Industry Summit runs March 18-21 in Las Vegas, the Cardboard Connection will be active participants in panels, a massive case break and much more. Find out all the details on how we’re going to bring collectors closer to the action.

2011-12 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey Short Prints

Mar 07, 2012 |

Want to know if that autograph or memorabilia card you pulled from 2011-12 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey is tough to find? Our short print guide can help. Get insertion rates, checklists and more.

2011 Upper Deck World of Sports Takes a Bite Out of Politics

Mar 06, 2012 |

Upper Deck has confirmed a series of food-related variations for the politically minded 2011 Upper Deck World of Sports World of Politics insert set. We’ve compiled a complete gallery of both the regular and variation cards.

2011 Playoff Contenders Football Rookie Ticket Variation Guide

Mar 06, 2012 |

You may have heard about the Rookie Ticket variations in 2011 Playoff Contenders Football. We’ve compiled a complete list including visuals, what to look for and print run information for all 36 cards.

Collecting the 2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductees

Mar 06, 2012 |

We look at the rookie cards and other collectibles for all six of the 2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees. Includes complete rookie card checklists for each inductee, including Curtis Martin, Cortez Kennedy and Jack Butler.

2012 Breygent Red Sonja Trading Cards

Mar 06, 2012 |

2012 Breygent Red Sonja trading cards bring the lethal and scantily clad comic character to the hobby for the first time in several years. The set is highlighted by a checklist of more than 80 sketch card artists.

2012 NECA The Hunger Games Trading Cards

Mar 06, 2012 |

Capturing the action of the latest teen-friendly franchise, 2012 NECA The Hunger Games is a no-frills set with only a 72-card base set. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Elizabeth Banks.

Yu Darvish Autographs Coming Exclusively in Topps Products

Mar 05, 2012 |

Yu Darvish has signed an exclusive autograph card deal with Topps. Find out which 2012 sets the Rangers’ pitching sensation will sign for 2012.

2011 Playoff Contenders Football Cards

Mar 05, 2012 |

2011 Playoff Contenders Football sees the return of Rookie Ticket Autographs rookie cards. Every box includes four autographs, including two on-card rookie signatures.

2011 Rittenhouse The Complete Brady Bunch Trading Cards

Mar 05, 2012 |

The Complete Brady Bunch brings the entire 117-espiode run of the show to cardboard for the first time. Each factory set comes packaged with autographs from five of the Brady kids.

10 Most Valuable 2011 Topps Five Star Football Cards

Mar 02, 2012 |

Want to know the most valuable cards from 2011 Topps Five Star Football? Here are the top-selling cards on eBay. To the surprise of nobody, the list is dominated by rookie quarterback, Cam Newton.

T206 Honus Wagner Baseball – History of the World’s Most Famous Card

Mar 02, 2012 |

Not only the most extensive baseball card in history, the T206 Honus Wagner is also one of the most controversial. Get a full history and background on this exceptionally famous and rare card.

Law of Cards: Leaf Files Claim for Attorneys’ Fees Against Panini

Mar 01, 2012 |

In its counterclaim against Panini over Kevin Durant stickers, Leaf filed to have its attorneys’ fees paid. Paul Lesko provides full details on the case and analysis over where he sees it heading. Also includes a copy of the full court filing.

MLB Properties Sues Upper Deck for Breach of Contract

Mar 01, 2012 |

Get the scoop on MLB Properties suing Upper Deck for breach of contract over alleged money still owed from a 2010 settlement. MLBP alleges Upper Deck still owes more than $250,000.

1997 Topps ProShooters Marbles

Mar 01, 2012 |

An extremely rare test issue, 1997 Topps ProShooters Marbles are frequently found on the wantlists of hardcore player collectors. The two checklists are even more desirable. We’ve got info on the tough set, a complete checklist, an image gallery and more.

1894 Mayo Cut Plug Football Cards

Mar 01, 2012 |

The first-ever set of football cards, 1894 Mayo Cut Plug features 35 college players from Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Get the scoop on the set that’s gone on to inspire multiple modern tributes.

2011 Playoff Contenders Baseball Short Prints

Mar 01, 2012 |

Panini has confirmed the autograph short prints for 2011 Playoff Contenders Baseball. We’ve got a complete list and print runs for the Rookie Ticket Autographs and Draft Ticket Autographs.

Estate Planning and Your Collection

Feb 29, 2012 |

When we die, our collections stay behind. Here are some simple, practical tips to help you plan in advance and make sure your collection ends up in the right hands. It will also make it easier on the loved ones you leave behind.

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