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Hockey Fever Runs Rampant in Winnipeg

Jun 07, 2011 |

The Atlanta Thrashers are no more and Winnipeg has finally has an NHL team again. The Manitoba city has been without one since the Jets relocated to Phoenix in 1996. Speculation had been building for a while and a deal was finally completed on May 31st. The last step in the process is formal approval […]

LeSean McCoy in Trouble Over Missed Signing Appearance

Jun 07, 2011 |

Philadelphia Eagles’ starting running back LeSean McCoy is in more legal trouble after not participating in an agreed autograph signing despite being paid in advance. McCoy initially appeared at the event in the Sports Scene memorabilia store, but quickly left once he saw federal agents in the store. The store was being raided by law […]

Why a Video Card Patent War Could Take Place in 2011

Jun 07, 2011 |

You might never have guessed it, but the history of telephones and the history of baseball cards have a lot of similarities. In the 1870s, at about the same time baseball cards were first invented, the telephone was born. Soon after, a patent war erupted between Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray over who actually […]

More Free Hockey Cards From Upper Deck at Stanley Cup Finals Game Four

Jun 06, 2011 |

Following a giveaway in Vancouver during the second game of the Stanley Cup Finals, Upper Deck has more cards ready for Bruins fans. The cards will be handed out to all in attendance at Wednesday’s fourth game of the best-of-seven series between the Bruins and Canucks. Five Bruins players will be highlighted in the promo […]

Plaxico Burress Out of Jail, Planning NFL Return

Jun 06, 2011 |

At the height of his popularity, Plaxico Burress was an elite receiver who helped the New York Giants win the 2007 Super Bowl. He was a fan-favorite and his cards and memorabilia were highly collected. However, once at his peak, Burress would soon fall. Basking in the glow of his successes, Burress felt his compensation […]

1957 World Series Memorabilia Found in High School Ceiling

Jun 06, 2011 |

Items have a tendency to disappear over time. Most can attest to having lost and later found valuable things throughout their lives. Often the items only have sentimental value. Susan Trotman, a maintenance worker from Duval County Public Schools, found a box of items in the ceiling of Wolfson High School that turned out to […]

Sports Collectibles Auction Yields Over $55K in Sales

Jun 06, 2011 |

The “Sunday Internet Sports Collectibles Auction” hosted by Heritage Auctions contained an interesting mix of cards and memorabilia from several sports and sales of more than $55,000. The highest selling lot consisted of a near set of 1953 Bowman Color Baseball. The lot contained 151 of 160 cards in the series and sold for $1,792.50. […]

Walter Payton the Inspiration for “Sweetness,” Artwork Composed of Football Cards

Jun 06, 2011 |

Card collecting has long been considered an art form by those who spend years completing sets or obtaining the cards for a specific player or team. Artist Nicholas Schleif has taken a more literal view of this concept, creating an image of former Chicago great, Walter Payton, using 1,152 football cards. The cards used in […]

2011 Topps Rising Rookies Football

Jun 06, 2011 |

2011 Topps Rising Rookies Football is an all-new early summer football card released geared towards rookie card collectors. Each 24-pack hobby box delivers 4 hits, including at least 2 autographs. Browse the full checklist, as well as product details and price comparisons in our comprehensive Rising Rookies product profile.

2011 Topps UFC Title Shot

Jun 05, 2011 |

2011 Topps UFC Title Shot offers hardcore MMA fans the chance to collect current champions as well as prospect potential future champions. Title Shot is a cardboard celebration of UFC champions past, present and future. Each $70-$90 hobby box delivers 12 packs and 4 hits.

Alexandre Burrows Hockey Cards: Rookie Cards Checklist and Buying Guide

Jun 04, 2011 |

The 2011 Stanley Cup run of the Vancouver Canucks was filled with big plays and emotional moments. In the middle of many of these memories was left winger Alexandre Burrows. Originally un-drafted, he was signed by Vancouver as a free agent after working his way up through the ranks. Burrows has emerged as a clutch […]

2011 Topps Marquee Baseball

Jun 04, 2011 |

2011 Topps Marquee Baseball details, card gallery, highlights, hot auctions, price comparison and other information. Aimed at hit seekers, the set offers a lot of bounty including one on-card autograph and one jumbo relic per box.

Stanley Cup Game Two Hockey Card Giveaway From Upper Deck

Jun 03, 2011 |

Upper Deck has announced plans for a hockey card giveaway at game two of the Stanley Cup Finals in Vancouver. Eight-card promo packs will feature five Vancouver Canucks (Alex Burrows, Ryan Kesler, Roberto Luongo, Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin), one checklist, one promo card for Upper Deck’s upcoming 2011 Stanley Cup Championship Box Set and […]

Sports Collector Denied Lawsuit Alleging Over $808,000 in Stolen Memorabilia

Jun 03, 2011 |

A collector in St. Catharine’s, Ontario who claimed police stole over $808,000 in valuable sports cards and memorabilia, was awarded just $1,200 of the $2.8 million sought in his lawsuit. Trevor Glode told the civil court judge that police seized all the items while executing a search warrant and never returned them. The search warrant […]

San Francisco Giants World Series Memorabilia to be Auctioned for Charity

Jun 03, 2011 |

Collectors can take home a part of the San Francisco Giants’ whirlwind championship on June 18th at an auction that will benefit a local dog rescue. The silent auction will be hosted by Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant in San Francisco and will include such authenticated items as: 2010 World Series official baseball signed by […]

2011 Topps Finest Baseball

Jun 02, 2011 |

Product Details Set Checklist Product Details Although the Finest brand is one of the hobby’s most celebrated, it has become somewhat lost in the shuffle in recent years. However, it looks as though a little tinkering with the format might bring it back to prominence. Besides the traditional Skittles mix of colorful refractors, the focus […]

Doctor’s Promotion Offers Signed Ball With Unusal Requirement

Jun 02, 2011 |

A urologist in Dallas has formed an interesting balance between medicine and sports by offering a signed Mavericks’ basketball to the first patient to schedule and undergo a vasectomy during the NBA Finals. According to Dr. Mitchell Moskowitz, the urologist sponsoring the promotion, the ball was purchased from the “Mavs Foundation,” a group that sells […]

Wisconsin Police Hand Out Brewers Baseball Cards to Local Youths

Jun 02, 2011 |

Officers from the Manitowoc Police Department will be handing out Milwaukee Brewers baseball cards in a program designed to cultivate relationships between police and local youth. Players will be pictured on the front, while card backs will contain crime prevention tips. More than 30 cards are included in the set. The goal of the program […]

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